Saturday, January 1, 2011

Weak current College】 【3.5 mm socket / plug connection mode of structure and】.

<br> 1, 3.5 mm front audio socket structure <br> First understand front panel audio socket structure. According to Intel on AC97 front audio interface specification, chassis front panel audio Panel uses two 3.5 mm Mini Jack: 1 switch, 2 no switch ., see the following figure: <br> <br> Switching of 2 / 3, 4 / 5 side are two switches, when there is no plug, 2 / 3, 4 / 5 side is connected, when the plug is 2 / 3 ., 4 / 5 client disconnect. No switch No 3, and 4 two switch client. <br> <br> 2, 3.5 mm plug structure <br> 3.5 mm plugs generally can be divided into three core and two cores of two, as .in the following figure: <br> <br> 2-wire Plug and is typically used for Mike, three-prong plug is generally used to earphone stereo sound (sound source). Now 2-wire plug, so Mike also used three- .prong plug. Headset and microphone plug wiring is defined as follows: <br> <br> Mike, headphone plug wiring is as follows: <br> <br> There are three core Mike plugs have two types of connection, the following figure: .<br> <br> This connection is not Mike bias, and Mike socket connection with inaccurate. Will use. <br> <br> 3, lead Mike connection problems <br> Front audio ports for the connection, the headset normally no problem ., Mike is often a problem because some chassis front panel microphone socket connection modes are not standard. The following figure shows the standard wiring and non standard wiring difference: <br> <br> Standard wiring has three lines: ground, Mike, Mike bias .. Non-standard has two lines: the ground and Mike input, Mike bias province. Non-standard 1 is the Socket 1, 3 shorted, non standard 3 pin 2 is empty. Both of the MIC_IN received the 1 foot JAUD1 is that you .can use. Non-standard 3 is 2, 3, shorted, this insert standard plug Mike certainly is no sound, unless you also use that kind of match of non-standard plug Mike. <br> <br> 4. front panel audio .cable <br> Intel specification on the front panel audio cable is also provided: left and right channels, Mike and all AUD_VCC / HP_ON pairs shielding, and at the same time, these lines also grouped together outer shielding. Refer to the following figure: .<br> <br> Domestic chassis see no comply with the standard front panel audio cable. Such a standard audio cable reduces jamming, noise reduction. <br> Market end 6 (5.1) channel motherboard General configuration 3 Jack audio interface, the three .jacks are ① ② blue audio input green audio output ③ pink Mike input. These three Jack software settings can provide 4-or 6-channel analog audio output function. AC97 sound volume control panel and HD volume control panel the biggest difference in recording / input .volume control panel. AC97 audio volume control panel for each recording devices following the volume slide bar can be adjusted. HD volume control panel for each recording devices following the volume slide bar are grey is not regulated. Volume adjustment is done by recording control on the .left side of the slider control. "Property" AC97 through panel above the "play" / "sound recording" to select playback / recording devices. "Property" HD through panel above the "property" drop-down menu to select the output / .input devices. <br> <br>.

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