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Weak current College】 【laser printer basic common sense】.

<br> <BR> a laser printer laser printer works <BR> work can be said that the whole process of charging, exposure, imaging, image transfer, fixing, clearing, and in addition such as the cycle of seven steps ... The laser printing process by the "charge" action to start, first the drum is full of negative charge or positive charge, the print controller raster bitmap image data into the laser beam laser scanner information on the photosensitive drum through the reflector, ."Exposure." photosensitive drum surface positive charge on the formation of a printed image that is identical with the image information, and then the toner cartridge adsorbed particles, forming a toner image drum surface.. The paper before contact with the photosensitive drum .is filled with negative charge of a charging unit, when the printing paper through the drum, due to the positive and negative charges attract each other and the drum to transfer the toner image to the print paper.. After heating the thermal transfer unit toner particles .and paper fibers completely adsorbed, forming a printed image.. Then the residual toner on the drum "Clear", the final action is "subject to like", that is, to remove static electricity, so that the drum surface potential return .to the initial state to start the next cycle action.. Second, maintenance and management of a laser printer, copy paper <BR> correct choice of laser printer is used to output pattern, so we must first select the paper.. The best .selection of electrostatic copy paper, paper range from 60-105g / square meter is appropriate, the general often use 70g / square meter copy paper, too thin or too thick of paper are likely to cause a paper jam, the use of thick paper may .. cause mechanical wear.. Best not to his cutter, which often cut edges of paper, paper hair accumulate in the machine, will cause mechanical damage, but also may scratch the drum.. Paper before use, do not directly release the tray, .the paper should be broken up, carefully check whether there is a piece of paper scraps of paper.. Dust or other hard objects, so into the machine, scratches and other mechanical drum 2, the proper use of laser printer toner cartridges <BR> .; the most common supplies for toner cartridges, different types of carbon used in laser printers. cartridge is different.. So the correct use of the cartridge, the printer can be a long time to carry out protection work, reduce machine down time to repair ., but can also greatly reduce the consumption of toner cartridges, lower production costs and increase economic efficiency.. First, to choose the same printer toner cartridges that match, do not use other models of the printer supplies, so as not to damage the machine ... Second, the drum cartridge is very sensitive to the absolute prohibition of exposure to bright light in the sun, is also prohibited in the indoor exposure to high brightness up to 5 minutes, otherwise it will damage the drum.. Third, if you .need to use the printer the finished product (such as sulfuric acid paper, polyester film, etc.), the best selection of original toner cartridges, toner powder filling over the best kind of used to a big, filling meal or to long-term .repeat. growth of life drum drum replacement toner cartridge re-use powder prone to leakage failure, but also cause damage to the machine parts, the output quality is not good quality as before.. Therefore, the conditional units out of a printer can be .dedicated to use only original cartridges with other printer toner cartridge recycling, so that both high-quality finished product, but also to maximize cost savings.. 3, re-use cartridge when using the original cartridge, if the output format A4 paper, the .image rate of 5% concentration was adjusted to a central location, the EP-K, the average life expectancy of cartridge 5000, Ep-B, Ö ° Cartridge .4000 the average life expectancy of 5000.. If the cartridge is used only once .to scrap is a pity, can be taken to repeat the method of filling powder to extend its life, so the paper can be several times more than output, and the output pattern with a look like no big problem.. When the original drum cartridge .in the normal wear and tear can not be reused, you can back into a long-life drum, into the toner, then the printer but also a large sample of normal, long-life low cost drum., original toner cartridges can be reused .to replace long-life long drum, so that significant cost savings, not long out of province, the cost of a new printer.. 