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【 Weak current College 】 projector use methods and properties select experience 】

In the domestic household TV market since 1995 have appeared in high definition and screen big new TV products, mainly including rear projection TV, plasma TV, LCD TV. Domestic large-screen display devices technology upgrading soon, rear-projection on the rise time of less than two years, and the plasma TV robbed the whole show, when a plasma TV limelight is strong, Sony, Panasonic and other companies have announced the development of plasma, it appears that the future will be a LCD TV and home projector dominates. The industry believes that currently, whether from the performance, price or image reproduction, image quality, home projector to be significantly more than the TV product. Compared with high-end TV products, projection has obvious advantages, the screen is big, adjustable brightness may be compatible with multiple video signals, and unlimited size, light weight, has gradually become the next generation of home video entertainment products. When combined with the audio system into multimedia home theater, audio and video effects and real movie is even better. For most consumers, a lift projector will naturally think of it only in the spacious meeting rooms or small movie playback room use. But recently, the new household projector on the market, the price is gradually reduced, is changing people's minds "projector for business". Projection time is an approximation with the digital age will soon become the people's pursuit of big screen, the pursuit of life texture, is an integral part. Home projector tidbits: household projector also known as the movie projector, projector for business meetings are quite different. Business projector high-brightness, contrast, used to display the computer information (mainly text chart) have very good results and is not intended to display dynamic image image, with its display of the image layers, color distortion, the film looks like a painting (because color detail enough), not true; the opposite of household projector, you do not need too high brightness, improved contrast, allows the display image color is very real, and sense of depth. Brightness and contrast in a world where the projector, it belongs to two extremes. Today's technology, high-brightness, contrast is low, layered sent for commercial; high-contrast, brightness, low, soft and real, for home use. So come with business machine is not suitable for household use, otherwise there would not be commercial, home use. Home projector is currently more popular can be divided into two camps, a LCD (LCD) technology, a DLP technology. Use LCD technology (main principle is adopted to control the light transmittance of LCD panels to Imaging) of the projector has a colourful, higher resolution, lower prices, and other advantages. DLP technology (main principle is the light through the chip can choose reflection of thousands of small lenses to Imaging, lenses can be a second switch 1000 times) is a newer technology, it features a image layering, no particles, black effect is good (LCD black is a combination of light, black, I feel always ash), but the same resolution, the DLP technology projector expensive than LCD technology, DLP technology is definitely the direction of future home projector. The same resolution of DLP and LCD machine, screen quality to the actual number of DLP for better viewing. The projector is not recognized by most consumers is that the real reason most people don't have much opportunity to see the real contact with projectors and projector, display and subsequently unable to cover the wide variety of professional video connector. In fact, as long as you understand its real effect and specific display rules, you will understand that the projector has a very strong and easy to operate and space usage minimum characteristics. Projector because of their special imaging, and sofa location requires some coordination, if placed in front of the sofa, coffee table, then the connector and projection screen projector fixity becomes first to need to solve the problem, but if you are not careful with water flowing into the projector, it would be fatal to the projector. And Chinese traditional living room is not very large, the projector placed in the middle of a direct impact on projected out of screen size. Now the most popular projector projection distance and imaging size says most people watch a distance to consistency. For example, the ordinary people looking at 3 m distance 80 inch, projector 3 m projection distance is better for 80 inches; 4-meter distance at 100 inches, the projector is also fundamental. Therefore, the use of lifting manner should be the ideal choice. Projector lift, one-time can fixed screen location, size and resolution, many video cable can be buried cable way hide, ease of operation, the practical. Now most projectors are not with the lens shift (LENSSHIFT) feature, select the installation projector, because first of all note that the projector's lens and projector hanger Center is heavy to match, if there are deviations, determine the position of hoisting, we should consider to offset. Now the most projectors are designed as fixed elevation projection mode, if the height of the lifting and hoisting, also pay attention