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【 Weak current College 】 monitor parameters 】

<br> <br> Learn about some of the technical parameters of the monitor's implications for selection and use of the monitor. Below we describe this knowledge. <br> Dot pitch <br> <br> Dot pitch (or fringe spacing) is .a display of a very important hardware targets. The so-called dot pitch, refers to a given color of a light-emitting points and leave it to the nearest neighboring color glow points, this distance can not be used to change the software, this .resolution is different. In any dots in the same resolution, the smaller the image the more clear, the 14-inch monitor common dot pitch: 0.31 and 0.28mm; so-called fringe spacing, refers to some monitors with stripes instead of the standard .CRT color point, compared with the color of the point, the resulting image brighter, fringe spacing in between 0.25 ~ 0.26mm than ordinary monitor your prices. <br> <br> Resolution <br> <br> Some users are often confused with .the resolution and the dot pitch, in fact, these are two distinct concepts. Resolution refers to the pixel points and points in between, pixel count, the more, the higher the resolution, the resolution is usually measured in pixel count, such as: .640 × 480, its pixel count 307200. <br> <br> Note: the number of horizontal pixels 640, 480 vertical pixels. <br> <br> As in the graphic environment, high resolution can be effectively shrinking screen image, therefore ., no change in screen size, the resolution cannot pass the maximum reasonable limits, it will lose its significance. <br> <br> Monitor size maximum resolution <br> <br> 14-inch 1024 × 768 <br> <br> .15-inch 1280 × 1024 <br> <br> 17 inch 1600 x 1280 <br> <br> 21 inch 1600 x 1280 <br> <br> Scanning frequency <br> <br> The so-called scanning frequency refers to .monitor every second the number of rows scanned bits kHz (KHz). It determines the maximum deinterlace clarity and refresh speed. Horizontal scanning frequency, vertical scan frequency, resolution of the three are closely related, each resolution has its corresponding basic scanning speed, such .as: word processing, resolution of 1024 × 768 horizontal scan rate 64KHz. There are also display in the interlaced format, namely by scanning all of the even-numbered rows, and then scanning all the odd-numbered rows, compared with progressive scan, .interlaced images produced by the new frequency is only half the DeInterlace, flashing phenomenon. Of course, even if the monitor, with its scanning frequency and can only be reached by driving display card. <br> <br> Refresh speed <br> < .br> The monitor's refresh rate means the emergence of new images per second, unit Hz (Hertz). The refresh rate, the higher the image quality is better, Flash is not obvious, people feel more comfortable. It is generally believed that 70 ~ .72Hz refresh rate can be guaranteed image stability. <br> <br> The shape of the monitor <br> <br> If you see wensi Yi to the monitor's shape to display appearance shape, it would have to be an egg. In real .life, generally to monitor use of CRT to define the shape of the display, for example: plane right-angle monitor, the monitor uses a flat square tube. <br> <br> (1) spherical section tube: refers to the horizontal .and vertical two-directional bending of spherical section screen image with the screen of the form. Currently, 14-inch monitor the use of the picture tube. <br> <br> (2) flat rectangular tube: the screen surface near plane, .curvature radius greater than 2000 mm, four corners are square. At present, 15-inch and 17 inch monitors the use of plane angle picture tube. <br> <br> (3) right angle picture tube: it features screen radius of 1500 .mm, four corners are square. <br> <br> (4) cylindrical tube: screen horizontally into the shape of the curve, the vertical direction for the plane. In this way, the resulting image is not like a spherical section screen so .obviously assumes the curve shape. <br> <br> Power consumption <br> <br> As computer power one of the largest peripherals, the monitor's power consumption is more and more people's attention. Us Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has launched " .Energy Star "program. The plan provides that non-use of microcomputer, standby, power consumption is lower than the 30W computer and peripheral devices are available to EPA's Energy Star label, that is, people often speak of" green product ". Therefore, .before purchasing a monitor that you want to see whether it has the EPA logo. <br> <br> Electromagnetic radiation <br> <br> At present, common standards have three kinds of electromagnetic radiation: <br> <br> (1 .) MPR standard <br> <br> Development time: 1987 <br> <br> Main features: relatively