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【 Weak current College 】 network video conferencing system 】

Video conference system is able to support for remote real-time information exchange and to undertake cooperative work of application systems. Video conferencing system for real-time transmission of audio and video information, so that members can tele-collaboration to make real, intuitive audio communication. On the other hand, the use of multimedia technology support, video conference system helps users work in a variety of information, such as shared data, share applications, so as to construct a lot of people shared virtual work space.
Video conference system is a modern office systems, video conference communication networks of two or more locations for multimedia conferencing Terminal, in the meantime transfer all kinds of image, voice and data signals, allowing the meeting to have on-site. Video conference system in Government Executive, commercial areas, emergency relief, disaster-proof dangers, banking systems, telemedicine, distance education, security, military operations, as well as office automation industries and areas that have a large space for development. With the social development, video conferencing application of more and more widely, both on its video and audio quality, usability, ease of use, safety and appearance of the increasingly high demands
With the development of computer networks, network video conferencing system is widely used in various industries, its high-quality audio effects, low cost, easy installation and maintenance methods, by the majority of users. The system features a comprehensive solution
1. network
You can share via ADSL, broadband, wireless, WIFI, network, support intranet through gateways, proxies, NAT, routers, Internet network environment
You need at least 1 MCU. Multiple MCU can ability with cross interconnect support traffic load balanced to reduce backbone bandwidth
A single MCU can support to 50-100 venue for meeting
MCU with support for network fault line fault tolerance technology resume,
3, Terminal
Can use notebook, PC, phone, Terminal Conference
Support for standard series Terminal H323 calling and communication
4. main attachment: echo canceller

System characteristics: reliable MCU deployment

System characteristics: high-quality audio effects
A variety of video encoding protocol embedded
1. system built-in: H.263, H.264, H.263 +
2, the video resolution (with digital zoom): 160 * 120, 176 * 144, 176, 240 * 320 * 240, 352 * 288, 480 * 352, 640 * 480, 702 * 576
Multiple audio encoding protocol embedded
1. system built-in: GSM, G.711, G.723, G.726, MP3, etc.
2. automatic noise reduction and echo cancellation system features: advanced data conferencing solutions
Industry-leading data conferencing technology: dual stream technology
Features include:-screen video, digital white board, file transfer, text-chat

System characteristics: practicality, rich with features

System characteristics: convenient, fast way

System characteristics: reliable and effective management strategy management functions: hierarchical management —--structure is clear, the responsibility to the people
Structural unity-user account management, unified authentication

System characteristics: strong and reliable system security
First, the MCU system security policy
1. WEB page data encryption algorithms.
SSL (SecureSocketLayer) Secure Sockets Layer Protocol
DES digital encryption
2, Visual, audio, data, etc. for the MD5 128-bit encryption.
3. it supports through a third-party cryptographic algorithms for encryption, such as hardware encryption machine.
Second, terminal security policy
1, when a user logs on to the system, all your account's password through 128-bit encryption algorithms for encryption, and transport, this ensures that even if someone eavesdropping on the network data and cannot know the exact password in the database, all of the user account password is also stored encrypted.
2, network video system using double privilege authentication management, ensure that the information does not leak, for non-compliance disciplined personnel, you can immediately put him out of the Conference room. System features: from the desktop to the Conference Room of the complete application

System summary
1, it is a set of larger scale deployment, reliable applications.
2, it takes full advantage of your existing equipment is a high performance application system.
3, it not only applies to meeting and also with the daily Office, business training.
4, support standard telephony gateway that enables mobile users to join the meeting, the Conference application is not restricted.
5, can be used with standard 323 interconnection equipment, so that the original investment is protected.
6. use of the powerful, convenient and concise.
7. system security. System model: the main meeting room application
Sub main conference room and meeting room mode mode, support for multiple layout template
Advanced control features and multiple host tile painting mode.

System model: meeting room application

System mode: remote discussions and training
Primary classroom projector a primary classroom teacher image: student image projector II
You can continue to increase the projector to show more of the video. You can adjust the image number. System model: desktop-application

Move the user's mode

Deploying 1

Deployment 2
1, video conference system core configuration
In the Network Center and a number of places specified by the County Council, secondary MCU device comprised of MCU clusters. To achieve load balancing, and disaster redundant aims to maximize the use of reliability guaranteed.
2, 12-room systemBR > in urban centres and 5 counties, three meeting rooms, all of the stations equipped with a private conference room, computer, and the other with a SONY camera EVID100 meeting room and conference dedicated MIC. Easy organization of multiple participants of conferences;
3, 110 enforcement Office desktop applications
A total of 110 meters, convenient base enforcement Office at any time, and the competent unit instant task orders and work exchanges.
4, system expansion
If you need to increase the number of terminals, you can use the server's capacity to implement, without prejudice to the existing system. Deploy 3
1, computer: P4 2.4G 512M 40G 64M GF2
2. camera gun: SONY D100 or D70
3, display equipment: projection or plasma
4. video capture card: BT878
5, Echo Canceller: AVEC2000WB
6, Room MIC: AV709
7, conference rooms and audio equipment, etc.

Conference room equipment configuration deployment 4

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