Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weak current College】 【quartz crystal resonators mainly characteristic parameters】.

Quartz crystal resonators mainly characteristic parameters have nominal frequency, adjust the frequency, temperature, frequency, equivalent resistance, drive level, load capacitance, the static capacitance aging rate and temperature range.

① nominal frequency: within the prescribed conditions, the resonator is specified by the resonance center frequency.

② adjust frequency difference: in terms of the base temperature of working frequency relatively nominal frequency of maximum deviation value.

③ temperature frequency difference: in a specified conditions, throughout the entire operating temperature range, relative to the base temperature operating frequency of allowable values.

④ base temperature: measuring quartz crystal resonators parameter, the specified ambient temperature. For thermostat type quartz crystal Resonators, usually operating temperature range of center point; for non-constant-quartz crystal Resonators, 25 ° c ± 2 ° c.

⑤ load resonance resistance: quartz crystal resonators and specify an external capacitors in series, in load resonant frequency of the resistance value.

⑥ drive level: refers to the quartz crystal resonators working effective power consumption, it is said that the quartz crystal units of measurement of the excitation state. The standard value is common, 0.1mW 0.5mW,, 1mW, 2mW and 4mW. The actual use, the drive level can be adjusted easily when the motivation is strong vibration, the incentive is too low frequency stability, even without vibration.

⑦ load capacitance: refers to and quartz crystal resonators together decide to load resonant frequency about effective external capacitor. Load capacitance value is common standard 16pF, 2OpF, 3OpF, 5OpF and 1OOpF. Load capacitance can provid under specific, appropriate adjustments, by adjusting the General can resonator frequency to the nominal value.

⑧ static capacitance: quartz crystal resonators two static capacitance between pins.

⑨ aging rate: means increased over time, quartz crystal aging changes resulting from error, unit 10 (-6) years.

⑩ temperature range: ambient temperature that State permits variation of scope.

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