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【 Weak current College 】 SME network management common security vulnerability 】

Rapid development in midium, according to an authoritative Department research found that more than 90% of the SMEs, at least, have established the internal network. However, with the attendant, is the enterprise internal network security problems. And medium-sized enterprises for the internal network security issues clearly insufficient attention.

A single, password

1. mail password, or harmonization with certain regularity of password

I have done several enterprise network administrators also received a lot of mess. Some legacy issues that really made me laugh or cry. As I once to an enterprise in the network administrator, its in this piece of information do good, at least have their own mail server. However, this piece in security, we cannot let people beg to differ. Especially in the mail accounts and password management, more is too simple. Before I went in, they mail account is personal English name plus company suffix (because the company is a foreign company, so that each employee has an English name); and the password, the password is unified. So, the employee as long as the client add mail account, and that it can see all messages, including managers personnel. Client add mail account is a very simple, as long as you have seen it again. This email security risk.

I also know a business and its password though these systems are not uniform, however, there are certain rules. If the direct use of the user name as a password, or phone number as a password, and so on. Within the enterprise, the account name is very easy to obtain, if password then too simple, it is a great security risk.

Therefore, email systems, file servers, management systems and so on account of a password, set to be slightly more complicated, at least not so obvious that the law otherwise, there will be a great security risk.

2. important document password complexity, easy to crack

Taking an enterprise user, in fact, their knowledge of the password. Many users know on some important document to set the password, however, they often need as a convenience, and the password setting is too simple. In fact, it's not their intent to so much on the one hand, because they think that as long as the document set a password on it security. They do not know, in fact, some simple password, only to be able to prevent bad people, not to prevent the gentleman.

If the WORD document, if we only set the eight-digit password, then use some password-cracking tools, only a few hours you can break out. Also, password-cracking difficulty does not generally proportional to the length of the password, but rather with the password complexity is proportional. In other words, you use numeric password, crack password with break of six eight-bit password, may be not much difference; however, if you are in the six-digit password, to join an English characters, or a special symbol that password cracking difficult to increase the number of times, although password digits does not increase.

Unfortunately, many users have no meaning to this layer. On the one hand, they do not know the password so are easy to break, on the other hand, do not understand how passwords are not easily be cracked.

So our users are network security training, to give them the key tips.
Second, network congestion, conflict

1. the following movies, games, bandwidth-intensive

Now many enterprises use the fiber access, bandwidth is relatively large. However, this also gave some of his passion for film, provides an opportunity. They are at home in the next movie, download speed may only 10 K, however, in the company of the film, speed can achieve a M or more. This is like watching the movie staff, a great attraction.

Remember, I have been monitoring network traffic, found that the use of Thunder, FlashGet, download tools, download the entire bandwidth of the flow of more than 80%. No wonder, and sometimes other people upload to server file, reflecting slow. In particular, some enterprises, some leadership on business, you need a remote connection to server, review the information, reflecting the slow speed.

Later, my router-to-end bandwidth on the download tool for a limit set by its highest bandwidth, the bandwidth is guaranteed to be able to maximize the corporate business data transfer.

2.IP address change, leading to address conflicts

Some businesses will some based on the IP settings, such as limiting a rule for some IP addresses cannot be on QQ, and so on some simple settings. The original intention of these settings is good, but it might give us network maintenance caused some trouble.

If there is a time I was giving a new hire training management system in operation, all of a sudden, my computer is disconnected from the server. The beginning is not known what causes; later through troubleshooting and look at the blog, only to find it was arbitrarily changed IP address, IP address conflicts. At that time, because enterprises have not advanced router, you can realize computer MAC addresses and IP address binding occurs.

However, many SMEs for the costs, limitations, and little advanced router. Purchase are some small router or switch, so, some advanced features they also cannot be used. You can only think of some ways to achieve for soil employee Internet behavior of the control. Later I on each client through permissions control, preventing them from free to modify the IP address, and other basic network parameters.

3. Portal checks is not strict

1. the portability of mobile devices to control strictly

Although our company is now for mobile storage devices such as USB thumb drive, mobile hard disk drive, MP3 player, etc. with strict requirements, such as when to use first approval, and so on. However, this is only on the systemProvisions. Technically, we did not achieve for USB ports, and shield. Therefore, enterprises require tube, many users still secretly in the use of mobile storage devices.

Unauthorized use of portability of mobile storage devices, will give the enterprise's internal network brings two major implications.

A secure enterprise file. Because of some important file of enterprises belonging to enterprise resources, such as customer information, products, materials, etc., enterprise requirements cannot be exported. However, I found that many employees, before his departure from Office, will put these important documents, both on the USB disk or mobile hard drive away, as they move on. This is for enterprises, can cause great loss. I know that many enterprises, some employee turnover, enterprise customers will be emptied. In fact, the misuse of mobile storage devices, which plays a considerable role in promoting.

Second, if the use of mobile storage device, then the virus will leak through our set of virus firewall in the perimeter, but internal directly from the enterprise.

Therefore, the portability of mobile storage devices now have become compromised network security intranet killer.

2. the message attachment has security implications

Email attachment harm also slowly increase. Now with the popularity of electronic documents, more and more people prefer to use e-mail attachment to deliver electronic documents. While many electronic documents are the OFFICE document, the picture format files or RAR compressed files, however, the format of the file happens to be the carrier of the virus is very good.

According to the relevant Web site surveys, now mail attachments contain viruses case year after year. If the enterprise in the daily management, unchecked, it will affect enterprise network security.

Above all I exposed the SME network security breach in a small part. Where you can see, the solution for small and medium-sized network security breach, already imminent. We enjoy the convenience of information Office, but also to provide a clean environment to be able to let their healthy development.

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