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【 Weak current College 】 compressor maintenance system 】

Summary: on a Web-based remote maintenance service of the compressor and explains the current situation; in the compressor maintenance involves various links study established a system of operating modes; combined with the actual project to research and design of the compressor remote maintenance service of software and hardware, in Assembly language and C language to establish mixed programming scene online signal Gets a compressor system and LabVIEW in, offline signal analysis and processing virtual instrument system; the use of TCP and UDP protocols to Winsock programming establish internal maintenance decision support system server; use Interact resources to remote compressor producers side-b/s model remote service system; research proves that the system has good usability;

Keywords: compressors, compressor maintenance; repair; networks; along with the development of industrial technology, large compressor large, automation, information technology and electrical system integration direction. To do this on the compressor for management, maintenance and troubleshooting proposed update higher requirements. Compressor structure and fault complexity is a business-to-repair by intelligent, scientific basis. And good maintenance to ensure the safe operation of the compressor. Network-based remote medical diagnosis system for the last few years developing very fast ¨ J. The device troubleshooting and network together is remote diagnosis, research in this field is attracting more attention, such as the United States of Westinghouse, Bentley, and Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of technology, research and development of a network-based remote diagnostic system. Domestic universities and research institutions in carrying out this research, the development of the system's purpose is to complete the device field data and all relevant departments, by joining the network more synchronization troubleshooting.
Network technology development to the compressor provides remote maintenance service. Compressor "remote maintenance service" is a Web-based, remote diagnosis, maintenance plan, maintenance management and decision-making, production and management of spare parts, maintenance, repair, inspection and other related support technology. Through computer networks will reflect the compressor site health data, design, manufacturing and processing of the original data, information, scientific research departments and institutions of the theoretical and experimental research, installation companies and similar compressor in the different units of the use of information and other information in combination with the high efficiency, quick launch and maintenance of a maintenance mode. Let the different regions, different departments of the "experts" through the network and remote data for device management, truly "movement" is the data rather than people. Let compressor maintenance first in virtual environments, to shorten the repair time, reduce costs, increase productivity, improve design, manufacture, installation, use of technology and technological level has crucial value. Let the production equipment is also an experimental research, "" device. Is to achieve "green maintenance" of an important means. Future maintenance will not only is the enterprise's internal affairs, but is more departments involved in the production activities is maintenance of socialization and networking; with the help of specialized "maintenance service Web site," will be the enterprises to develop effective ways of maintenance. Web-based maintenance management system and other MIS integration, intelligent decision support systems will be a maintenance service system development direction.
1 network-based compressor maintenance service system mode compressor design, production, installation and use of each link data and information are in repair, and may be used to play an important role. If to set up remote repair service network, the system is very complex, it requires that each link is necessary to establish appropriate information acquisition and processing system, in fact compressor production mode is set to a certain links to complete. The simplest is integrated by Figure 1 a typical pattern. Integrated streamlined form a product of producers and users. This makes maintenance service system to simplify, we only need to establish a producer and user of the online service system. In this model, users establish equipment data collection, information processing systems and maintenance service internal decision-making system, the device's operating data (run the dynamic parameter value and related chart) according to the specification for storage,
Compressed data transfer over the network to the producers ' side. Producer-need to establish a maintenance service system, to provide relevant information for the user to browse and access to technical support. Producer-in access to client data after the data into the
Line processing, transformation, recognition. Make diagnosis conclusions and maintenance service responses, such as through the data to determine the status of the device, if any exception or failure to make the cause of the failure, the nature, location, and the possible consequences of remaining life, maintenance and technical support to decision-making. And the results back to the client access to and use of this information, to share information Internet interaction. Further agreement with the user arrange spare parts production, can also be virtual environment simulation service. At the same time producers-end use of the data and information, in turn, guide product development, design, production, and further improve the level of service in the future.
2 user-end online monitoring system
Compressor run data acquisition and real time processing system: the user has established in order to run parameters, such as flow rate, pressure, temperature, speed, vibration displacement, velocity, acceleration, stator current, voltage, and oil, and other multi-channel signal acquisition and processing system, the current number of existing equipment on reconstruction, development should be conducted by the product development department comprehensive consideration in the design and highly integrated, modular and reliability. (Figure 2) is an enterprise through the transformation of on-line monitoring system block diagram. The entire equipment distribution in more recent location, shielded cable transmission, the use of fieldbus RS232 signal acquisition system; used with multi-channel interface screen composition data mining