speaking, the more generous standard limit increases <br> <br> (2) MPRII standard <br> <br> Establish date .: 1990 <br> <br> Main features: added on ELF (SLF), VLF (very low frequency) radiation compared to the maximum limit, strictly <br> <br> (3) TCO standards <br> <br> Development .time: 1992 <br> <br> Main features: on the basis of the MPRII on saving energy, radiation, etc. set higher standards of environmental protection requirements, the more strict. <br> <br> When choosing a monitor, it .is important to note that it is in keeping with the above standard MPRII. <br> <br> Large screen display technology <br> <br> As the popularity of multimedia technology, the display is from 14 "to 15" or 17 " .transition, 15 "has become the preferred size of a large number of users.To this end we introduce the large screen display technology features. <br> <br> A larger display area <br> <br> Display size of increase will result .in the display area was expanded to 15 "monitor display size larger than 14" only "1", but it's worse than a 14 "display provides a display area to about 20 per cent, Windows95, and other graphics window interface more comfortable. And .17 "for large-screen display will provide to users a more colloquial wide display area. <br> <br> A high refresh rate <br> <br> Display the refresh rate is higher, but the displayed image is more stable, users .look comfortable. When we say "refresh rate" mainly refers to the "vertical scanning frequency", that is, the monitor displays per seconds of the full image. According to the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA, a variety of video standard international organizations .), where the ergonomic standard color monitor must be in 1024 × 768 resolution at least 75Hz vertical scanning frequency. Currently, this standard has been increased to 85Hz. At present some of the famous big-screen color display is already exceeded the targets, such .as Philips 17 "color display 17A have reached 160Hz refresh frequency. <br> <br> High resolution <br> <br> High resolution color monitor is to guarantee the clarity of the important prerequisite. Monitor the dots is one of the foundations of .a high resolution, large screen color display dots in General 0.28 0.26, 0.25. High resolution monitor, on the other hand refers to the horizontal and vertical display areas to achieve maximum pixel point, there are 320 × 240,640 × 480, 1024 × 768, .1280 × 1024, and so several, good big-screen color display is usually up to 1600 x 1280 resolution. Higher resolution means not only high-definition, also means that the same display area to display more content. For example in 640 × 480 .resolution can only display one page of content, in 1600 × 1280 resolution you can simultaneously display two pages. <br> <br> Flat rectangular design <br> <br> Compared with 14 "display, large-screen display screen more flat, .horizontal and vertical direction basically remain a plane. Planar Cartesian screen monitor can correctly display the graph of the actual situation, especially in the engineering design is quite good. <br> <br> Plug and play <br> <br> Those who comply .with the plug and play standard display products, must comply with DDC (DisplayDataChannel) specification, this specification provides for monitor and PC video adapter (ie display card) communication rules. In Windows95 system, compatible with Plug and play standard monitors and video cards to .work together, for example, show the card to be able to automatically detect the monitor possible scanning frequency and can work automatically and monitors scan frequency synchronization so that the display stays at your best. <br> <br> Multimedia <br> <br .> At present, monitor integrated audio amplifier, speakers, live drum even built-in headphone jack's products have been increasing. Some monitors with speaker audio quality than some market sale cheap speakers, while also avoiding the clutter of cables, save desktop space, and .provides extremely convenient connections by users. <br> <br> Digital adjustment and memory functions <br> <br> Large-screen monitors are single-chip computer technology for digital mode control, it can be implemented on an image button shape, gray ., brightness, color, and other parameters to control. For the users themselves to monitor certain parameter settings and adjust the distortion results can quickly reproduce the memory and integrity. <br> <br> Green environmental protection <br> <br> In all .computer components, if from electromagnetic radiation dose given to ranking, the monitor is on the top of the Championship. And since it directly in the face of the consumer, the consumer's health is the largest impact. At the same time, color display, especially .big-screen colour monitor power