4, timely cleaning of the typewriter in the toner cartridge after use, the printer's lack of powder indicator light, .should be re-added to the powder cartridge.. Four weeks after the application of toner powder plus a soft cloth or brush clean.. Should also unplug the printer power cord, and the Ministry of laser printers to open the front, with a vacuum .cleaner to suck the toner left in the machine.. Scraps of paper (must not mouth to blow, or will cause damage to mechanical parts), and wipe clean with a soft cloth, and then into the cartridge.. Such a long stick, .you can extend the life of the printer, and it is in good working condition and reduce the cost of frequent replacement of parts used.. Laser printers are available to clean with a damp cloth or external cleaning agents wipe and dry with a soft cloth dry ... Printers do not need to raise any lubricant, a longer time to use the printer, you can go to the printer apart to dust dirty.. 5, Troubleshooting jam printer jam is a common fault, do not rule out the correct way, .the machine may cause more damage.. Jam occurs, it should first turn off the power, then open the front door, to identify parts of a paper jam.. If the paper jammed in the fuser assembly in front of the medial direction can be .extracted directly to the printer (remove the paper, note the end of the toner particles by heating. Pressure, and therefore spill toner, please note.). If the paper jammed in the vicinity of the fixing components, please pull to the inside of .the direction of light, do not pull out force, to avoid fouling the front toner within the Department.. If the paper is entirely in the fixing component can be pulled out.. If the paper is on the paper part, you can easily pull .the paper out.. If the paper jammed in the fuser, the crowded, can not be pulled out from the paper outlet, you can open the tray, the central place of paper marked with a row of symbols, to open the action and will .jam out.. 6 out of a paper wrinkled paper into wavy printer repair canon LBP-KT/BX/BX, Ö ° often occur out of the phenomenon of paper wrinkled, out of the paper into wavy, severe head and just left the paper .to be stuck.. This failure was mainly due to the rubber ring on the roll of paper aging in contact with the paper slip, causing the paper outlet of the output speed is less than the output speed of the fuser, paper stacked in the paper .outlet and wrinkle.. Serious aging rubber ring, or even paper can not be discharged, causing jams.. Therefore, this fault out just replace a new roll of paper can be ruled out.. If there are no new replacement for the paper roll .can be used Cuodao frustration over the surface of the rubber ring, can be used normally for some time.. 7, canon LBP-KT using cassette feed mode, often do not feed the maintenance of this failure was mainly due to tray pickup roller is .dirty or worn, slippery when rubbed on paper, resulting in not feed.. If the pickup roller is dirty, just clean, can be used normally.. If the pickup roller worn out, it must be replaced.. If regular or A4 paper .only, pickup roller is worn inside the rubber ring, rubber ring did not wear outside, if we do not have a new pickup roller for replacement, cleaning the pickup roller can be. clean, the inner and outer rubber ring exchange, can be used .normally for some time.. 8, pattern depth of shallow and deep side of the light pattern side of the laser printer in use for some time, more and more shallow depth of the output pattern and the pattern so different depths were from deep to shallow .or gradual change from shallow to deep.. After replacing a new cartridge and found no substantive improvement in the situation.. Then it can be concluded that the preliminary work for a long time after the laser caused by dust pollution.. Then unplug the printer .power cord can open the top cover, remove the interface board and the board, exposing the laser components.. Remove the laser assembly, plastic cover to open the sealed laser, with special lens paper or cotton ball on the ethanol optical lens, prisms, .mirrors and so gently wipe (be careful not to touch the optical lenses force a fixed position), to be. After the natural evaporation of alcohol, re-installed can be run.. Third, the toner cartridge Introduction (a) OPC drum ( .the drum) Introduction of organic photoconductor <BR> OPC (Organic Photoconductor) shorthand.. OPC drum is made of aluminum, the surface coverage of non-toxic organic compounds in multilayer organic light conductors can be printed twenty thousand or so (A4 format ., 5% coverage).. OPC OPC drum is the use of conductive material coated on the surface of aluminum tube to form a photoelectric converter parts, which is characterized by an insulator in the dark, to maintain a static charge, when a certain wavelength .of light irradiation, to conductor, through the. aluminum charge, the formation of electrostatic latent image, which is the core component of laser printer.. OPC Drum is the biggest bogey instruct high temperature, high humidity and near the fire, multi-light .environment, and bad touch, painting marks on the drum surface coating will cause permanent damage.. In addition, if continuous print for too long, can also cause fatigue, photosensitive drum, resulting in printing light color.. (B), OPC drum .replacement, using the process Note 1. Do not touch the OPC drum surface.. <BR> 2. Prohibited the use of chemical reagents (such as alcohol) wipe the OPC drum surface.. <BR> 3. Do not