Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weak current College】 【electronic industry in English (12)】.

N magnets Arctic symbol
NAB (United States) National Association of broadcasters
NABcurveNAB curve
Name name
Narrowband narrow band
National State
Naturalfrequency natural frequency, natural frequency
Naturalmagnet natural magnets
Nc normally closed, empty legs
NC numerical control
Near near, close
Nearfield proximal field
Necklacemicrophone neck hanging microphone
Needle-pin, hands, needle
Needletalk needle vocalization
Neg negative, negative
Negativecharge negatively charged
Negativeelectricity negative
Negativefeedback negative feedback
Negativeion anion
Network of networks, circuit
Networkfilter network filters
Neutral neutral
New new
NHK Japan Broadcasting Association
NI-CAD cadmium batteries
No normally open (point)
Nobottomnotop lack off bass
Node node, node, corrugated
Noise noise and clutter
Noiseanalyzer noise Analyzer
Noisebackground noise
Nnoise-cancelingmicrophone anti-noise microphone
Noisefitter static noise filter
Noisefloor inherent noise level
Noisegate noise gate (limited)
Noisereduction noise reduction system
Noiselevel noise level and noise level
Noisesuppressor noise suppressor
Nominal nominal and rated
Nominalvalue nominal value
Nnon-, no
Nonchromaticpercussion no tonal percussion
Nondirectionalmicrophone undirected microphone, Omni-directional microphone
Nonlinear nonlinear
Nonlineardistorton nonlinear distortion
Normal standard, normal
Normallycloscd normally closed, empty legs
Music notation
Notch gap
Notchfilter notch filter
Note tone, musical notes, notes, comments
Npntransisternpn-type transistor
NTSC (United States) national television system Committee
Null useless, null, null
Number, number, number, number,
Numeric number, number of

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