consumption of the entire computer system suppliers, working state, 14 "color monitor power consumption generally reaches 80 ~ 90 watts, 15" color LCD can reach 110 watts, and the 17 "color display you can reach 150 Watts .! we can see that the color display of energy consumption is considerable. Therefore, lower the monitor radiation and energy consumption, is a modern display technology, an important content. Currently, this area typically follows the two standards, one is limiting the monitor energy .consumption of the United States EPA's "Energy Star" standards and international Video Electronics Standards Association VESA's DPMS (display power management DisplaypowerManagement:) standards; another is to limit the color display of electromagnetic radiation dose MPR Ⅱ specification (proposed by the Government of Switzerland and .legislative) and Europe's more stringent TCO '92 standards. <br> <br> At present the monitor manufacturer's product, especially big-screen product can meet these two requirements of norms and standards, but also the improvement and development. For extended life of .the monitor, save power play a significant role. <br> <br> USB technology <br> <br> "UniversalSerialBus" USB (universal serial bus) bus interface technology with Pentium 586 motherboard, it and other several bus interface is its: .allows a user to multiple devices (such as mice, keyboards, scanners, CD-ROM, etc.) while connected to the motherboard, replaces the past many signal line; and in the system status of a plug instead of shutdown, as long as .a connection to a new external device, the system can automatically detect and judgment to the new device types, parameters, and driving it to start working, unlike traditional methods that you must restart the wholeThan one system. From 1997, there have been some monitor .manufacturers begin to change the attitude of opposition to USB, USB will gradually become a trend. <br> <br> Picture in picture <br> <br> Also called with the on-screen display (OSD-ONSCREENDISPAY) or display control system .(OSM-ONSCREENMANAGER). This feature is for the convenience of the user to adjust the monitor parameters established, users can clearly see from the screen by regulating screen menu, you can control the screen image size, position, distortion control, on-screen .geometry even color temperature selection. <br> <br> Color temperature adjustment <br> <br> White light is the other hybrid product of pure light, different color temperature determines different colors of white, blue and light composition with green elements, different .users might have different preferences, this can be done by color temperature adjustment features to resolve. This feature allows you to choose the warm or cool colors, different brightness adjustment through color temperature can make color looks more beautiful, better. <br> <br .> R (red), G (green), B (blue) color independent adjustment <br> <br> Red, green and blue primary colors you can mix all of the colors in the world, through the monitor's RGB channel for independent regulation ., no matter what color you want, can be matched. This is suitable for demanding professionals, MAG, NEC has this type of product. <br> <br> Automatic / manual degauss <br> <br> Display due to the Earth's magnetic .field and magnetic field effects of environment around the screen to a different location may render different partial color, auto degauss feature allows the monitor automatically degauss when receiving power, so that the display image greater stability in nature, but automatic degauss on strong magnetic field caused .by the incompetence of partial color monitor. A manual degauss is professional, when a monitor is stable over time, using a manual degauss feature, you can solve the problem of partial color. 15 "monitor all over MAG provides a manual degauss feature, SONY ., NEC also have this kind of product. <br> <br> BNC connection <br> <br> Using coaxial BNC cable to the monitor connected to your advanced graphics accelerator card, this connection is way better than the standard VGA connection provides better .signal quality, a monitor supports two connection methods such as EIZOFLEXSCAN, using two PC's work can be done by pressing a button to switch back and forth between the two. <br> <br> Monitor selection <br> <br> Display different motherboards ., hard drives, optical drives, and so soft to digital circuit as the main body part, which is both universal digital circuit, and a large analog circuits and appropriative circuit of high voltage, high current, high power, high magnetic field devices. Because .of this, it makes the consistency of the monitor. Therefore need to have the necessary Visual judgment method to properly identify the pros and cons of the