Wednesday, January 5, 2011

【 Weak current College 】 auto air conditioning failure, simple diagnosis 】

How air conditioning failure to make a preliminary diagnosis? in Chinese medicine for patients, the doctor is frequently used approach is, in fact, it feels as automotive diagnostic air conditioning failure can also feels for automotive air conditioning. Auto air conditioning pulse is in the air conditioning of high and low pressure pipe, usually open the hood to see.

1. check the high and low pressure pipe temperature prior to air conditioning to set to the maximum cooling, air flow, direct firing position, air circulation, A/C switch on. Outlet temperature, according to experience value in about 5 ° C or so normal.

2. a confirmation e-mail with a hood fan while running, the compressor is operating. If not running, then release the high-pressure pipe protection cover, gently press on with the benefit of high pressure gas ejector for strong refrigerant overflow, if it proves that the air conditioning system in the circuit of the fault. If no refrigerant strongly overflow, carefully review the air conditioning duct connector grease stains, if it proves to be air conditioning system exists leakage point, such maintenance may be waste of time, is also likely to repair a Department, and other Office leak, this is inevitable. Leak on repairs, vehicle owners to be fully understood. Finally remember to remove the protective cover.

3. use the hand to touch the high pressure pipe and low pressure pipe, feeling their temperature carefully. In the refrigeration system is working properly, high pressure pipe's normal temperature is approximately 50 to 60 ° C, also is to hand you can firmly jerking around 30 seconds, the longest time on hold. Low pressure pipe temperature is approximately 5 to 6 ° C, which is a hand can feel cold hands.

Symptoms include the following:

A £ ® hand feel of the air conditioning temperature high pressure tube fits normal, but the car is felt not cool. Certainly there is no air conditioning refrigeration. The problem may lie: air conditioning temperature adjustment system. Check heating switch control line is off, check heating water valve is in the closed position. If you can touch the water valve before and after the normal situation is close to the engine side near the high temperature, low temperature-body side. If incorrect, then adjust the heating switch-off, as effectively as of cooling water to replace heating switch.

Temperature wind Board of control system. Adjustment knob feeling temperature is the temperature changes, if not change it may be that the wind Board control cable abscission, as off reinstalling adjustment.

Feel the air outlet is large enough, if a small amount of wind is blocked, need evaporator evaporator for clean removal.

B £ ® touch air conditioning pipes, high-pressure pipe very hot even hot, of course, low pressure pipe is not cool. In this case, you may receive the frequent switching of the compressor. Especially in high speed engine of compressor does not suck. Avoid cannot long high-speed rotation engine, otherwise it will be dangerous.

View the condenser and the water tank and is dirt clogging. If so, clear away the dirt.

If true and dirt clogging, view refrigerant observation Windows, see the refrigerant is excessive. phenomenon is able to see the liquid flows, but cannot see any bubbles are proof of the amount of refrigerant charging too much, you need to do a standard notation for taking the time.

Note: for high pressure pipe thermal phenomena, but also see below for air conditioner compressor oils and, if it proves that the Compressor Limiter is already high pressure compressor failure, need to be replaced.

C £ ® touch air conditioning pipes, high-pressure pipe temperature low and high temperature low pressure pipe.

In this case, is the compressor is not valid for the refrigerant cycle, you may need to replace a compressor.

D £ ® if after starting the air conditioning system, two simultaneous operation of electric fan. There is air conditioning pump is smoking is probably burn through the car computer, you can fix it.

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