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Weak current College】 【car inverter for use, precautions and technical support】.

What is car inverter, power inverter?
Car inverter (power converters, Power Inverter) is a way to convert DC12V DC and AC power supply AC220V, same for General Electric, is a convenient vehicle power converters. In-car power inverter in foreign markets has been generally welcomed. Abroad because of the relatively high penetration of the car, go out to work or travel you can connect with inverter and battery-driven electric tools work. China entered the WTO, domestic market more and more private transport, the car inverter power supply as in mobile use DC to AC converter will give your life a lot easier, it's a standing vehicle automotive electronic equipment supplies. Through the cigarette lighter of car inverter output can be a 20W, 40W, 80W and 120W until 150W, power specification. Then a little power inverter 200W, 300W, 400W, 500W, 800W, 700W, 600W, 1000W, 1500W through Connector on receiving the battery. The household appliances connected to a power converter output will be able to use various electrical vehicles as at home as convenient to use. You can use electrical appliances are: cell phones, laptops, digital cameras, camera, lighting, electric shavers, CD players, game consoles, handheld, power tools, refrigerator and a variety of travel, camping, medical first aid equipment, etc.
Car power adapter for use of knowledge
First of all to select specialized regular factory production or the distribution agent car inverter products. Some users in the country as a convenience to DC DC electrical appliances such as: mobile phone chargers, laptop, etc. in the car does not use its own distribution of 220V power but with a simple adaptor plugs into the cigarette lighter, which is wrong, the car's battery voltage instability, directly from power may burning appliances are not secure and can significantly affect the electrical service life, because the original manufacturers supply of 220V power supply is designed for its electrical appliance manufacturers, has an excellent stability.
In addition, at the time of purchase to view the car inverter has all kinds of protection, so as to ensure the battery and an external electrical safety. Note also that vehicle inverter waveform, square wave converter will cause the power supply is unstable, you may damage the electrical appliances in use, so it is best to choose a sine wave or modified sine wave of most new car inverter.
Cars load variable to use methods in inverse
Plug and play
1. put the car inverter Power inverter into car cigarette lighter socket, go here to contact good, insertion check cigar head between tension and socket. Too loose when you plug the shrapnel spread on both sides of the Ministry, and then insert the cigar socket head
2. make sure the car inverter power led is lit.
3. the use of electrical power plug into the socket of the on-board power converters.
Car inverter use note
1. unplug the continuous use of electrical appliances plug, be sure to confirm that the electrical switch has been set aside in a close, and then pull the power plug. And disconnect the car inverter
2. replace the car inverter fuse, be sure to use the same model, specification of fuse, using the specified size other than the fuse or wire can cause abnormal overheating and fires.
3. Please clean vehicle inverter plug, filth, so as not to cause bad or exception converter is overheating.
4. the use or not use a car inverter, from cigar head socket unplug this product and for safekeeping. Please strictly observe the notes on the use of electrical appliances to use this product.
Modified sine wave car inverter applications
Modified sine wave car inverter can be used in mobile phones, laptops, televisions, VCRs, CD players, a variety of chargers, car refrigerator, game consoles, DVD player. Solar energy, wind power, ambulances, emergency rescue, power tools,
Car inverter, power converter description
1. q: press the output waveform is divided, the inverter is divided into several categories?
A: the main can be classified into two categories, one category is modified sine wave inverter and plain square wave inverter and the other is a sine wave inverter. Plain square wave inverter output quality is poor, the square wave AC power to the maximum value to a negative value to the maximum result almost at the same time (see below) so that the load and the inverter itself caused severe instability. At the same time, their load capacity difference, only to the rated load of 40-60%, non-inductive load (a detailed explanation see below). If the load is too large, square-wave current contains third harmonic constituents will enable inflow load of capacitive current increases, serious damage to the load of the power supply when filter capacitor. For these shortcomings, our factory production of modified sine wave inverter, its output waveform from the maximum value to a negative value to the maximum time interval between one (see below), the use effect is greatly improved, all in all, sine wave inverter provides high quality AC, to promote any kind of load, but the technical requirements and costs are high. Modified sine wave inverter can satisfy our most of the demand side, high efficiency, low noise, the price is moderate, has become the mainstream products in the market. Square wave inverter production method takes a simple multivibrator, its technology belongs to the 1950 level, will gradually withdraw from the market.
In General, sine wave inverter and plain square wave inverter conversion efficiency is 40% to 60%
And modified sine wave of conversion efficiency greater than or equal to 90%, so the modified sine wave inverter can satisfy our most of the demand side, high efficiency, low noise, the price is moderate, has become the mainstream products in the market
2. q: what is inductive load?
