Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weak current College】 【electronic industry in English (13)】.

OB live
Oboe oboe (musical instruments)
Octave octave, octaves
Odd odd
Oddharmonic odd harmonics
Oc Oersted
OFC oxygen-free copper
Stop, turn off, leaving the
Ohm's law of ohm, ' slaw
Use and maintenance manual OMI
OMM operation and maintenance manual
Omnidirectional Omni-directional, non-
Omnidirectionalmicrophone omnidirectional microphone
On power up, conductive, switch on the
On/off switch offswich pass/
Open up, open circuit
Opencircuit open
Open-plug hole open-circuitjack
Open-circuitvoltage when no significant current flows, batteries or other voltage source Terminal voltage on
Openreel opening (type)
Openreelrecorder open cassette player
Operate operation, run
Operatingconditions working conditions
Operatinginstruction operating instructions
Operatinglevel working level
Operatingpoint work point
Operatingsystem operating system
Operation operation, operation
Operationalamplifier operational amplifier
Operator operator
Opposition RP
Opticalrecording optical recording
Opticalreproducer optical sound machine
Opticalslot optical gap
Opticalsoundrecorder optical recorder
Optimum best
Optimumbias best bias
Optimumload best load
Optimumreverberation best reverb
Orchestra Orchestra
Orchestralay-out band layouts
Order order, direction
Ordinate ordinate
Organ organ
Original original, original, original, original sound
Ornament decorate, grace note
Oscillation oscillation
Oscillator oscillator
Oscilloscope oscilloscope
OUT output, output terminals
Outofphase different phase
Outofsyne out of sync
Outphaser paradoxical for
Outphasing phase not legitimate, phase shifter
Output output, output-side
Outputamplifier output amplifier
Outputimpedance output impedance
Outputpower output power
Outputstage output level
Outputtransformer output transformer
Over at. .. Over and over and over
Overall total, total, all of
Overflow overflow
Overlap overlapping t
Overiay coverage
Overload overload, over load
Overloadlevel overload voltage
Overloadmargin overload allowance
Overloadprotection overload protection
Overmodulation overmodulation, adjuster
Overshoot overshoot, (hands) deviation
Overtone harmonics

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