use .a hard object collisions OPC drum surface.. <BR> 4. Do not allow staples like office supplies with the print media into the printer.. <BR> 5. Remove the toner cartridge from the machine or remove the post-OPC .drum should be dark place, preferably covered with newspaper or other things.. (C) Why OPC drum to clean toner on the market a wide range of quality varies greatly, very different softening point, the print media are diverse.. Laser printer in .use for some time, toner or print media, due to other causes drum stick powder, scratches, etc., affect the printing quality, this time need to clean the OPC drum (d) OPC drum cleaning <BR> <. BR> .; OPC drum cleaning, the first oil-free compressed air blowing the surface clean, toner, dirt, and then use a soft cloth without wool or special cleaning pads (RT001) gently wipe along the drum axis, in addition to the difficult. out .of the foreign body, may consider to OPC drum cleaning pads (CD001) to clean, non-use of chemical reagents wipe OPC drum surface.. Force during the cleaning process should be light, do not let your fingers in direct contact OPC drum surface .to avoid scratching the nail OPC drum.. OPC drum with a long time, should not clean.. (E) OPC drum replacement OPC drum with other products, have a life, use of the environment, toner, print media and human factors will .affect their life.. <BR> When you find lower quality printing, printing on the same circumference with the OPC drum periodically print defects, can not meet the requirements, and the OPC drum surface wear, severely scratched, replace the OPC drum. .. (F)-one cartridge (toner cartridge)-one cartridge is a certain amount of contrast medium (commonly known as toner or toner) and the consumable parts consisting of a relatively independent of the box, contains all the image enhancement components, the .main. components including OPC drums, toner, magnetic roller, a powder knife, cleaning scraper, waste bunker, charging roller, the reliability is very high.. Can be discarded when the toner runs out, or continue to use refilled toner to achieve lower .costs, protect the environment and make full use of resources.. When the machine display "TONER LOW" or print the materials when the middle light, indicating that the toner cartridge is running out, then you can remove the cartridge from the machine up .and down, side to side several times, and then into the machine,. generally can print 50-60 pages, to be replaced or added toner powder.. In-one cartridge components are life, OPC, magnetic roller, charge roller can be .regenerated, flour knife, cleaning scraper and aging, soft, can not be reused after generation gap, to be replaced.. Note: 1. Cartridges generally have two screws on the three, the process of demolition of the location to remember, do not .install the wrong.. <BR> 2. To prevent the metal parts magnetic roller surface to breathe, so as not to scratch the magnetic roller.. <BR> 3. The various components should be properly cleaned before assembly, conductive toner .chip must be clean.. <BR> 4. Toner and toner on the magnetic roller is best cleaned to prevent the old and new compatible toner does not affect the printing.. <BR> 5. Waste bunker capacity is limited, the .best clean, so much waste toner overflow, resulting in leakage of powder.. (G), several common in-one compact plus powder Method 1.. HP3906F, 3977A, 4092A, EP-A, FAX-3 <BR> 2 ... HP92298A, EP-E <BR> 3.. HP92274A, 3903F, EP-P, EP-V <BR> 4.. HP92295A, EP-S <BR> 5.. HP4096A, 4127A / X < .; BR> 6.. HP7115A / X <BR> 7.. HP4129X Guxin toner replacement and should be prepared to add some commonly used tools: a small flathead screw head cutter, crosshead screw knife, cleaning pad, pulling off clamp, cartridge .recycling should also be equipped with needle nose pliers, flat nose pliers, special drill (only .7115 A / X), special punches, seals loaded with paste, powder break device.. If you use the HP series of laser printers, then you use .the cartridge may be HP3906F, HP3977A, 4092A or 92274A, etc., no matter what kind of cartridge you use, when the original toner cartridges run out, we can. Add flour, replace the original cartridge Gu Xin, "drums do their .talents "to save costs.. Here we add some flour replacement drum major drum core way to do a brief introduction: 1, HP3906F, 3977A, 4092A, FAX-3, EP-A cartridge of the filling powder Method 1) Remove the cartridge .to open the machine, with. Oblique side live in a metal clamp pin, pull out force after the cartridge is divided into two parts, one is a waste toner collection with a drum core components, with a magnetic roller side is for the powder component ... 2) removal of waste toner: the waste toner collection of components on both sides of the metal drum pins pulled out, remove the drum in a cool, steady at the (preferably wrapped in paper is good, pay attention to the dark) .place, remove the charge roller, and then. the scraper on the two screws unscrew.. Remove the scraper, slowly pour waste toner waste bunker, then scraper, charge roller, drum according to the original location of recovery.. 