Saturday, January 29, 2011

【School】 VOD system weak Introduction】..

<br> VOD system introduced <BR> VOD VOD: VOD (Video on Demand) video on demand, also known as interactive television on-demand system.. The traditional one-way television system information is sent, the user can only .passively receive.. The VOD is a "choice of control in the user" in the new concept of two-way video and audio based information system to achieve video and audio playback according to user needs the ideal program.. VOD is the future .information superhighway, an important part of architecture is the future of information services in the broadband services of the soul.. This technology is computer technology, network communication technology, multimedia technology, television and digital compression technology and other subjects in various fields, the product .of fusion cross * combination.. Through the VOD system can be video programs on demand, live real-time broadcasting (live online on the network), distance learning systems, remote video conferencing, remote monitoring and many other work.. Currently VOD VOD .system has been in the military, government, schools, intelligent community, hotels and other fields has been widely used.. <BR> System features: the system of the current popular use of Web browser technology, reduce, simplify the application client to .enhance the stability of the system operation, reducing the workload of system maintenance; system, the use of international and domestic standard protocol. technology, such as: network use IP, streaming video playback using advanced media player application framework using Web technology; same side .of the system used in the program memory database technology to simplify, facilitate program management.. Therefore, "ETRADE Ka Wah VOD video on demand system" is a mature real video server to the client-based, streaming video transmission using the VOD video .on demand system.. <BR> The VOD video on demand system is divided into: server management system and user-demand system.. <BR> The system is fully Web-based development, can be Internet / Intranet for seamless integration .with the following characteristics: <BR> Road, minimum performance requirements of servers: <BR> The system adopts the package of the most popular streaming media production, publishing and playback. technology to maximize the intrinsic performance of the hardware system, therefore, .production, publishing and playback software does not require additional purchase, the maximum reduction of server requirements and costs.. <BR> Road Optimal utilization of network bandwidth resources: <BR> video streaming solution of the system in the Microsoft Windows platform is .optimal, production-side with the player's video and audio quality are excellent and easy to use.. The use of the stream, each client receives the content through the network at the same time you can enjoy the show without having to first download the content .greatly reduces the wait time on the client and storage needs, but it also allows an unlimited length of the Demo, and live. broadcast.. <BR> Road Open video streaming network protocols: <BR> without special equipment or special set .of router, you can remote VOD VOD.. <BR> Road Fast video-on-demand Response: <BR> read the playback screen smooth and clear.. Support the industry's most advanced MPEG4 standard, while fully compatible with MPEG1, .MPEG2 video files and other standards may be minimal in the case of system resources to achieve DVD-level playback, true high-definition playback.. <BR> Road Video content editing simple and easy: <BR> simple, easy to use ., provides features such as pre-production, a powerful tool for video and audio editing system.. <BR> Road Any video content stored in the backup: <BR> the content of any video format, in accordance with AS easily backup ., so that use of renewable resources.. <BR> Road Zero maintenance clients: <BR> VOD system is completely Web-based development, the client can be realized using the IE browser on demand, without having to install any other software ., so that the client's zero maintenance.. <BR> Road Client terminal operation simple and easy: <BR> simply login through a browser in the terminal web server, the server will automatically log the video to achieve on-demand; in .the on-demand process, the easy free-motion video stream interception of the network,. Drag around the play, stop, fast forward, rewind, left and right channels.. <BR> Road Demand occurs during the terminal interrupted in demand .at the point of interruption when rapid recovery: <BR> remain as long as the video server to provide video services, two seconds, the terminal troubleshooting, on-demand can be interrupted at the rapid recovery.. <BR> Road And .convenient system maintenance and back office management settings: <BR> administrator can be any system maintenance and back office management settings.. <BR> Road Compatible with many media formats: <BR> encoded files can be adapted to a variety of .broadband streaming media formats, create wmv or asf files to implement on-demand.. <BR> Network environment: * HTTP-based network transport protocols and MMS video service system.. * Use of switched Ethernet (Switched Ethernet), asynchronous transfer .mode network (ATM) or Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) and other network technologies.. * Video Server via twisted pair, coaxial cable or fiber access networks, user terminals to access the LAN via twisted pair.. Broadband access and transmission networks: .10M, 100M switched Ethernet or 1000M.. * User terminal access speed: 10M or higher video server access speed: 100M, 155M or 1000M LAN <BR>..

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