Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Weak current College】 【potentiometer other parameters】.

1. conformance

Alignment also called compliance, it refers to the actual output function potentiometers and the theory of functions of the coincidence between. It features with practical and theoretical characteristics of the maximum deviation between external plus a percentage of the total voltage that can represent the potentiometer of precision.

2. resolution

Resolution on the theoretical precision potentiometer. For wire-wound potentiometer and linear potentiometer, the resolution is available on the dynamic contact in winding turn every movement of the resistance variation and expressed as a percentage of total resistance. With the function of potentiometer, due to the winding up of each turn, the resistance of different resolution is a variable. At this point, the potentiometer resolution generally refers to the function characteristic curve slope on a period of a maximum average resolution.

3. slide the noise

Sliding potentiometer noise is unique to the noise. Changes the resistance value, because potentiometer resistors misallocation, rotational system mismatch and potentiometer exist contact resistance, and so on, will enable dynamic contact resistance of surface moves, output in addition to a useful signal, accompanied with the signal of fluctuating noise.

For wire-wound potentiometer, apart from the above dynamic contact with winding purposes contact noise, resolution noise and shorted noise. Resolution of noise is the ladder of resistance change caused by noise, shorted is when moving contacts in the winding up of the move adjacent cable shorted turn when it flows through the winding of electric current, the line of resistance and dynamic turn-contact and contact resistance between windings.

4. potentiometer mechanical life

Potentiometer mechanical life also called wear life, common mechanical durability. Mechanical durability refers to the potentiometer in the test conditions, the dynamic contact reliable movement of the total number of times, frequently used "weeks". Mechanical life and potentiometer type, structure, materials and production process, the differences are considerable.

In addition to the above mentioned parameters, the potentiometer is also rated power, resistance tolerance, a maximum working voltage, rated voltage, insulation voltage, temperature, noise, high frequency characteristics of electromotive force and parameters whose significance and resistor corresponding characteristic parameters of significance are the same.

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