to, such as auto code, Mitsubishi, projecting a fixed height and the same screen size, the lifting height is relatively high, easy to stick closely to the ceiling, lifting effect looks good, if you do not select BenQ projector suitable for hoisting because its projection angle is 0 degrees, so projector lift is very low, easy to destroy living room environment result. Lifting projector hanger usually use common universal hanger, white, flexible, compact, easy to fix, from top to bottom and telescopic adjustment position. Also have electric hanger, can be completely hidden in the ceiling-mounted projector, of course, this requires some ceiling space, fit-storey higher lifting the living room. Projector power is also more important because the screen is great, if the screen appears small ripples, can be easily seen. Therefore, it is recommended that the decoration is best able to directly from the distribution box, a power cord to the projector, and equipped with a switch to control (neighborhoods if voltage instability that may cause the projector is in standby state burning power fuse) so that it is not for every climb climbing down off the projector's power while the trouble, it is important to note that the projector's power and the light switch or general switches together, otherwise prone to direct power off, so forLamp life is a powerful, it is recommended that a separate power switch is set, this is usually easy to ignore. Next, the projector behind the choice of video line. Wiring is necessary to pay attention to you eventually want to achieve, if implementation features, then wiring the cloth wire is not the same! such as: you selected is now popular with digital HDMI projector, HDMI digital video cable is bound to cloth, because HDMI digital signal can be sent to the screen times to high-resolution (720P, 1080P), clearly enhance the clarity of the projection screen, you can also display high-definition signal (signal source itself is 720P or 1080P); If you want to use the projector receives TV signals, so now most of the TV box are computer VGA interface, you can reach the screen resolution, so out of 1024X768 TV picture clarity and stability is better than using the video cable from the good effect, so the wiring to VGA cable laying; if you want to implement game add-in functions, color line (also called the component cables, three coaxial line side-by-side video line) is required, of the color difference line can also be used to watch DVD, if you have received a desktop can consider laying of DVI or HDMI cable, if you select the projector has a DVI connector, laying a DVI cable is sensible, because many of the projector interface, you implement more functionality, avoids frequent round plug. During renovation process also note that the video cable, DVI and HDMI in VGA preferably regular factory out of line, and don't go and head wear, these joints are factory welding, if manual welding 80% will affect the image quality, it is recommended to use thick pipe, square pipe Groove or putting it into the line mosaic by wiring. Above for wiring, workers can achieve master. Alignment when bending angle as far as possible to do a little of the arc to avoid injury to the wire shielding effect. The strong power and weakness to make every possible effort to ensure a certain distance, prevent magnetic interference. In order to avoid problems when rework the decoration, it is best to choose good decoration, the projector and do a diagram. You can design your home theater projector system, in a family environment and location to allow cases will drive in place near the projector, amplifier or at the front, so that the video cable is significantly reduced, not only guarantee optimum results, but also video, to reduce costs and drive to the power amplifier only need a good coaxial lines to resolve the problem, do not need to spend too much, and look at the heat exchanger plate or dish. In the projection screen in the design of this section, if you choose to hand curtain or electric curtain, away to the projection screen is hidden in the ceiling, ceiling slot location and size, and the remainder is critical, not only beautiful but also practical. A case is before the wall of TV is not installed, then the slot location is close to the walls, because the curtain down as close to the walls, would not have gone with the wind. If the front wall to mount the TV (plasma or LCD), then to the actual situation, the slot location corresponding out of a certain size, such as plasma or LCD is not more than 42 inches, you can relocate 18cm calculation, if you use drop shadow cast is a 100-inch screen, then the slot width, thickness and depth preferably 260cm * 15cm * 20cm. Depth reached 20cm, then after installation, the sofa place almost do not see a projection screen, if your ceiling is only 15cm, it is possible to see the bottom of the screen that the horizontal bar. Ordinary 100 inch screen shell width should be around 250cm (90-inch shell size around in 225cm), left and right reserved 10cm is easy to install and use. If your projector location more flexible, you can follow my tips for you above or means, if your projector location has been determined, then the width of your reservation to another, or else you prone to vote cannot be exactly full screen.

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