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【 Weak current College 】, buying a Bluetooth headset and the Bluetooth adapter 】

How to buy a Bluetooth headset and the Bluetooth adapter
Bluetooth specification Bluetooth real only 2 specification, the first, CLASS1100M standards; second, CLASS210M standards. Why there are 20, 30, 40, 50, 100M? because some chips or internal improvement of manufacturing process, you can make the transmission distance reach farther, such as ISSC can do dual-core, 50M even further. However, as long as not enough 100M, using full 10M specification is CLASS. Now available in some nominal 100M, actually, no, just distance is distant, perhaps 50M around, we can say that the real 100M Bluetooth adapter on the market, we have no!, price at around $ 100. Why the same Bluetooth adapter, the price is not the same» adapter components, for example, core chip, PCB, crystal oscillator IC, power supply, filter, code, and so on. The PCB is with the computer motherboard, if its quality is not good, I believe that what happens, everyone can imagine. Crystal is a Bluetooth adapter in the boot components, like the fluorescent tube fluorescent lamps, it is good or bad also determines the quality of the adapter. Power supply ICS, some time in some product, put it in this manner, it is up the over-current protection. If you save it, you can reduce some of the cost of nature. Filter is to eliminate clutter of interference, stable signal. You can also omit the prices naturally reduces. Code comparison controversial, like genuine software CD-KEY. Similar CSR chip, if no address code, will not authorize, you can only transfer 5M data. However, each formal address code will need to pay for software vendors, so this is the cost of composition. How to adjust Bluetooth headset» Bluetooth headset is the primary factor in the headphone, is, of course, call quality, sound quality. So, if you have money, then of course buy regular mainstream, 500-$ 1000, you have nothing to pay attention! now internally there are several kinds of headphones. 1, some brands such as star of heaven and Earth,and other advantages: better quality, after-sales disadvantages: prices slightly higher. 2, the trade press (I sell this class) is pure export, trademark, LOGO, because foreign customers sometimes need their own packaging. Advantages: very good quality. (Export of checks is very strict) reasonable prices, post-sales warranty also good shortcomings: no reputation, no flags. 3, the highly similar classes with different foreign trade machine, foreign trade machine sometimes to imitated abroad design, but not fight LOGO, look and feel is similar. Nano is pure forgery. Including pictures, LOGO, design, and so on. Advantages: meet the broad masses of vanity, completely mimic the appearance. Disadvantages: relates to the appearance of the dispute, so that very few manufacturers dare to admit their own production. The quality varies greatly. Some manufacturers of quality aspects. In particular, some so-called elevated walkway, water, etc., if it really is like that, good quality, but afraid of experiencing domestic small factory Nano and some sound quality is unsatisfactory, we selected time. Therefore, we have to consider when buying. Bluetooth headset sound General headphones sound through the phone can tell, there is no obvious noise, voice is clear. Headset call quality with its circuit board wire a great relationship, rather than appearance, sometimes Bluetooth headset is noise, it is the clutter of interference, because Bluetooth is a short distance wireless transmission, transmitting power is smaller to be some interference, it does not matter. As long as usual no obvious noise, call clarity, suffice. Bluetooth Headset battery Bluetooth Headset battery mostly polymer batteries, similar to the mobile phone battery, and it's talk time is generally a theoretical data, the laboratory is the battery capacity is divided by the amount per hour of discharge, therefore, is not an actual, I have actually measured, usually in the 2. 5 hours--4 hours or so, even if properly. Previous used must be adequate (3-4 hours), finished, fully activated. Standby time is pure power on, do not match, no connection, instead of matching, not used, please note. Battery life is around 500 times in General, if a time 2 days, it can be used for 3 years, a time of day to 2 years, huh, huh, these are experimental City data, typically about one and a half years. Bluetooth headset with mobile phone similar, are quick consumer electronic products, so you might not used to that time, the generational change. Bluetooth 2.0 version differences with 1.2 (1) Bluetooth 2.0 version with 1.2 what's the difference?, in fact, this can come in online search, 2.0 is CSR newly launched with EDR which EnhancedDataRate, enhanced data rates, as the name suggests, it is faster than 1.2, EDR has played a role similar to the cache. Official data that is 1.2 2.0 3 times the highest achievable 3M. However, these are the theoretical data, have you asked me, so the actual number of? the, let small dumplings so difficult to answer, because everyone's computer configuration, Office environment, as well as the surrounding environment is different, so there is no way that an accurate, small dumplings of in your own office environment test, give us a reference, 1-2-meter distance, upload the files you can reach the distance then la 1.3M-1.4M, distance, speed is around 145K. By the way, explain, and now the Bluetooth 1.2 versions are 3 chip optional, CSR, ISSC, BT-05. However, Bluetooth 2.0 version, now only the CSR chip. (2) why is 2.0, but the price is not the same because, export-low, medium, high, the difference between the three grades, so the price differential, low-end? packaging, works, as well as internal some fine small components may not, in the end probably relatively fine, delicate, and some other small components of internal costs higher, high-end. But the quality is excellent in all its aspects. Therefore, small dumplings has repeatedly emphasized that the money what you pay for, Oh, I hope all of you in the selection, depending on your situationKuang, buy the product. (3) why the packaging is 1.2, USB1.0 or 1.1? 2.0 is new, and then in Bluetooth 1.2 or USB1.0, printing a lot of packaging 1.2 or 1.0, however, 2.0, it too late to correct, and much has not run out, so that the packaging used 1.2, which I hope you understand, after all, in order to save costs, inspection is not a real 2.0, you can see through the included software. There are also through my computer, the device properties, see the USB version.

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