Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weak current College】 【sensor error of 5 type】.

Like other devices, sensor error occurs. In order to maintain consistency, the error is defined as the measurement value and the difference between the real values. Although the possible error of classification methods not only one, where the sensor error is divided into five basic categories: insert, applications, feature, dynamic errors, and the environment.
Insert error (Insertionerror) is when you insert a sensor in the system, because of the change measured parameters of the error. General is the electronic measuring such problems occur, but in other ways of measuring a similar issue can also occur. For example, a voltmeter measurement of voltage in the loop, it will certainly have an intrinsic impedance, loop impedance to much or loop load when reading there will be a great error. This type of error occurs because the use of a system (e.g., pressure system) are too large for the transmitter, or is the dynamic nature of the system is too slow, or is the system since the heating load too much heat.
Application error (Applicationerror) is the operator, this also means that a lot of reasons. For example, when the temperature measurement error, including probe placement errors or probe and measuring stations of insulation between the incorrect. Other application error including air or other gas purification process produces an error. Application error also deals with the transducer, and misplaced positive or negative pressure will be on the correct readings.
Characteristics of error (Characteristicerror) defined as www.cechina.cn, inherent to the device itself, it is the ideal equipment, recognized transfer feature and the difference between the real properties. This error including DC drift values (e.g., wrong pressure head), sloping bevel of incorrect or non-linear.
A dynamic error (Dynamicerror). Many of the characteristics and calibration of the sensor are applicable under static conditions, this means use www.cechina.cn of input parameters is static or similar to static. Many sensors with strong damping control engineering network all rights reserved, so they will not change in the input parameters for quick response. For example, take a few seconds to the thermistor response temperature step change. Therefore, thermistor does not immediately jumps to new impedance, or produce mutations. On the contrary www.cechina.cn, which is slowly changing to a new value. Thus, if you have a delay of sensor temperature response of rapid change, the output waveform distortion, because during which contains a dynamic error. Generate dynamic error factors have a response time, amplitude distortion and phase distortion.
Error (Environmentalerror) from the sensor to the environment. Factors including temperature www.cechina.cn or swinging, vibration, altitude, chemical substances, volatile, or other factors. These often affect the sensor characteristics, so in practice, these factors will always be classified together.

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