Set network. Complete real-time monitoring, overrun alarm, online diagnosis and offline analysis and corresponding data management. The system can be extended to more than one device monitoring, control and diagnosis.
3. the user-end compressor maintenance management services system for users in the maintenance process, the first is to use its own rapid reaction informationProcessing and decision-making system. Mobile Office Device Management Center for this purpose the establishment of first-level management and decision-making functions, to engineering
College Station, as shown in Figure 3. Systems and services to the distance between objects in a few km range, the establishment of IOM/IOOM Ethemet and hubs (Hub) to establish a network connection to the scene. Use of field data, manage records, information, maintenance recommendations, spare parts etc. make diagnosis and maintenance decisions. And according to the production plan, approved by the competent Director for maintenance planning and execution. Client Management Centre engineers stand for: server, complete the listening clients (client-side) of the connection request, the client connection requests to establish Socket queue processing client data sent to and send a response. To TCP and UDP protocols through Winsock programming build server; the use of two-way connection of the TCP protocol to create a server, setting up two Winsock controls, one uses the TCP protocol to listen in order to build a browser on the client's connection and transfer HTML pages and another uses the UDP protocol is used to keep the client connection transfer real-time monitoring data compressor. Client: complete and close the connection to the server, sending data to and receive data from the server, you will receive the data on your own database for the relevant personnel (sector) to access, view. Related departments through IE browser to access the compressor site HTI'P agreement, compressor site will send the HTML page through the server to the visitor, and browser clients stay connected, you can observe the compressor running time.
Browser client can remotely view stored in the monitoring system database host parameters, and the server connection is established, the browser client can use different means such as data tables, trend graphs, spectrum graph, see running cited.
4 Web-based remote diagnosis and maintenance service support system compressor producers-the user-supplied data, you must respond and concluding observations. Producer-end should be established its internal information processing network. Figure 4-compressor producers remotely repair services to support the decision-making system. The system involves user distance may very far, so you can only use Internet resources or wide area network. Producers from the various user-side access to data and information usage and maintenance. Combined with producers in the design, development, production, processing, and other aspects of the experience and lessons learned, while leveraging other research results or seek the advice of "experts" in the field of the user-side maintenance decision made by reassessed. This system has 3 modes of operation, 1) using Synchronization Network Conference: according to a user's request, the system get sixty experts from various sectors, onthe collected data for consultation-solution. 2) "letter Exchange mode": the client through the Internet send requests to a remote server, and will be issued along with the related data; the associated system reacts in a different time, then use the same letter the conclusions to the requester. 3) direct user login server, use Dialogic expert system for remote diagnosis and maintenance services. Network-based distributed applications can be as simple and effective implementation of off-site remote multi-user service, system development environment and application isolation environment, and development process and application process can be relatively independent asynchronous, the browser as a public uniform standards for common user interface (CUI) environment for easy system management and upgrades. Network programming using b/s structure, the benefit is that the browser client only needs standard configuration of the operating system, without having to install any software and other applications, saving both the browser client system resources, enhances network openness and compatibility, also facilitates management's use. Based on b/s system can be easily integrated with many additional features, such as E-mail, BBS, Net chat, etc. So you can easily construct a offsite remote consultation and collaboration between man and machine working environment, in the device's remote maintenance service better application.
5. concluding remarks
Research has shown that for like compressor such large equipment for remote maintenance service system is necessary also is possible; the device running the underlying field data and various functional departments within the enterprise, complete network-based data acquisition and processing and realization of internal maintenance service for decision support; with the help of the Internet, each with enterprise data, decision making and design, manufacture, installation, and the "third-party expert" into the
Line connection,remote diagnosis and maintenance decision support services, these system and function implementation is an important area of Web application. Network application will run through the enterprise production, network access to maintenance is also an inevitable trend. Currently, the enterprise has launched a Web-based service, but less functionality, integration and interactivity, the effect is not evident. Network-based remote diagnosis and maintenance decision support system is a network technology and modern diagnostic technology and repair techniques, combined with the inevitable outcome of a future device management objectives pursued by; Web-based remote maintenance decision support system will become an enterprise device management modernization
Key technologies.

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