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【 Weak current College 】 electronic industry in bilingual (1) 】

A amps, current unit.
ABC1, automatic bass compensation. 2, automatic brightness control.
Absolutcpitch absolute pitch, absolute pitch.
Absorptioncoefficient q sound absorption coefficient
Absorptionloss absorption losses
Ac alternating current
Acbias AC biasing
Acvoltage AC voltage
Accentuation exacerbation, upgrade
Access close, entrance, access,
Accessory accessory, accessories (adjective)
Accesspries subsidiary, attachments, accessories, ancillary devices
Accmpanimenl accompaniment
Accordion accordion
Accrescendo crescendo
Accumulator1, battery 2, accumulator, storage
A-channelA channel
Acoustic acoustics, sound
Sound absorbing lining acousticbacking
Acousticbox help sound box
Acousticcolor timbre
Acousticeffect sound effects
Acousticclasticty acoustic elasticity
Acousticfeedback acoustic feedback
Acousticrefeneration part of sound waves from audio amplification system with the system's predecessor sections or input circuit of mechanical coupling.
Acousticfidelity acoustic fidelity
Cousticfilter sound filter
Acousticgenerater sound generator
Acousticpressure sound pressure
Acousticreflectivity acoustic reflectivity
Acousticresonance acoustic resonance
Acoustics acoustics, sound science
Acousticsystem sound system
Acoustictrealment sound processing
Acousticwave Sonic
Acousticalcouping acoustic coupling
Acoustic-electrical converter acoustical-electricaltransducer
Actinodielectric optical media
Actionoelectrictiy photoelectric effect
Actionoelectricity photoelectric
Action action, action
Activtaion activation, activation y
Active active, active, active s
Actualsound paralanguage
A-D simulation (circuit)-digital (circuits)
Abapter adaptors, adapter, connecting head
ADC touch number converter
ADJ adjustment and adjustment
This is a synthesizer ADSR envelope wave control in four stages
ADT automatic sound track (audio) redouble
A.DUB audio copying, dubbing
A.EDIT auto edit
AES audio engineers
Af audio, audio
Afa audio amplifier
Ade attenuation.
AFC automatic frequency control
AFL mixer that listens to the voice behind in attenuator status
Aftersound sound
Agc auto gain control
Age aging
Abbreviation for audio input A-IN
Select the audio input of A-INSEL
Aircoloum leaning on air
Alarm alarm, alerting
Alc automatic level control
Alignment adjustment, calibration, calibration
Alkalinecell alkaline batteries
Allenscrew love forest screws
Alligator wiring clamp, Alligator Clip
A l p h a value α
Alternatingcurrent AC current
Alternatingcurrent/directcurrent AC/DC
Alternatingcurrenterasinghead AC wipe code head
Alternatingvotltage AC voltage
Alternation half cycle
Alternator alternator
High altitude
Alto contralto
Ambience ambient sound
Ambientnoise environmental noise
Ambientsound environmental sound
Ambienttemperature environment temperature
Ambiophony main reverb, environmental stereo
Amp ampere, Ann; amplifier
Ampere amps
Ampere-hour ampere hours
Amplification zoom
Amplifier amp
Amplitude ranges, amplitude
Amplitudedistortion distortion
Amplitudemodulation amplitude modulation, amplitude modulation
Analog simulation
analOgsignal analog signal
Analog-to-digitalconversion touch (quasi)-(Word) converter
Analyser Analyzer, the Analyzer
Anechoic no echo and noise control
Anechoicenclosure anechoic confined room, anechoic chamber
Anechoicroom anechoic room, anechoic chamber
Angle angles, phase angle
Angleofincidence incidence angle
Angleoflag (orlerd) lag angle (or advance angle)
Angularfrequency angular frequency
ANL automatic voice sound restrictions
Anode anode
Anodecurrent anode current
Anodevoltage anode voltage
ANRS automatic turnstile sound suppression systems, automatic noise reduction system
ANSI American National Standards Institute
Antenna antenna
Antinodes wave Web
Antinoisemicrophone anti-noise microphone
Antiphase RP
Antiresonance parallel resonant
Antiresonantciruit parallel resonant circuits
Antiresonantfrequency parallel resonant frequency
Association of professional recording studios APRS United Kingdom
AQL acceptable quality level, allowing the quality level
Arpeggio arpeggios
Artificialear artificial ear
Artificialecho artificial echo
Artificialvoice simulation of acoustic
ASL United States Standards Association
Assign assigned, specify
Asynchronous not synchronous, asynchronous
Atmospheremicrophone specifically included air environment sound microphone
Attacktime startup time, rise time
ATE automatic test equipment
Attenuationnetwoke attenuate network
Attenuator attenuator
Audibility audibility
Audible to hear
Audibletones normal ear to aware of sound, usually can agree that the frequency range 30 to 15000 Hertz
Audioamplifier audio amplifier
Audioband audio segments
Audiocomponet audio components
Andiocontrolcngineer tuner, recording engineer
Audiocuechannel video audio prompt channel
Audioequipment audio equipment, audio equipment
Audiofrequency audio, audio
Audio-frequencychoke audio choke
Audio-frequencynoise audio voice sound
Audio-frequencyoscillator audio oscillator
Audio-frequencytransformer audio transformers
Audiogram smell valve diagram, auditory threshold graphs
Audiohead recording head, pick-up, also sound head
Audio-levelmeter audio level meter
Audiopatchbay audio distribution frame
Audiophile audio enthusiasts, enthusiasts, high-quality,
Audiosignal audio signal
Audiospectrum audio spectrum
Audiotape recording tape
Audio-visual audiovisual and audiovisual systems
Auditorium audience Hall
Aural hearing
Auto-man automatic-manual
Automatic automatic
Automaticbasscompensation automatic bass compensation
Automaticfrequencycontrol automatic frequency control (abbreviated AFC)
Automaticgainconltrol automatic gain control (AGC abbreviation)
Automaticrecordchanger automatic advance reader
Automaticrewind automatic rewinding
Automaticshutoff automatically stops
Automatictrackshift automatic channel switching device
Automatictuning automatic tuning
Automaticvolumecompression automatic volume compression
Automaticvolumecontrol automatic volume control
Autotranstormer autotransformer
Aux auxiliary Jack
Auxiliarycircuit auxiliary circuits
A-V audiovisual (device), audio-video
AVCOMPU computer control AV system
Average mean
Averagevalue average
United States AWG wires (diameter of wire, said, the larger the number, the smaller diameter)
axiAllead axial lead
Axis axis azimuth angle, direction

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