3) drum core ., Scraper replacement: the steps in the opposite direction by 2 operation can be, and note the following: (1) bought new OPC drum core are generally wrapped with black paper and stickers to take the drum should be opened, open. Remove the black .paper and then the drums, do not drum out directly from the black paper in order to avoid abrasion drum; <BR> (2) to take drums, drum loading process, the light-light, Do not allow foreign objects to touch or .. Do not touch the OPC drum by hand directly on the surface; <BR> (3) Install Gu Xin, scraper, the scraper painted in the amount of toner, turn the correct direction Guxin week, to help prevent drum. scratch. .. Most of the new factory of the drum core are coated with installation of powder, loaded drum, it will turn the drum more than a week in the right direction, light will be installed after scraping powder printing (Note: Do not allow installation of .powder adhesion to the charging roller).. 4) Filling Toner: The powder components for the magnetic roller gear side of the screw without rotation, can be seen, after winning a round plastic case plastic cover, open the cover, the bunker and the .magnetic roller. All clean up after the toner, the toner will be purchased to shake the bottle, turn the bottle slowly into the bunker to the toner, then cover the plastic cover applied force, pressure good plastic case (in which case. It should .be noted: the magnetic end of the semi-circular roller axis and the semi-circular holes on the plastic shell on the good), gently rotating magnetic roller gear side of the number of laps, so that toner on the uniform. 5) for .the powder components and. waste toner collection components installed by recovery time position open, plugged in on both sides of the metal latch.. Cartridge installed, should open the drum baffles, gear up the side of light switch Guxin few laps, drum heads remove .residual toner Jibei, installed ready for use.. 2, HP92274A (C3903A) 1) cartridge face up, put a clean sheet of paper, put the right groove cross screws removed.. <BR> 2) the cartridge upside down, with .a small needle nose pliers to pry open holes are the top four.. <BR> 3) open the cartridge with a screwdriver end to side slope below the clamp pin.. Drum shield will be fixed in the back after the turn.. .Hold the upper part of the cartridge, remove the drum part, the course taken should be very careful not to bruise the drum.. <BR> 4) will be drained of residual powder, preferably with a vacuum cleaner attachment of the toner on .the various components of net absorption.. <BR> 5) screw in the toner bottle into the funnel, and carefully Jinie bottle to smooth out the toner without flying.. After the powder down, the handle will be transferred to the vertical agitator .bunker position.. Hold the drum part of the buckle in the bunker area, and each card position aligned on both sides with the beat of the various clips pressed back into place <BR> 6) Tighten the screws well, wipe the casing, .in particular,. is the electrical contact pieces, you can use a cotton swab moistened alcohol wipe, plus powder finish.. 3, HP92295A plus powder Method 1) Remove the toner cartridge from the machine, flat on a clean bench, clean the surface .dust, then both sides (two on each side) a total of four plastic positioning tab on the pull. Next, and then clamped over the front two expansion cards, the compact components and cover (cover) plate separation.. <BR> .2) pieces of electrical wire on the right side of an expansion card, unplug the white plastic (or hold down the inward side of the electrode wire, and then move up), remove the electrode wire, cleaned the electrode wire, this time can .be set. parts and pieces for the powder recovered (waste toner collecting cases) separate pieces.. <BR> 3) recovery of parts (waste toner collection of pieces) on both sides of the green drum unscrew the screws and remove the pins .on both sides, remove the drum (such as drum badly worn, you should put on the new OPC drum purchased.) and then the waste toner box below the top of the drum on both sides of the Scraper unscrew the two screws, remove the .scraper, slowly pour waste toner waste toner collection warehouse.. <BR> 4) the right pieces for the powder white plastic cover is open, the purchase of hard to shake the toner in the bottle, turn the bottle slowly into the bunker to .the toner, cover and wipe, and then press. The process will restore the toner cartridge.. (Note: the installation of the OPC drum helical and helical parts of recovery is right on.). <BR> 5) After the ink .powder box, flips it over, opened the photosensitive drum baffle compact, light side gears spin a few laps, when the toner cartridge immediately clean the drum, then a small. Paper Tiger in the toner cartridge slot blowing dust and other parts of the net ., installed to use.. 4, HP5000 toner cartridge to add Introduce 1) separation cartridge: laser printer remove the cartridge open on a smooth table, and