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College】 【weak tag warehouse solution】.

<br> <BR> RFID warehouse management warehouse solution system design with the growing volume of business and customer demand continues to increase, storage management is also facing a growing challenge, how to reduce inventory investment, increased inventory .control and reduce logistics and distribution costs, improve space, personnel and equipment utilization, reduce the order flow and replenishment time, become the various issues of common concern warehousing sectors. .Which highlights the problem can be summarized as two: 1. .Control of warehousing operations in the traditional logistics systems, warehousing operations, has been playing a major role, but in today's manufacturing technology and transportation systems are well-developed case, the storage operation has also played a role in the quality and quantity changes .. .Although the regulation of production capacity and demand have not changed the original function, but a small amount in order to meet the diverse needs of today's market, the type, making the logistics system of picking, shipping, distribution of the overriding importance of warehousing functions in the above .. .<BR> Modern warehousing of goods not only to achieve the storage function, but also the type of database items, quantity, and storage spaces and other property owners have a clear mark, storage of goods in the supply chain should have a clear downstream .Data convergence. .2. .Warehouse management plan the development of the current market trend is growing in each order is small, but growing number of total orders, also called for shorter and shorter operating time, customers require suppliers to provide more and more intricate products .and services, can provide to the enterprise have been continuously reducing the price - this is the current providers face common problems. .<BR> <BR> Warehouses many companies now operating in the face of the problem is poor planning, inventory is not clear, shipping and receiving no pre-notification, and the upper and lower inventory levels there is no automatic warning of the approach, issues such as these bring .the implementation of warehouse job requirements change. .<BR> Current enterprise applications to address the above a problem is to introduce control technology (bar code, wireless data communications, POS, etc.) for warehouse control and solve the first two issues is to introduce ERP (Enterprise .Resource Planning) system for warehouse management. .The usual method of implementation, ERP information systems and warehouse control systems are in two different (hardware, software and networks) platform. .Attendant problem is that calls between different platforms is difficult, because each platform vendor has their own standards, and therefore can not be integrated. .In addition, each platform in its own business processes within the context of the integration is also problematic. .The face of new demands, PPB-WMS warehouse management program came into being, this is a change-based solution. .PPB-WMS system is a hierarchical distributed information management and control systems, from program level, the implementation layer, control layer and device layer structure, information systems to achieve "vertical integration" function, as a whole is a new idea. ."PPB-WMS warehouse management system" is based on advanced logistics theory, to learn foreign Warehouse Management System (WMS) experience, will manage the concept of integration into the optimization of business processes in order to UT0500 super-intelligent control terminal software and hardware platform, the basic composition .application framework, the use of computer and network technology, automatic control system of the latest product technology development. ."PPB-WMS warehouse management system" is "PPB-WIMS storage and information management system", "PPB-WCMS storage control and monitoring system,"the two systems at the core of the integrated system, the two parts of the system can run independently, but also .join to work together seamlessly. .System covering the enterprise supply, shipping storage, distribution management, trading platform, distribution management, transportation management throughout the process, logistics, capital flow, information flow in one of the large-scale cluster systems. ."PPB-WMS warehouse management system" of the two systems "PPB-WMS warehouse management information system", "PPB-WMS Warehouse Control and Monitoring System" is an independent function of the product package package. .The use of electronic tagging technology to track goods in the cargo identification and product identification and product tracking, bar code applications of this program in compatibility, while the use of electronic tagging technology to provide improved control technology. .Involved in this program, "tag" the word is commonly known as usual. .According to the current actual usage of storage management, there are two different devices are referred to as "tag": 1. .RFID tag - that is, radio frequency electronic tags. .<BR> 2. .LSD electronic tags - that is, the number of electronic tags photoacoustic. .The following were described on two electronic tags. . (1) RFID tag use <BR> (a) TAG-it features electronic tags: passive remote read-write: up to 1.2 m; anti-collision technology: compared with the bar code, no scan lines aligned ., read and write speed, it may object recognition, movement recognition, recognition of 50 per second at the same time. .Frequency of international generic: 13.56Mhz ± 7KHz flexible internal storage space: manufacturers need to be defined according to their different models of storage capacity and the number of bytes per sector, and the reader device can read the memory configuration information to facilitate .operate in an integrated application of different label products. .International harmonization and do not repeat the 8-byte (64bit) within the unique identifier code (Unique identifier, referred to as the UID), of which the first 1-48bit fixed as "EO". .Can be repeated once read-write lock, and the independent sector can and can lock the important information according to user needs; existing products generally use 4-byte sector, memory ranging from 512bit-2048bit. .Long life (≥ 10 years or read 100,000 times), no mechanical wear, no mechanical failures, can be used in harsh environments. . (Working temperature: -25 degrees to +70 degrees) flexible packaging, package diversity: its ultra-thin form factor and a variety of sizes, so that he can wrap in paper, plastic products (PVC, PET), can be applied .in different settings, they can be further layer of repression card. . (B) Inventory Management: RFID tags because of its anti-collision, encapsulation arbitrary, long life, reusable features, suitable for modern science of inventory management system. .Inventory management system is now commonly used manual inventory management, bar code labels or other written documents to support its own inventory management. .But the bar code easy to copy, not pollution, no moisture and other characteristics, as well as the tedious nature of manual written documents, likely to cause human losses inevitable shortcomings, so now our supply chain, inventory management has always been flawed. .With the tag of the latest technology products into applications that can fundamentally solve the above problems. .Will be sealed into the card-shaped electronic tags, attached to each package of goods or pallets, the goods in the label to write specific information, store locations and other information. .At the same time when the goods out of warehouses served party details written in the warehouse and the distribution channels to set fixed or portable card reader to identify, detect the flow of goods. .With electronic tags to support today's inventory management system advantages: efficient management of goods, packing operations. . (Less loss) <BR> information collection automation. .<BR> Product sources for verification. .<BR> Process in each stage of product quality audits. .<BR> Change the tag without having to change the information on the product packaging. .<BR> Effective management of loading (less loss). .<BR> Automated quality monitoring results can be more effective. .Inventory of goods to logistics tracking the situation, the losses and mistakes to a minimum point. .<BR> (2) LSD by LSD use RFID tags to build advanced electronic, paperless computer-aided picking system. .It provides new, cost-effective removal solution, the solution can enable warehouses and distribution centers in the order process simple. .Computer Assisted Picking System membership figures from the light and as a supplementary tool to guide the picker, accurate, fast and easy way to complete the picking work. .<BR> <BR> Features: TCP / IP architecture to provide multi-function series tag structure of different modes of operation <BR> easy installation and maintenance, high scalability advantages: <BR> paperless <BR> streamline order processing .process, significantly improving order picking efficiency <BR> online management: picking the data line control, inventory <BR> increase the accuracy of data at a glance: Picking the error rate reduced to 0.1%.

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