monitor. We can select from the following five aspects of intuitive identification at the monitor. <br> < .br> Differential scanning frequency of <br> <br> Scanning frequency not only monitor one of the most important indicators, but also determines the display quality and price. Manufacturer of products is generally in the back of the monitor is on or manual scanning frequency .. In General, line scan frequency should reach 48KHz above. If the installed graphics accelerator card (card at least equipped with 1 MB of video memory), then Windows settings, under resolution, you can see at a glance. But if the computer is .only equipped with cheap display card (only 256KB or 512KB display memory), you cannot be identified using the methods above. Intuitive judgment is to run a high-resolution observation of the Chinese word processing software, display character (cannot be used in graphics, .image) of small lines, to screen each part are equally clear that the display row frequency higher (higher definition, the higher the row frequency), several sets of comparison to be aware at the same time. <br> <br> Determine whether .to display line-by-line <br> <br> Interlaced and progressive two monitor prices (such as a mid-range 14 "display, the difference between the two hundred million), there are differences, not easy to discern in General. .Intuitive differentiation is connected to the graphics accelerator card (card at least equipped with 2 MB display memory), then gradually increase the display mode, when the resolution raise a certain ratio, interlaced monitor there is a flashing phenomenon, but is not one line at .a monitor. This alone can make a judgement. From the manual, only row frequency higher than 48.4KHz 's 14 "display, can support a high resolution of progressive scan. Special attention is that setting high resolution, we must grasp, not blind operation, .otherwise you might damage your monitor. <br> <br> Differential video bandwidth <br> <br> Video bandwidth is measured by the monitor as an important indicator of performance. This is more than 15 "is particularly important for large screen display. .From brochures, 15 "video bandwidth requirements more than at least 64MHz, 17", at least at 75MHz 21 "color monitor cannot be lower than 110MHz. Visual identification method is: run a spreadsheet software, and carefully observe the screen form lines of horizontal .and vertical lines are consistent, while thick adjust contrast knob, at cross, vertical bar can also stop (disappear). Line weight difference between smaller, due to the sensitivity the, the monitor of higher video bandwidth indicator. <br> <br> .Differential display color index <br> <br> Display color index is primarily concerned with two aspects. One is the color of the "purity". Second, the color convergence issues. Former affect red, blue and green color balance, which affect the .screen corners and center location color consistency. Visual inspection methods are: for the former should focus on the observation of the screen displays a white characters, to see whether it has <br> <br> Other color smearing. If not, then the monitor .color balance is not a problem. For laterUsers should carefully watch the screen around and the center of the color is consistent. If no dissimilarity (commonly known as the "color"), the monitor color convergence does not exist. <br> <br .> Determine the existence of raster distortion <br> <br> Cathode ray tube (CRT) monitor all raster distortion, just a lot of problems with small, even for new big-screen monitor cannot fully eliminate such distortion. Visual identification method is to .run a spreadsheet software (such as a table), when the quality of the product screen (in addition to the individual corners) whether horizontal or vertical direction without any form of deformation. The horizontal and vertical line must be a straight line. But poor .product line a lot is not a straight line. Experience has shown that differential horizontal lines than vertical lines more capacity to judge. <br> <br> Visual inspection from the edge of the monitor or you can see how the quality and grade. Inferior .product edge General appears around corners or screen brightness of uneven, sometimes adjust brightness also occur with brightness increase the screen display size with larger. In addition, the image is adjusted to the middle of the screen, there is no skew phenomenon, the screen surrounding .graphics have no flattening, variable length, brightness, the color is pure, contrast, position, rotation is smooth adjustment knobs are intuitive discrimination monitor key indicators of quality time. <br> <br> Pop display <br> <br> Current colour .TV markets a variety of habitats and various brand monitor to compete for market