the drum core at both ends of the four screws (two per side) removed, the fixed .drum core of. pull out the two clips, open the drum core baffle the drum core removed, and then roll out the discharge from the drum and waste toner inside the bunker connected the two metal pins out off by disclosing, then bunker. and the .waste bunker was divided into two parts, namely for the pink part (with magnetic roller) and the waste toner collection of parts.. <BR> 2) drum core and scraper, clean waste toner; the waste toner box scraper on the two .screws screwed down, remove the scraper, to clean up all the waste toner, and then the scraper, the discharge roller, drum. demolition of the former state by a good recovery (note the drum core direction).. Number of laps gently rotating .drum core (to replace the drum core and scraper to complete this step) <BR> 3) install toner: the bunker magnetic roller without gear this side of the two screws on the side of twist,. Pull the shell by screws and taken .down their (magnetic roller end into one of these), then only one end of the fixed magnetic roller, magnetic roller to the withdrawal, then find a long bunker on the gap, the. Shake the toner bottle of the 5000 into the bunker along .the gap, the toner after filling in turn the magnetic roller, remove the shell and the corresponding screws installed at the location before the demolition of good, (should pay attention to install the magnetic roller. To install the gear in place with the side) ., gently turning a few laps, magnetic roller should be uniform adsorption toner.. <BR> 4) loaded cartridge: the two parts together, the two pins inserted should be in place, then update the cartridge should be completed.. 5, .HP7115A plus powder Method 1) Use a small flathead screwdriver dial out from the drum inside of the drum core pin, and then pulled off with pliers remove the pin, remove the drum core support of the other side of the board of the screw shaft, .take. under the support plate, remove the drum core.. <BR> 2) Remove the drum core protective cover.. <BR> 3) connected with the drilling of two pins in the cartridge at the punch, the word head .screw with a small knife out from the allocation of the pin hole, remove the pin with a pull pin clamp, the drum and the waste bunker bunker into two. section.. <BR> 4) clean up waste toner, Gu Xin, .scraper replacement, plus powder steps, see the 3906F plus powder method.. <BR> 5) reverse steps to assembly.. 6, HP92298A plus powder Method 1) on the desktop capped with a clean sheet of paper, toner and then flat .on it, the drum guard down, remove the cartridge connecting the two parts of the two spring screws on the card,. Remove the spring card, toner and waste toner box is divided into two parts bunker.. <BR> 2) Remove .the cover of the bunker left and right part of the 2 screws, remove the side cover, remove the magnetic roller at both ends of the small parts, keep in mind the order and relative position, remove the magnetic roller.. <BR> .3) unloading powder knife, exposing the powder outlet.. <BR> 4) cleaning and waste bunker by bunker.. <BR> 5) for damage to other components.. <BR> 6) plus powder.. < .; BR> 7) by the above steps in reverse assembly.. 7, HP4096A/4127A/X 1) 4096A pin with needle nose pliers set aside the drum, 4127A / X knife with screw plate screw the two screws under the drum shaft, .and remove the drum axle plate.. <BR> 2) Remove the drum core support of the other side of the board of the screw shaft, remove the shaft support plate, remove the OPC drum.. <BR> 3) needle .nose pliers to live with the charge roller end of the metal shaft, lift, and then lift the other end, remove the charge roller, charge roller do not hold with bare hands, do not squeeze hard charging roller.. <BR> 5 .) the installation charge roller frame side of the two saddle connections can be seen below the two parts of the two cartridge pins, metal rods with L-type thin out the top pin, remove the pin, the cartridge is divided into two. section. .. <BR> 6) remove the magnetic roller: Remove the screws on both sides of the cover, remove the two end caps, remove the magnetic roller at both ends of the gears and other small parts, attention to the order and relative position .to install, remove. magnetic roller.. 6. Remove the flour knife, exposing the powder outlet, clean bunker, add flour.. <BR> 7) Clean the waste toner box.. <BR> 8) replacement of defective .parts.. <BR> 9) in reverse order of assembly.. 8, HP C3900A Toner Cartridge (HP 4V/4MV/4VC) CANON EP-B Cartridge (CANON LBP-BX) filling and cleaning powder Method 1) Remove the .separation drum machine drum <BR> open on the table, the first. a spring on the drum off, with the bevel side of the metal clamp live in a pin, pull out force, both sides of the silver metal pin can be pulled .out after the cartridge is divided into two parts, one is a dud with Guxin. powder collection pieces are available with a magnetic roller side bunker.. 