Wednesday, January 5, 2011

【 Weak current College 】 high frequency magnetic ring of recognition 】

General foreign magnetic ring with color, a provision is introduced, ARRLHANDBOOK od 2.54 magnetic ring its color and permeability are: 900, GREEN/GREY/405, RD or WH/330, 280, BLUE/RED/YELLOW/135, 116.

In a permeability rate of known magnetic ring around the 10-turn, measuring the inductance, then known magnetic ring around the 10-turn, measuring the inductance, the ratio between the before and after that for both permeability rate ratio.

Switch power ferrite core permeability General in thousands, short-wave steepness of generally between 50-300.

Making magnetic ring-type magnetic core material mainly ferrite soft magnetic materials, including those of MN-Zn ferrite (MX series), NI-Zn ferrite (NX series), the former operating frequency in the latter work in 1KHz-10MHZ 1MHZ-300MHZ MW magnetic wand splash magnetic frequency 400 MX-MN-Zn ferrite, work in 1. It's in the band 6MHZ, HF magnetic bar is one of the initial permeability rate of 40 to 60 or NX-NI-Zn ferrite, its initial permeability rate is relatively small, but work in high-frequency loss is very small, under the high frequencies, shortwave (magnetic rods work frequency respectively 26M and 28M)

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