share, pull out all the stops, in prices, the variety, quality and after sales service, has launched a fierce competition. <br> <br> The color display on .the domestic market can be divided into high, medium and low three categories of products. High-end products are primarily Japan, United States, such as Japan's Sony SONY, NEC NEC, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, United States of EIZO, .ViewSonic, guarding, Apple, Nokia, PHILIPS, etc. These characteristics of the product specification is complete, there are 14 "to 21" for all products; the second is very particular about the quality and performance, the price is very expensive; third ., the technology has its unique style and innovation. Mid-range products mainly to Korea and Taiwan manufacturers in the world, major brand Korea's Samsung SAMSUNG, Hyundai HYUNDAI, Venus GOLDSTAR, Daewoo and DAEWOO Taiwan production of CTX, Acer GOLDSTAR, such products are .characterized by the stable quality, in line with international standards certification, affordable and adapt to a wide. Low-grade products from Taiwan and domestic manufacturers, mainly in Taiwan by qingyun CHUN, phantasm NEOTEC, Sampo SAMPO and domestic Proview EMC, Sakura, Asahi .field YUKI, AOC, languang CASPER, AOK, etc. These low monitor generally lower in price, technical content is low, performance is not high, but as a normal user provides an economical choice, therefore there is also a part of the market. .<br> <br> National popular large-screen color display of the main brands, performance, prices are shown in the following table. <br> <br> National popular large-screen color display <br> <br> Brand model display .size dots bandwidth deinterlace mode for maximum refresh rate <br> <br> ACC1450V14 ".28 unknown 1024 × 76850-90Hz <br> <br> Sakura 144BC14" .28 unknown 1024 × 76850-90Hz <br> <br> Fly Philip's .14B14 ".2865 MHz1024 × 76850-100Hz <br> <br> Fly Philip's 14C14" .2845 MHz800 × 60050-100Hz <br> <br> Samsung 500MP15 ".28110 MHz1280 × 102450-160Hz <br> <br> Fly Philip's 10515". .28108MHz1280 × 102450-110Hz <br> <br> Sony 100SF15 ".25 unknown 1280 × 102465Hz <br> <br> Mitsubishi SD5804C15" .28 unknown 1280 × 102465Hz <br> <br> Sakura 1548A15 ".28 unknown 1024 × 76850 .-90Hz <br> <br> Apple 171017 ".25 unknown 1600 × 128075Hz <br> <br> EMC177617" .25100 MHz1280 × 102465Hz <br> <br> GoldStar 76i17 ".28110 MHz1280 × 102460Hz <br> <br> Guarding 700T17 .".25100 MHz1280 × 102485Hz <br> <br> Mirage 176617" .26100 MHz1280 × 1024160Hz <br> <br> Fly .26135 MHz1600 × 128080Hz Philip's 17A17 "<br> <br> Samsung 17GS17" .28135 MHz1600 × 128080Hz <br> <br .> Mitsubishi TFV670517 ".25 unknown 1600 × 120065Hz <br> <br> Sony 200SX17" .25 unknown 1280 × 102465Hz <br> <br> Sony 20se2T20 ".25 unknown 1600 × 120072Hz <br> <br> Mitsubishi TFW910521". .28 unknown 16 × 120072Hz <br> <br> Monitor the use of <br> <br> With colour display prices generally accounts for one third of the computer system, and even one half of its technical content setThere is no upgrade of problems, .so we should be properly maintained and maintenance, maximize their normal life. The following describes the monitors in use to the attention of basic knowledge. <br> <br> Attention to environmental health <br> <br> The display is a high- .voltage equipment, usage will produce very strong electrostatic, dust with strong adsorption capacity. If you use a lot of dust in the environment, not only makes the screen surface contamination and the enclosure of the circuit board and other parts around will have a lot of .dust, serious will affect the performance of the circuit or components, therefore, should be regularly wipe the display surface. <br> <br> Note the wiring of reliable contact <br> <br> Monitor General two wiring, power and signal cables .. Power cord is bad, produces instantaneous power of severely affected monitor life; the signal line of contact is also very important, some user convenience, the monitor signal cable plug on the host computer only and not so much on the screw, prone to contact .failure, lack a signal line, the root of the monitor color confusion, great for display. <br> <br> Note to match the display card <br> <br> Display card of many types, such as a CGA, MDA, .EGA, VGA, SuperVGA, etc. In General, different display card must be used to match the monitor, or else the monitor may occur; now displays the system mostly VGA and compatible system, different color VGA display khaki monitor can be general, but .there is still a monochrome VGA and color, use still want to be careful not to mix freely. But now the monochrome monitor almost no one uses. <br> <br> Note the monitor brightness and contrast adjustments <br> <br> General .according to the interior lighting conditions at any time adjust the brightness or contrast. Some users due to the use of anti-glare, you must set the brightness to a very high to guarantee normal brightness, effective long-term high brightness will accelerate the aging .of the monitor. Anti-glare whether it is useful at present, if you are willing to use it, please remember to regularly clean the dust on the anti-glare, in order to ensure the improvement of effective luminance. <br> <br .