A: the popular to say, that is, the application of the principle of electromagnetic induction to produce high-power electrical products, such as motors, compressors, relays, fluorescent lamps, etc. This type of product in startup needs a ratio to function properly you need current much larger (about 5-7 times)Startup current. For example, one in the normal run of around 150 Watt power consumption of refrigerators, its initial power up to 1000 watts above. In addition, because of the inductive load in the power and disconnect the power of Flash, and have back-EMF voltage, voltage peak value is greater than the car inverter can withstand voltage values, it is easy to cause vehicle inverter instantaneous overload, affect the life of the inverter.
3. q: modified sine wave inverter can be used for which electrical appliances?
Answer: modified sine wave inverter can be used in laptops, TVs, audio, camera, digital cameras, car refrigerator, printers, charger, hand electric brain, game consoles, DVD player, mobile DVD, various power tools, etc. .....
4. what the car cigarette lighter socket to power output more power?
A: from the cigarette lighter socket for electric, automotive inverter can drive power to 100 Watts of electrical appliances. Because some models from the battery to the cigarette lighter socket with this circuit uses a non-compliant wire and cigarette lighter socket, or some don't understand technology's production of inverter intentionally lengthened the inverter input wire 1 m that ease of use (the power supply 12V automobile is, studied electronic friends know, low-voltage current input line longer loss, the larger the load capacity is weak) and charger cable 1.5 m foot can reach every corner of the vehicle, in use need current larger load circuit losses soar to supply automotive inverter voltage drop sharply to the under-voltage protection circuit action point-10 Volt, causing power automotive inverter stopped. To resolve this problem, and ensure that future properly, safely and securely use vehicle inverter, advise the user to buy large inverter products, and from the battery to the cigarette lighter socket with this circuit wires for copper conductor cross-sectional area 2.5 square millimetres above the high-quality wire and, if necessary, to replace the cigarette lighter socket.
Note: some inverter without or overcurrent and overtemperature protection, cigarette lighter bad can start electric makes cigarette lighter, excessive heat damage on the cigarette lighter
5. q: Why use ordinary multimeter measurement standard sine wave (modified sine wave) car inverter AC output, display of voltage 20V low than 220 volts?
Answer: this is normal, because the measurement standard sine wave (modified sine wave) AC voltage should be used with the ' true RMS ' stalls in the universal table in order to arrive at a correct reading.
6. q: close the engine can use car inverter?
A: you can. When using a 250 Watt mini power appliances below, General car battery can shut down the engine delivers the power of 60 to 120 minutes, if you only use one power 50-60 Watt notebook, use time is much longer. YUESTAR Tai-ming's modified sine wave inverter with under-voltage alarm and undervoltage protection circuit, prolonged use of battery led voltage drops to 10 Volt, under voltage protection circuit starts, the output voltage was cut and alert to prevent because the battery voltage is too low to start the engine of the accident. Therefore, the user can safely turn off the engine's State use vehicle inverter.
7. q: How can I judge the inverter is overloaded, low voltage, short circuit, over voltage, over temperature protection?
Overload protection: Power Inverter 150W, open switches, connected to a load greater than 160W 180W, inverter will stop output 220V power supply, the red light blinking denied. 300W protection range 300W 350W 500W protection range 500W 550W
Low-voltage protection: inverter work over time, battery power while decreasing gradually to 10.5V inverter alarm, sensitive appliances (such as computers), please stop using. Ignore the warning by the voltage down to 9.7V 10.3V inverter automatically shut off,
Over voltage protection: charging system failure, the battery voltage to rise to 15.5V above inverter stopped working.
Short circuit protection: inverter, 220V output short circuit, red lights flashing, and excluded.
Over temperature protection: in the inverter full load continuous working time, the shell body temperature reaches 55 65 degrees and cut off power supply when the alarm
Note: as with much larger than the inverter rated power of refrigerators, air conditioners to start the inverter, automatic protection, is a really good product protection function
Next to highlight
Wave inverter works:
Yueqing Tai-ming electronic appliance co., Ltd. production of YUESTAR Loctite brand modified sine wave power inverter switching, not only eliminating bulky power transformer, inverter efficiency greatly increases efficiency of 90%. It can be widely applied to such as tourism or field work for standby power and resolve remote power shortage areas electricity issues as wind power, solar photovoltaic project supporting inverter, can also be used as factories, hospitals of standby power supply, etc.
Circuit theory.
It is the process of converting a DC-AC-DC-AC. In this procedure, due to the use of proprietary intelligent circuits and power MOSFET, significantly reduces system power loss. And increased soft-start function, would effectively guarantee the reliability of the inverter,

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