Wednesday, January 26, 2011

College】 【weak VOD how to evaluate a good product】.

<br> how to evaluate a good product <BR> VOD VOD products should be good from a technical, service and price are three aspects of evaluation. .<BR> The following three aspects will be introduced separately. .<BR> VOD system technology evaluation is perfect, we should consider the following questions: 1. Whether the software with independent intellectual property rights? .<BR> 2. The design is advanced, science? .<BR> 3. <BR> ● function of the system to open system? .<BR> Whether to support the mainstream hardware platform? .<BR> Whether to support all major operating systems? .<BR> Whether to support the major databases? .<BR> Whether to support multiple formats of film source? .<BR> Whether to support multiple network protocols? .<BR> ● system functions are complete? .<BR> Whether to support the on-demand, broadcasting, recording and broadcasting? .<BR> Client feature is perfect? .<BR> Server processing power is strong? .<BR> ● management function of how complete? .<BR> User management is complete? .<BR> Complete content management feature is? .<BR> Adequacy of business management? .<BR> Adequacy of accounting management? .Whether the real-time monitoring capabilities <BR>? <BR> Whether the remote management capabilities? .<BR> ● system scalability how? .<BR> Whether it can provide all levels of API interface? .<BR> Secondary development skills? .<BR> ● whether the system has a distributed architecture? .<BR> Between multi-node video server management scheduling capabilities? .<BR> Single video server supports multi-Server architecture? .4. <BR> <BR> Performance of the system hardware resources occupied? .<BR> Utilization of network bandwidth? .<BR> On-demand, radio, whether the effects smooth? .<BR> The speed of response time on demand? .<BR> Concurrent video streaming capabilities? .<BR> Strength of the dynamic load balancing? .<BR> The convenience of operation? .<BR> <BR> Service is an important value-added content of software products, which include: <BR> a. product descriptions are detailed, easy to understand? .<BR> B. whether to provide the system, improve the training? .<BR> C. failure to question and response? .<BR> D. new demands on the user's response? .<BR> E. Are there experts solve problems for your site? .<BR> F. product upgrade capacity and expansion capacity? .<BR> G. whether the ability to custom development? .<BR> H. attitude of service is the satisfaction of users? .<BR> <BR> Price is the user in the choice of products is an important factor, but in the choice of software products, we can not first consider the price factor. .General-use software products and various consumer goods, general consumer goods, if there is a small problem, often does not affect our use. .The choice of a bad software product, even if there is only one small problem, the software also can not be 100%. .<BR> Choose a good product, we can come back the following questions: <BR> a. clear whether the price system? .<BR> B. product pricing is reasonable, and detailed? .<BR>.

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