Wednesday, January 5, 2011

College】 【weak in induction precautions】.

The new kitchen appliances <br> cooker, because the food can be steamed, fried, fried, fried, boiled, etc. processing, but also save energy, high thermal efficiency, clean, convenient and durable, etc., has been accepted by many families .. .But to really good use of the cooker, making the kitchen a good helper in the use of induction cooker, please note the following. .First, the power line is to meet the requirements. .Induction as power, power lines in the configuration, 15A should be selected to withstand the current copper wire, supporting the use of sockets, plugs, switches, also have to meet this requirement. .Otherwise, the appliance will work in the high-current wires, sockets and other heat or fire. .Also, if possible, to install the power cord plug a fuse box, to ensure safety. .Second, the place to be smooth. .Induction of the desktop to be placed flat, especially at the dinner table to eat hot pot, etc. should pay attention. .If the desktop uneven, so that induction of a foot vacant, the use of pot furnace with a force of gravity will force deformation or damage. .In addition, if the desktop has tilt, when the induction heating of the cookware, the cookware is also easily generated microseismic pot slide and fail. .Third, to ensure that stomata open. .Work with induction heating and warming pans. .So. .Placed in the kitchen appliance should ensure that the furnace inlet and exhaust vent at the block without any object. .Side of the furnace, the following should not pad (heap) may damage the appliance placed objects, liquids. .Need to prompt, when induction is found in the work of its built-in fan is not turning, to immediately stop, and timely maintenance. .Fourth, the cookware is not too heavy. .Induction is different from the structure of brick or iron, construction materials, appliances, and its load capacity is limited, even the pots and pans with food generally should not exceed 5 kg, and the bottom of the pot should not be too small to make the surface of the pressure cooker stove .the power of the Bu Zhiyu heavy, too centralized. .Overweight in case the need for heating large pots and pans, the response to a separate pan support frame, and then induction into the bottom of the pot. .On the clean stoves to be successfully implemented. .As with other electrical appliance in use, we should pay attention to water moisture, and avoid contact with hazardous liquids. .Induction into the water not to direct the cleaning and rinse with water, nor can solvents, gasoline to clean the stove or furnace surfaces. .Also, do not use metal brush, emery cloth and other tools to clean hard surface traces of oil furnace dirt. .Use a soft cloth dampened with water to remove dirt wiped off. .The case of oil, dip a soft cloth to wipe the water with low concentrations of detergent. .Being used or just used the end of the furnace surface do not immediately wipe with cold water. .To avoid contamination of the cooking plate or furnace oil, reduce the workload on the electric stove cleaning, using induction cooker can be put in the oven surface slightly larger than the furnace side of a paper such as waste newspaper, smoking pot in order to stick with the jump, .overflow of water, oil, dirt, the paper can be discarded after use. .VI, testing appliances to be good protection. .Cooker has a good auto-detection and self-protection, it can detect, such as cooking plate apparatus (whether for the metal base), if properly used, the furnace temperature is too high and so on. .Induction of these features, such as loss of the induction cooker is very dangerous. .VII, press the button to light, simply. .Induction of the buttons are touch type, do not use excessive force fingers to touch the tap. .When the push button start, the finger should leave, do not hold, so as not to damage the reed and the conductive contact pads. .VIII furnace surface is damaged should be disabled. .Induction furnace surface is the crystallization of ceramic plates, is a delicate matter..

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