Monday, December 27, 2010

【 Weak current College 】 RFID automatic identification terminology explained 】

· Microwave: wavelength 0.1 — 100 cm or frequency of the electromagnetic wave 1 — 100GHZ.
· RF: generally refers to the microwave.
· Tag: in the form of electronic data storage tag identifies the object code, also known as RF cards.
· Passive RFID tag: internal no power, by receiving microwave energy work of electronic labels.
· Active RFID tag: rely on internal battery power supply of the electronic label.
· Microwave antennas used to transmit and receive RF signals.
· Readout device used to read the electronic label in electronic data.
· Reader: for reading electronic data within the electronic label.
· Programmer: used to write tags in electronic data or consult the tag data stored within.
· Beam: means the antenna transmitting microwave radiation power range.
· Label size: RFID tag programming to the number of bytes written or logic.
A-Biz — automatic identification technology application framework
A-Biz is an automatic recognition works, its ultimate goal is to automatically identify technology and real-world solutions, thereby achieving the business automation ", or a-Biz. ASN-advanced freight alerts
Also known as DA, this electronic documentation before the goods are sent out to notify to the other goods in transit. BIS-business information systems
Business information systems, namely BIS, is used to dealing with commercial transactions, information systems. DA-shipping notification
This electronic document before the goods are sent out to notify to the other goods in transit. EAN-European goods coding group
The Organization was founded in 1974, is composed of 12 countries of the European producers and distributors to establish a ad-hoc Committee. Its task is to investigate in Europe to develop a uniform standardized coding system, similar to the United States use of UPC systems. Eventually founded and UPC compliant "European article number. EPCTM — electronic product codes
Product e-code, that is, the EPC, is the automatic recognition system used to uniquely identify the object encoding. Its purpose is similar to the GTIN and UPC, etc. ONS — object name resolution services
Object name resolution service that is automatically recognize ONS, a component of the system. Similar to an Internet domain name resolution services in the DNS, DNS, ONS also perform name resolution functionality. PML-entity markup language
Automatic identification devices using entity markup language delivery entity information. SavantTM
SavantTM is automatic identification technology part of the framework. It is a globally distributed servers, provide data routing services, data capture, data monitoring and data transfer capabilities. UCC-uniform coding Committee
Uniform Code Council's mission is worldwide, its goal is to establish and promote goods identification and related electronic communications technologies of industrial standards. Improve supply chain management, to use and brings added value. UML-Unified Modeling Language
Unified Modeling Language, which is a UML, use case and activity diagrams, and other tools for business requirements and business process modeling and descriptive language.

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