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【 Weak current college 】 building large-screen display and touch screen system 】

In as people increasingly high demands on vision, imaging devices, or get a fast development, the large-screen display devices have rear-projection TVs, projectors, plasma TV (PDP), LCD TV (LCDTV), large screen TVs (CRT) and big vision super bright light emitting diodes (LED) display. The following is a building on the large screen display and touch screen for practical application.
1 Overview
Modern society has entered the modern information age, information dissemination, occupies an increasingly important role, while people for Visual media have an increasingly higher demand, demand media Visual and rapidly disseminate information, lively, and eye-catching. In order to meet the increasingly high visual requirements, to retain the old customers, the more you want to continue to attract new customers, this requires that we constantly, in a timely manner to the public announcement of their diversified services, attract large numbers of customers. This works in a prominent position set indoor dual-color led display to show various news and current events, notifications, enterprise promotion and so on, the establishment of a public electronic information bulletin system. The so-called "video screen", the LED screen and control your computer monitors have dots corresponding mapping, video screen is gray control, and synchronization with the computer monitor, so you can play the animation.
A prominent position on both sides of the Hall set up a touch screen, touch screen, we removed complex keyboard commands that enable customers to focus on what they are looking for. By touching the screen on the appropriate icon, people can quickly turn their attention focused on their favorite columns, the columns of the relevant information quickly identify the content they care about. The touchscreen is that we can get the most direct and simple interface. We have a majority of the members of the public is limited computer knowledge, the touch screen do not need to have computer knowledge. Use it to query internal structure, the company locations, departments, contact phone and other information, establish business headquarters public electronic information query system, public electronic information bulletin system and public electronic information query system together constitute public electronic information display system. Public electronic information display system through the management system, connected to a public electronic information display system server, over the Organization, management and control to display various types of information.
2 system design principles
The programme is designed in the spirit of nature, relevance, openness, reliability, and affordability and design principles.
At present, the large-screen display system market and touchscreen system of manufacturers on the market, many sizes is not a very big companies do not have their own technology development strength, the technique still in the early days of technical standards, such products while the price is cheaper, but the performance comparison between backwardness and reliability is poor. We design in ensuring product maturity and reliability, the selection of representatives of the most high technological level of products that guarantee the product's technical advancement.
Large-screen display system and touch-screen system product specifications, some small changes of parameters may cause large changes in the price and Visual effects. In the design, the spirit of the principles for the sake of customers, we will always put the needs of customers in the first place, it is first necessary to ensure that products are able to complete the client's functional requirements, do of the practical and applicable.