2) Replace the drum core and scraper to clean the waste toner waste toner collection <BR> .drum parts on both sides of the gray white plastic screw on the clamp off, pull out the white plastic clip, Guxin can take. out.. Then taken out of the discharge roll, twist off the two screws out on the scraper scraper to clean .the waste toner full, then the scraper, the discharge roller, drum restoration by the state before the demolition of a good (note the drum core and. both ends of the white plastic clips and the direction of the discharge can not be anti-roll .).. The number of laps gently rotating drum core, drum surface should be clean.. If powder residue on the drumhead, the scraper should be replaced.. 3) filling the toner cartridge <BR> If you are not over filling the .original toner cartridge for the first time filling powder, filling powders do not need to clean up the bunker and the magnetic roller, otherwise you have to bunker and magnetic. toner on the roller clean.. Remove the plastic cover on the bunker, the 4V ./ 4VC Shake the toner into the bunker and then slowly, cover and plastic cover, gently roll the number of rotating magnetic ring, magnetic roller toner should be uniform adsorption ... 4) assembly for toner cartridges and waste toner <BR> to .collect pieces installed by open recovery time position, insert the metal tab on the good side Shanghao small spring.. Cartridge installed, should open the drum baffles, gear up the side of light switch Guxin few laps, drum heads remove residual toner Jibei, installed .ready for use.. Precautions top: ÓÄÑ <BR> (1) When the paper appeared regularly on the black spots to prove drum is damaged, should be replaced.. <BR> (2) the increase should be of high quality .laser toner machine toner, or print quality is not guaranteed.. <BR> <BR> Four common troubleshooting a laser print quality, toner cartridge installation <BR> for the installation, first remove the cartridge from the bag, seal out ... Note Be sure to seal completely out, there was no seal and do not print out out the case.. Then the axis of drum rotation axis, so that the toner cartridge distribution in the uniform, this can improve the quality of the print ... 2. Lu Bai <BR> the most likely trajectory is no toner.. Remove the cartridge slightly from side to side, and then into the printer, such as the printing has improved significantly, then the toner cartridge is running out; .if sufficient toner is recognized when there Lu Bai trajectory, then the problem should be more serious. need to replace the cartridge.. 3. <BR> Continuous printing the contents of the file are lost when the page in front of the normal print ., but the page will be lost behind the text appears black block content or even all black or all white, but when the page printed correctly.. This is because the amount of information to the page description file is relatively complex, resulting in a lack .of printer memory.. The resolution of the printer can be reduced by one grade implementation of print, of course, the best solution is to add the printer's memory.. 4. <BR> Print paper toner stain with a clean dry soft cloth .to clean the paper path inside the printer to remove the remaining toner in the paper path; only one word per page to print the three pages of documents, used to clean the printer. internal components; selection of high quality printing paper; if there are .problems, you may need to replace the toner cartridge or drum.. 5. <BR> Garbled print printer self-test to determine whether the printer itself, there is a hardware failure; detect the printer cable and the connection (in DOS command .mode, not too much into a file directory, type "dir> prn" and. return); under the Window print a test page to determine the printer driver is installed correctly; check the application itself is a problem.. 6. Replace .the motherboard or computer can not print after the parallel port type is set <BR> may not need to print in the standard ports and switch between ECP Printer Port bit.. BIOS settings can be changed, but also in the "Control Panel" .;, Üí "System", Üí "Device Manager", Üí "port", Üí "Printer Port", Üí "Properties", Üí "Driver", Üí "Change Driver", Üí " .. Show all devices "in the" ECP Printer Port "and" Printer Port "interchangeably.. 7, there is a parallel white lines <BR> general is due to the toner cartridge is running out.. Cartridge can be .removed from side to side, and then into the machine, such as printing normal, indicating that the toner cartridge is running out; if there are white lines when printing, you need to replace the drum.. 8, treatment methods <BR> .paper jam paper jam problems are common.. Place the paper in hand when the edges smooth, tightly jammed with cardboard on both sides of paper can effectively avoid the jams.. <BR> When paper jam occurs, do not worry.. First .flip open the printer, remove the cartridge, the printer to pull up the left side of the green switch, this device can expand the roll gap.. Hands and then gently pulling the jammed paper, this time careful not to use too much force,.

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