Saturday, January 29, 2011

【School】 combination of weak cold storage in the course of security issues】.

<br> cold meat is meat production, processing, storage, transportation and sale of an important link in the cold chain, cold storage of meat in recent years, however, frequently dangerous situations. .Reporter learned from the China Meat Association latest cold storage, only the last 6 years, cold meat made a dozen main serious injury accidents, 20 from the cold fire. .<BR> According to the China Meat Association statistics, nearly twenty thousand of existing cold storage, refrigerated cold storage volume of about 8.8 million tons, of which the cooling material about 140 million tons refrigerated cold storage, refrigerated cold storage, freezing things about 7.4 million .tons. .China Meat Association executive vice president Deng Fujiang analysis, the former state-owned enterprises accounted for the capacity of cold storage refrigeration capacity of 2 / 3; the former state-owned and non-state cold delicate  throat several Kum? 0%, agricultural products, aquatic products processing more .developed provinces of the township, 100 tons of up and down the small refrigerator is widely distributed. .Age of these cold storage library more in 10 - 30 years or so, there are safety problems. .Reporter learned that the current cold storage fire safety accidents and cooling systems for the accident. .China's meat industry, cold storage refrigeration system using ammonia as a refrigerant most. .Ammonia is in our national standard level 4 mild toxic hazard, when the volume fraction of ammonia in the air 16% - 25%, the case of fire can cause an explosion. .According to Deng Fujiang <BR> introduced in the 20th century, 90 years, commonly used in polyurethane cold insulation works, which lead to security issues affecting both the quality of the project, but also shorten the life of cold storage, could easily lead to broken, damaged, collapsed, one of the most .is a fatal fire. .Refrigeration system in recent years, accidents have occurred: compressor damage, refrigeration equipment, accidents, escape of refrigerant, cooling system pipe cracking, valve damage, failure of such safety devices are on the rise. .Why risk frequent cold conditions? .Deng Fujiang analysis that originated from six major hazards: <BR> <BR> First cold storage management disorder. .China is not yet clear which government department is responsible for cold storage security management. .<BR> <BR> Second induction operating without a license. .Cold storage is not currently in many parts of the implementation of the provisions of refrigeration system certificates. .Particular county, township, town and rural areas were not nearly cold storage holder production operators, either did not receive pre-job related training, but the lack of emergency treatment and safe operation of the daily education. .Cold storage ammonia refrigeration system in case of leakage accident, front-line operatives basic perplexed. .The third is sick refrigeration system operation. .According to statistics, built in the 20th century, 80 years before cold storage cold storage capacity is currently about half of the country, most of the library more than 30 years old. .And many enterprises have failed to provide full and on time to stay cold repair funds, causing many dilapidated refrigerator, the cold storage refrigeration system ammonia refrigerant run, run, leakage is serious. .<BR> <BR> Fourth, the lack of protective equipment of ammonia refrigerant. .Such as personal protective clothing, oxygen breathing apparatus, protective gloves and protective footwear, eye and body spray washing, etc., can not do the time for rescue, in place. .Fifth, many companies cut back on cold storage ammonia refrigeration compressor operating operating personnel, the upper management of scarce professional and technical personnel in the refrigeration, cold storage refrigeration system in automatic control technology is generally not the case, once the exception, the entire refrigeration system will .unsupervised in the state. .<BR> <BR> Sixth, cold storage design, construction and installation market confusion, undocumented design, installation of undocumented, unlicensed construction is widespread. .Because of the cold storage of insulation materials, cooling systems and pipe the reliability of the selected container, structural configuration, scientific processes such as the formation of large hidden faults, some cold storage refrigeration system with a congenital defect, security can not be guaranteed. .The current lack of cold storage safety management how to reverse the situation? .Deng Fujiang make the following observations: First Amendment promulgated by the former Bureau of Internal Trade, "cold storage building construction and acceptance norms" and the former Department of Commerce issued the "cold storage management practices" and other relevant administrative regulations. .<BR> <BR> Second is recommended that the Government authorities to allocate more public safety fund, financed and commissioned by industry associations or the cold storage business to undertake the use of the relevant countries or involving public safety industry standard preparation. .Third, require enterprises to put on cold storage security agenda, to carry out self-test self-examination, to take remedial measures against potential accidents. .Establish a standard of management and emergency management and reporting system. .Companies develop safety standards, accountability to the people. .Within the enterprise to conduct regular safety checks, there must be plans for handling accidents and the corresponding equipment. .Fourth, to strengthen the retirement of the related refrigeration pressure vessels, pressure piping pipe recovery supervision. .Must not be allowed to re-pipe waste refrigeration equipment and cold storage and cold storage to flow back to the construction site to ensure the safetyof cold storage refrigeration system of qualified materials. .Five is to ask around to do with the ammonia pressure in the pipeline register, find out the real situation, know what to do supervision on the ammonia refrigeration equipment and piping for regular inspection, and make its security evaluation. .Six is to require all companies and departments in the engineering project, bidding, design, and construction process, the strict eligibility of the involved units, to eliminate "Executive Project," "human engineering" to eliminate "edge design, the construction side, while .production "and" self-design, self-installation, self-construction ", with particular attention to the construction unit of the qualification examination of polyurethane to enhance the project site management. .<BR> <BR> Seven is to ask the associations around the meat cold storage technology and safety management training, cold storage safe each examination. .<BR>.

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