Equipment integration and linkage between the future intelligent product development trend display and other follow major standard communication protocols of Internet devices.
Large-screen display system and touch-screen system is generally installed in very high places, quality problems are directly attributable to a bad influence and maintenance will interrupt the normal use of the product. Therefore require product reliability is very high, in the design we strictly follow the failure rate is below industry standards and industry average of principles for product selection.
Economics for all times is the owner of the system's basic requirements in the design we will customers think, optimal design of the system and to ensure that in implementing the user function needs of the premise, as far as possible, consider saving investment for our clients.
3 design
3.1 equipment selection
This design choice of led display screen indoor F5 video, touchscreen use touch query generator.
3.2 programme description
Large-screen display system F 5 dual-color video display
In this building Atrium installation piece 2.4m×1.8m dual-color video display. The main use of text, picture and video images of the effect of publicity play various news current events, notifications, enterprise promotion, dynamic information, real-time information and advertising content.
LED is a light-emitting diodes (LightEmittingDiode) abbreviation, is applied in the field of photo-very wide range of light-emitting display materials, the selection of different materials under certain conditions can occur in red, green, yellow, blue, colors, LED has the following characteristics, making it the first choice for large screen materials:
L high-brightness, the brightness of the current outdoor single lamp is nearly 6, 000mcd;
Low power consumption, high efficiency of photoelectric conversion; l
L long life LED life up 200,000 hours;
Response speed, ns, contrary to the ash; l
Low-voltage and low current-driven, easy to interface with the computer. l function description
This works in the video screen, you can achieve the following functions:
1, the CRT display and computer in sync, with a set, you can display on the CRT and the specified text, image or information query system for the display.
2, a system with the video signal input interface that can display and play TV, video, DVD, video cameras and other video programs.
3, can the CRT on display are input to display content.
4, to pass the computer operation, the screen color and brightness for a range of adjustment.
5, you can choose to hold, for painting, expand, mobile, from top to bottom, spaceConvert and edit mode screen overlay, etc. Displays the time can be adjusted to cycle through the images.
6, with NTSC, PAL two standard. Installing structure
Due to the weight of this display is relatively light, so, for installation in wall of force requirement is not very high. Common installation with support pack, wall mount, lifting, inlay wall mounted and many other species, the specific installation mode you can survey the scene is determined according to the customer request consultation. software features
Text display capabilities
You can play depending on your specific needs, the control of a computer in a text file. Content and the Party of the agreement. l ad broadcasting function
As there are shades of double-color video screen, in the application of the special software and a generic animation software, graphics software enables you to play
Pictures l
L animation
Text and picture overlays l
Play company making ads l
Touch screen system
This design touchscreen system including 8 single touch screen installed in the striking position, display content including reviews, internal Ribbon distribution, telephone, and other key departments. This system can also be based on the actual needs in the future to add content, such as the provision of advertising or other services, information, etc.And you can have images, text, sound, video and other multimedia formats. Overview
Touch screen system handling by computer technology of sounds, images, video, text, animation, and other information, and information to establish a certain logic, as can interactively for information access and output of the integrated system. In other words, it can be integrated information Publisher's wishes and the recipient of the information requirements and accepted practices, information gathering, processing, integration and two-way communication. Touch-screen system is in a lively, delicate and in-depth coverage of a good method to replace the artificial, consistent with the principle of simple cost-effective.
1, timely and rapid exchange of road, take the initiative to provide information, the on-demand, address their needs; mass access to information is restricted;
2, complete with integrated graphics, pleasures, varied performance ability than any media more affinity.
3, the multimedia system should have a friendly user interface to facilitate the user's query.
4. interface design reflects the high artistic quality, fully utilize the dynamic three-dimensional animations, video, virtual reality, multimedia technology, multimedia, colorful, instead of simple graphics and sound.
5. customer complaints, customer recognition and customer voting and management statistics.
6, advertising, broadcast and management functions to scroll.
7, customers all operation is not allowed to require input from the keyboard.
8. all the front-end display information can in the background, unified management, advertising display can be set individually by the Terminal.
9. provide BMS access interface.
This touch screen system can be used for any electronic display or monitor integration appliance made of, have the man-machine interaction,
Operation is simple and flexible, input speed characteristics. With the rapid development of Internet and multimedia technology, users simply touch the screen with your finger, you can conduct research, data analysis, and even can make it, Visual effects, a keyboard to enter a simple, intuitive and fast. hardware system description
This system uses touch query generator. Touch the query generator using advanced Sonic the touch technique, input information is simple, convenient, quick, and other multimedia technologies with use of, the consumer can through colorful touch interface for easy and lively interaction; coupled with its informative and complete, and retrieve information quickly, to meet different user requirements for various information queries.
This touch screen system mainly by touch screen, multimedia computers, anti-riot steel shell. The key part is to induction Sonic the touch screen to replace the traditional keyboard and mouse operation. Multimedia computer store for user queries, text, sound, image, animation, and other multimedia information, users simply point your fingers gently to interactive query the information you need. Therefore, touch-screen system to facilitate cultural level of mass actions, especially suitable for public information services.
This system is an open system, according to the customer needs and internal networks, databases and other system hook, data sharing, real-time operation.
This system for public service and non-professional use, so the delivery when used in accordance with the overall decoration of design machine appearance and colour, to give a feeling of harmony, cordial, and surrounding environment layout and colors together, let not understand computer people can believe that I can use freely, but does not feel one is intended for professional use of computer or device.
This system has the following characteristics:
· Handsome in appearance, reasonable structure design, a better thermal insulation, etc.,
· Explosion, earthquake, pollution, handling stolen goods, high tide.
· Better switch and built-in voltage devices.
· Network communications and input and output interface.
· Multimedia components. software system description
Touchscreen system of soul is a multimedia software, according to our observation that most of the domestic application of touch-screen system to hardware problems, but the software has a lot of problems, most despise software design, interface design, performance, many useless soon paralysis. Originally, both inside and outside of art should be a high-tech products, software design looks very poor quality.
This system software first interface, easy operation, touch points reasonable layout, easy touch, touch accuracy. Second system structure design can make full use of diagrams, text, sound, image and multimedia features such as interactivity to a user action, such as information query and receiveReasonable guidance so that users with minimal time and effort for the most information.
The system software can achieve the following functions:
· Basic navigation, browse, query, and other functions.
· Interface is beautiful and exquisite, easy operation, diagrams, text, sound and Mau, has good interactivity.
· Provide file replacement interface, self-updating query content.
· Query content and internal network hook, accessible from the internal network to access directly on the computer.
· Provide narration sound or background music, guiding users to easily operate. Sound or background music switch control.
· Allows users to query results in a network printer or print out on a dedicated computer.
· System restore default set timing interface (such as the main interface) displays the status for the new user access.
· On the part of the user permissions, do not allow users to enter any changes to the system or other system operations.

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