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【 Weak current College 】 to buy led display businesses a recommendation 】

How to buy a good led display

This years LED large screen demand soared, causing various size factory mushrooms grow, suddenly all say their own good, the bad and the ugly customer difficile, but most of them price-oriented. But as the saying goes, buyers than sellers, generally means the buyer how to go down, go to the astute requires sellers, but also difficult to smart too sellers, let the sellers account. The result is like a million of BMW didn't buy it bought 300 Jetta.

However, as a member of the integrity of the manufacturer, you should put the industry's important information prior to tell buyers for their choice not to pursue the information asymmetry.

LED full color large screen after several years of development, rough look seems to have a mature industry, as a matter of fact, whether domestic or foreign manufacturers, is still a long way to go, especially outdoor large screen, most of the products after two years of operation, it is difficult to maintain within the user's expectations.

Why is that?

Here first of all a big misunderstanding, most people think that the main materials LED screen, IC life has reached 10 000 hours, 365 days/year, 24 hours/day running, the service life of 11 years, most customers are concerned only with the renowned LED and IC. In fact, this thing is a necessary but not sufficient condition, because the red, green, blue three lamp of fair use, to display all the more important, for the different colors of light, to make it work in the best condition, for a good display will become more important. IC's reasonable control, also help to overcome the PCB wiring problems are not reasonable. Just like a car with a good engine and circuit control, not necessarily become a good car. This is a critical factor is this:

Because of the LED, IC is a semiconductor device, their conditions of use on the environment, preferably in the required room temperature of around 25 ° c, its the best working mechanism. But in fact a outdoor large screen are applied at different temperatures, summer may be in more than 60 ℃, winter may at-20 ° c below. When manufacturers product is 25¡æ to test conditions, the different product categories, fact tranche running condition of 60 ° c or-20 ° c, then LED, IC work efficiency and performance are not consistent, you may actually belong to a stall of becomes more stalls, brightness is inconsistent, the screen body naturally become flowers. This is because in different temperature conditions, red, green and blue light attenuation and decline of brightness are different, and in 25 ℃, the white balance is good, but at 60 ° c, the three colors of the LED brightness is decreased, and the attenuation values do not match, it will produce a screen brightness decrease and partial color, full of quality will decrease. And IC? IC temperature range is-40 ° c-85 ℃. As the outside temperature is too high, causing the body temperature rises, if the box at the temperature exceeds 85 ° c, IC will cause overheating and result in instability, or drift to difference between current or movie channel difference too large to cause corruption.

At the same time, power is also very important, because the power supply in different temperature conditions, the stability of its work, the output voltage and load capacities vary, because it assumes the role of logistics support, so it guarantees the ability to directly affect the quality of the screen.

Cabinet design for display is also very important, on the one hand, the role of circuit protection, on the other hand is safe effect, dustproof, waterproof effect. But more importantly ventilation heat circuit system design is good, with the power-on time and outside temperature, thermal drift of components will also increase, which causes the image quality deterioration.

These factors are interrelated and that will affect the display of quality and longevity. Customers in the selectionscreen, but also a comprehensive study, to make the right judgement.

Effect of temperature on the large screen still further, assume that the customer purchased a 6 m wide and 10 m high (60 m2) with large screen, while the total area is not large, but the internal composition of the unit, the unit of temperature between the boxes are not necessarily proportional to the temperature inside the box will also be affected by the impact of air convection temperature not consistent, causes the cell box or cell body temperature, brings the productivity of semiconductor devices, which reflected the glow brightness LED lamp, look for "flower" screen. Don't underestimate the outdoor temperature, if we think of summer in the car can be cooked eggs examples can be imagined. Moreover, led display under the summer sun is still shining display. (Stronger light than sunlight is valid), the glow will generate heat, these are influence factors.

Cold and hot temperature the fight not only vulnerable delicate led, IC and semiconductor devices, including strong ABS, face masks, iron box, connection parts, various types of welding points, mask in sunlight hypothermic scraping under and freezing rain after the moisture of multiple macroclimate, produce some deformation Alice angle up to 2-3mm, ultraviolet irradiation also makes the face mask plate color changes, so that in the year under various climate change, the audience can see mask plate itself will change color, a pattern plate, deformation will stop over point led lighting produces light dark areas deformation also affects the PCB welding point bending, causing the precarious, the virtual welding allows light when the LED is off. And because air moisture and oxidation causes reduced oxidation interface connectors, plus minor vibration and deformation, name:parts of Micron's coating without forming tight contact, lead to signal or power outage, large screen failure.

Deformation and mechanical fatigue also affectrail tank and outer frame, resulting in the screen body rugged, modular and iron box cannot bear the consequences of leakage and other parts.

Therefore, to choose a good screen, the first line must choose a good light, durable and strong adaptability, and other materials and technology assessment should not be taken lightly, is like the automobile, a few personal garage, or you can pick one automobile, tens of thousands of people of a factory is in the Assembly of a motor vehicle, the car driving and Safety Department kmNumber should be quite different. Outdoor screen of waterproof resistance to deformation, manufacturing processes and key accessories, missing mile, the difference of a thousand miles.

In addition to consider major LED and IC components of quality, and sellers of prior communication are also very important. It not only directly affects the quality of the entire project, the success or failure and often to let user input in a more rational distribution of resources, avoiding unnecessary wastage and loss and the risk, even more significant benefits.

Manufacturers should be offered to users on actual demand and operability, etc. provide simulation programmes or better recommendation programme to help the customer reasonable analysis, planning, making the most cost-effective solution, users can become a trusted partner. Communication matters generally include the following:
1. clear your own needs, investment budget and desired best results;

2. detailed indications on the project requirements and to future development plans, and requirements for the seller to provide the best possible implementation of the programme, or even projects can extend functionality and development budget, plans to avoid project does not fit the needs of the future development and cause unnecessary waste of resources;

3. provide or require manufacturers to project setup and application environment to analyze data on expandable event prediction and prevention, the solutions as well as on the entire project plan to make a comprehensive assessment;

4 different LED production process, Assembly process, installation screen technology experience, will directly affect the whole project duration, cost, security, performance, display the results and quality, service life and maintenance costs, and therefore must from manufacturers or understand, compare products and projects in all aspects of performance and features, select the most suitable for their own needs;

5. understanding the manufacturers of strength, integrity, service and quality, these are projects to good and long-term cooperation and guarantee.

Plain to consumption, easy to use, and to wish each need big-screen customer, you can buy a satisfactory products, also wishes for large screen display in a user's request, to keep the bad as u, achieve a higher quality level.

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