Wednesday, December 29, 2010

【 Weak current College 】 IC common words 2 】

Acronyms in English, the full name of the Chinese meaning AAISAlarm Indication Signal alarm indication signal ALSAutomatic Laser Shutdown automatically laser turn-off automatic Protection Switching APSAutomatic protection switching Signal Processing ASPAdministrative Unit synchronized line snap signal processing Board AUAdministrative Unit snap AUGAdministrative Unit Group management unit group BBA22 x Booster Amplifier dual optical power amplifier Board BERBit Error Ratio BIPBit Interleaved Parity error bit plug parity between CCMConnection Matrix connection matrix CMISECommon Management Information Service Element common management information services unit DDCCData Communications Channel data communication pathway EECCEmbedded Control Channel embedded control channel EOWEngineering Order-Wire engineering liaison line (official) ESErrored Second error seconds FFALFrame Alignment Loss frame synchronization loss FEBEFar distal End Block Error into block error FERFFar distal End Receive Failure receive failure GGTCGeneral Timeslot Cross-connection universal slot cross connection plate HHCSHigher order-order connection Connection Supervision Order supervised Assembler-order Assembly HOAHigher HOIHigher Order Interface-interface HPHigher order Path order-order paths HPAHigher Adaptation-order Adaptive Path HPCHigher order Path Connection order-order paths connect HPOMHigher Path Overhead Monitor high-order paths overhead monitor HPTHigher order Path end Termination-order paths Of out-of-step Frame frames LLOFLoss LOILower Order Interface lower order interface LOMLoss Of Multiframe LOPLoss complex frame loss Of Pointer pointer missing LOSLoss Of Signal loss of signal Path LPLower order order low-order paths LPALower Path Adaptation-rank pathway adapter LPCLower order Path Connection order low-order paths connect LPOMLower Path Overhead Monitor low overhead monitor LPTLower order Path Termination of low-order paths end LTILoss all Incoming Timing references LUGLower order path Unequipped Generator MMCFMessage Communications Function message communication function Relative Time Interval Error MRTIEMaximum MSMultiplex Section multiplex section MSAMultiplex Section Adaptation multiplex section adapter MSOHMultiplex Section OverHead multiplex section overhead MSPMultiplex Section Protection multiplex section protection MSTMultiplex Section Termination multiplex section end MTIEMaximum Time Interval Error NNDFNew Data Flag NENetwork Element element NEFNetwork ElemenT Function element function NNINetwork Node Interface network node interface Administration and Maintenance OOAMOperation running, managing, and maintaining OHPOverhead Processor overhead processing Board Of out-of-step Frame frames OOFOut PPD1PDH Double 16-line E132x 2048kbit/s electrical interface slip plate PDHPlesiochrous Digital Hierarachy plesiochronous digital hierarchy PDHPlesiochronous Digital Hierarchy plesiochronous digital hierarchy PJEPointer Justification Event pointer adjustment event PL1PDH Line E116x 2048kbit/s electrical interface slip plate PL3PDH Line E3/DS33x34368kbit/s, 3x44736kbit/s electrical interface slip plate PL4PDH Line E4139264kbit/s electrical interface slip plate POHPath OverHead path overhead PPIPDH Physical InterfacePDH physical interface PSEProtection Switch Event MSP event PWSPower Supply second power plate RR16Receiver of STM-162488320kbit/s synchronous lines optical receiver plate RMSReligion Management System area management system RSRegenerator Section regeneration section RSOHRegenerator Section OverHead regeneration section overhead RSTRegenerator Section Termination regeneration period end SSBSSynchronous information Bone System synchronization information backbone system SBSMNSBS Management NetworkSBS NMS SCCSystem Control & Communication system communication control SDSignal Degrade signal deterioration SDHSynchronous Digital Hierarchy synchronous digital Hierarchy SDHSynchronous series Digital synchronous digital series SDXCSynchronous Digital hierarchy Cross-Connect synchronous digital series cross SE22 x Synchronous Line STM-1 Electrical155520kbit/s synchronous lines double-interface board SEMFSynchronous Equipment Management Function to synchronize the device management feature SESSeverely Errored Second serious error seconds SETGSynchronous Equipment Timing Generator synchronous equipment timing generator SETPISynchronous Physical Interface Equipment Timing synchronization equipment scheduled physical interface SETSSynchronous Equipment Timing Source synchronous equipment timing source SL1Synchronous Line STM-1155520kbit/s synchronous lines optical interface board SL22 x Synchronous Line STM-1155520kbit/s synchronous lines bi-optic interface board SL4Synchronous Line STM-4622080kbit/s synchronous lines optical Line interface board SLESynchronous STM-1 Electrical155520kbit/s synchronized line electrical interface board SLMSignal Label Mismatch signal mismatch SPISDH Physical InterfaceSDH physical interface STGSynchronous Timing Generator synchronization timing generator STMSynchronous Transport Module synchronous transport module TT16Transmitter of STM-162488320kbit/s synchronized line light send Data sheet TDATone & Access audio data interface board TMNTelecommunications Management Network telecommunication management network TUTributary Unit branch unit TXCTributary Cross-connection for STM-162.5G low cross connection plate XX16High-order Cross-connection for cross-connection panels STM-162.5G-order

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