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Weak current College】 【Electrolytic Capacitor filter method】.

Electrolytic Capacitor is one of the electronic industry is more difficult to control the quality of components, caused by the electrolytic capacitor products quality problem, many manufacturers do not know how to check the quality of the electrolytic capacitors, had to buy name brand electrolytic capacitors, which would raise a lot of costs. I go through exploration and practice, take out of a set of efficient non-conventional screening methods and homemade clamp introduced to everyone, regardless of brand, brand or counterfeit, a discussion will know the quality is good or bad. Conventional test methods regular e-book has to repeat instructions in this article. In addition, I am proud that I used in electrolytic capacitor vendors also asks me to do a few set for their own products and competitor comparison of product quality.

Principle: electronic ballasts used in electrolytic capacitor main question is when the work is not enough pressure values or poor temperature coefficient, resulting in electrolytic capacitor is damaged. This method is the ultimate in electrolytic capacitor of work pressure, through the charging and discharging to detect Electrolytic Capacitor quality, if conditions at high temperatures to do filtering. If not enough performance Electrolytic Capacitor, a little leakage, other electrolytic capacitors stored charge will be through emitting the capacitance, the results will be poorly capacitive blow up. Performance of electrolytic capacitor intact

The main components are selected: T1 with 0-250V/1KW of Lotus root pressure regulator, T2 need customized parameters is 500W, 220/380V bootstrap isolation transformer. 1000V DC voltmeter with quanta. S1 and S2 switch with linkage, it is best to choose the machine's emergency brake switch instead. Bulb lamps with ordinary Dahurian angelica. Fuse with a fuse of delay on TV.

Production method: first make a fixture, you can put many test. Electrolytic Capacitor pin fixation and reliable electrical connections. Then use a box, all the things installed in the trunk, voltage meter, light bulbs, switches, and regulating the handle mounted on the outer surface of the box, plug in the electrical circuit to a Electrolytic Capacitor filter.

Equipment debugging method: first, in accordance with the requirements of the electrolytic capacitor tuned operating voltage, Electrolytic Capacitor mounted fixture clamp, close the lid of the box, press the power switch, the lamp lights up, while the pointer is on the rise voltmeter, indicating circuit giving Electrolytic Capacitor charging to the voltage, the lamp is off. Then the rotary switch to switch jumps when the light bulb lights up, indicating that the electrolytic capacitors in discharge and voltmeter pointer in decline. This indicates that the apparatus is working properly.

Rated working voltage selection method: in General, the rated operating voltage selection for Electrolytic Capacitor ID voltage of 110-120%, such as identity voltage 400V, then the voltage selected as 440-480V. If the instrument in high temperature conditions on selected as 440V, in low temperature conditions on selected as 480V.
Filter action: under the identity of the electrolytic capacitor tuned operating voltage, the turn off the power switch on the electrolytic capacitors, clamping, covered with lid. Turn on the power switch is turned off, repeated three times, then turn the power switch, maintaining a half an hour, then repeated three times, and finally switch off the power switch, remove the electrolytic capacitors, this step filtering work is complete.

Note: If during the testing process of the bombing, rupture, leakage of electrolytic capacitors are unqualified, the other can be used as qualified for use.
Comprehensive screening method also contains the capacitance, leakage currents and loss angle detection.

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