Monday, December 27, 2010

【 Weak current College 】 China semiconductor device designation 】

China semiconductor device model naming methodology
Semiconductor device model consists of five parts (field effect device, special devices, compound semiconductors, PIN-type tubes, laser device designations only the third, fourth, fifth part). The significance of the five sections as follows:
Part one: the number indicates the number of effective electrode semiconductor devices. 2-3-diode, triode
Part II: phonetic alphabet representation of material for semiconductor devices and polarity. Indicates when the diode: A-N-germanium, germanium, B-P-C-N-type Silicon material, D-P-Silicon material. When representing triode: A-PNP-germanium, germanium, B-NPN-C-PNP-type Silicon material, D-NPN-Silicon material.
Part three: phonetic alphabet representation within a type of semiconductor devices. P-ordinary pipe, V-microwave tube, W-voltage pipes, C-parametric tube, the Z-diode, rectifying heap, L-S-tunnel, N-impedance tube, U-optoelectronic devices, K-switching valve, X-low-frequency small power tubes (F "3MHz, Pc" 1W), G-high frequency low power tubes (f > 3MHz, Pc "1W), D-low-frequency power tubes (f" 3MHz, Pc > 1W), A-high-frequency power tubes (f > 3MHz, Pc > 1W), T-diode thyristor (controlled rectifier), Y-body effect devices, B-avalanche tube, J-step recovery, CS-field effect tube, BT-semiconductor special devices, FH-composite pipe, PIN-PIN-tube, JG-laser device.
Part IV: ordinal number
Part five: phonetic alphabet representation of specifications,
For example: 3DG18 said NPN-type Silicon high-frequency transistor

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