Wednesday, January 5, 2011

【 Weak current College 】 warehouse management bar code solution 】

【 Scenarios overview 】
Warehousing in enterprises throughout the supply chain plays a crucial role, if you are unable to guarantee the correct stock and inventory control and delivery, would result in an increase in administrative expenses, it is difficult to be assured of service quality, thus affecting the competitiveness of enterprises. Traditional simple, static warehouse management is unable to guarantee the efficient use of corporate resources. Today's warehouse and inventory control job is very complex diversity alone artificial memory and manual entry, not only time consuming, and error-prone, a huge loss to the enterprise.
Warehouse management bar code solution introduced in the warehouse management, bar code technology on warehouse delivery, inspection, warehousing, a library, allocation, remove Gallery shift, inventory, job link data for automated data collection, ensure that each job link warehouse management data input of efficiency and accuracy, and ensure business timely accurate inventory of real data, reasonable to maintain and control inventory. Through the science of coding, you can easily make items in batches, shelf life, etc. 【 Barcode in warehouse management 】
Warehouse management why introduce barcode?
1) traditional warehouse system, usually rely on a non-automated, in paper-based system to record, track and out of goods, people-memory implementation of warehouse management. For the entire storage area, the human factors of uncertainty, leading to inefficient labor serious waste of human resources. 2) with the inventory and the increase in the number of varieties, as well as warehousing frequency of proliferation, the traditional warehouse operations seriously affect normal operation efficiency. While existing already established computer management of warehouse management system, with the commodity circulation intensifies, it is difficult to meet warehouse management fast and accurate real-time requirements.
3) bar code technology to solve the warehouse homework personnel data entry automation, data transfer, to ensure the accuracy of the operational efficiency, help to make the best use of limited warehouse space.
How to put the barcode into warehouse management?
1) inventory scientific code, and print the inventory bar code labels.
According to different management objectives (for example, you want to track a single product or achieve durability date/batch management) on scientific inventory, encoded in science encoding based on the library front printed inventory bar code labels, so that subsequent warehouse operations of the various links to related data collection and automation.
2) warehouse locations for scientific coding and symbology are identified, the realization of the warehouse location management.
On warehouse locations for scientific coding, identified by a bar code symbol, and in the library when collecting inventory are in locations, while import management system. Warehouse location management in large warehouses or more variety silos fast locating inventory location, conducive to the realization of the first out of management objectives and the operational efficiency.
3) with barcode scanning feature of handheld data terminal for warehouse management. For a large warehouse, warehouse job cannot be directly next to the computer, you can use a handheld data terminal first decentralized collection related data, after acquisition of data uploaded to the computer system centralized batch processing. At this point to production on-site operations staff with barcode scanning feature of handheld data terminal, field data collection. At the same time in the scene can query relevant information, before the system for data download of handheld Terminal.
4) data upload and synchronize the data of the site collection on the warehouse management system, automatically update the data in the system. Also you can set the system to update the data after it has been downloaded to the handset, so you scene for query and call. 【 Warehouse management bar code solution features and advantages 】
Application of a bar code technology to achieve the characteristics, automation of warehouse data collection.
Use of materials of barcode label for warehouse job in all aspects of automation acquisition, enhance data warehouse in particular warehouse inventory of work efficiency, improve warehouse data accuracy and timeliness.
Emphasis on materials science coding for different management objectives.
Emphasis on materials science coding for different management objectives, such as a single product tracking, shelf life management, batch management, product traceability, etc.
On warehouse locations for scientific encoding, implementation library-management goals.
On warehouse locations for scientific coding, identified by a bar code symbol and warehouse operations, all the links collection location data, while import management system. Beneficial in large warehouses or more variety silos fast locating inventory position, on a first in, first out of management objectives and the operational efficiency.
To assemble a library jobs on-site data collection that implements the Assembly job requirements.
Use of bar code equipment acquisition out library packaging job link data (packing/packaging hierarchy relationship data), and in the packaging job is finished print out packing list and reduce errors. 【 Benefit assessment 】
1) applied in warehouse management, bar code technology in the realization of automatic acquisition of data, remove the handwritten notes and sent to the room type of steps that can greatly improve work efficiency. 2) solve the Treasury information stale lag. A note from complete, collected for keyboard input, you need a day or more. This allows the production of dispatcher can only be based on a few days ago, or even a week ago inventory information for the user to set the delivery date.
3) settlement manual document inaccurate information (primarily clerical errors, typos), so as to achieve increased productivity and significant improvement in service quality, the Elimination of transaction processing manual operation, reduce labor, eliminate information must not cause additional treasury stock, increasing capital utilization and other purposes.
4) documents the required large amounts of paper type information into electronic data, simplify the query step in future, the staff do not have to manually go throughFind various registers and documents this, simply enter query criteria and computers in a very short time you will find the records you want, and content displayed on the screen and significantly speed up the query speed. Improve production data statistics of speed and accuracy, reduce the total statistical staff more difficult.

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