> Software use of note issue <br> <br> Since each display system with multiple display modes (including text and graphics mode), and for different system the number of its display mode and type, in the display system using a non-supported .display modes, will make the monitor is not a normal working condition, the monitor is very harmful. <br> <br> Make good use of screen saver <br> <br> When the screen content does not change for a long time, .due to certain points on the screen lit, long term will make these points of phosphor aging, this is the computer uses one of the most common phenomenon, so either DOS or Windows are a "screen saver" on the the nouns, proper use of .a screen saver that will completely eliminate such hazards. <br> <br> Not suitable for frequent switching power supply with colour display <br> <br> With colour display is a switching power supply, switch will have a great impact voltage, current ., the effect of the picture tube life. Some people think of colour TV is too low, it turned off when not in use to save electricity, but now the big-screen color display is a very good energy-saving technologies in power saving mode .can save up to 95 per cent of energy consumption, with close to monitor's power-saving, it is not worth the candle. <br> <br> The location is not suitable for frequent movement with colour display <br> <br> After .the monitor's put in normal use, in particular the direction should not change frequently. Because the Earth's magnetic field on the monitor's have a great influence, although now with colour display with automatic degauss circuit, but if you frequent changes its direction location, to a .greater impact, CRT, in severe cases, can cause adverse. purity <br> <br> Note the Steering <br> <br> With colour display is important to note that some magnetic objects steering, close to the color display of the magnetic .field is more harmful than the Earth's magnetic field, the magnetic properties of adverse effects of the monitor may appear obvious colour, brightness is not uniform, graphic geometric distortion, etc. So the big-screen color display must be taken away from magnetic objects, .such as telephone, speaker, recorder, permanent magnets, and more. <br> <br> Work status should change frequently <br> <br> Once you set the monitor's working state, you do not become to change frequently. A to influence .the internal circuit with colour display to normal working condition, and secondly on the color display is also a great loss. <br> <br> Would not be appropriate in high temperature and humidity environments <br> <br> Colour TV in the use .of a very high temperature, if you let it work in high temperature environment is tantamount to accelerate its aging process. And monitor internal many precision metal components, a little bit of bias will affect the work of the State, and therefore would not be appropriate .in a humid environment. If you use the humid environment, every day, regardless of use are the power-on time, to remove moisture. <br> <br> Not to turn the monitor on the back cover <br> <br> .Color monitors internal are precision circuits, and CRT is high-pressure bag with deadly high voltage. At the same time, to turn the monitor on the back cover can also be introduced in future warranty is unnecessary trouble (General sales operators do not allow users .to turn the monitor on the back cover). So if you are not a professional person, please do not open the monitor back cover on its own. <br> <br> Protect the display of surface <br> <br> With colour .display of surface often have anti-glare coating, high definition, these things are a layer of very thin chemicals coating, extremely easy to be rubbed off. So on a clean work surface of the screen when you want to be careful not to use rough .cloth, paper and things like that, do not use the wet cloth to wipe the exertion. If the screen surface dust needs cleaning, you can use cotton wool or lens paper from the screen to the inner ring is radial to wipe. <br> .<br> Save-related resourcesMaterial, the goods <br> <br> Purchase with colour display, be sure to set its brochures, invoices, warranty card and keep the box and so on. In the event of quality problems or needs maintenance, .these things are all essential things. <br> <br> <br>.

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