Sunday, January 16, 2011

【 Weak current College 】 data storage security has a very important significance 】

In terms of the number of storage security progress? over the past few years, experts say a lot about the risks of security and storage. These include San-related lack of basic network security practices, as well as handling offsite media related familiar problems. For the latter, some companies have almost a week without report contains confidential information of the notebook or the loss or theft of the tape.

Moment, apart from the public's attention the company forced to improve, storage security situation seems to have improved slow.

In addition, some so-called storage security measures should be more accurate as offsite tape security be labeled. In other words, the focus does not protect all storage schema of the strategic approach, but rather concern often out of place. In this case, would like to end this particular vulnerability is also understandable. But there is no master plan, our efforts are likely to be cleared away, and other risks is also likely to be ignored.

From IdentityTheftResourceCenter case reported displays: and 2007 compared to the 2008 data damage increased by 47%. In these destructive, 20.7% and in notebooks or tape "migration data". Nevertheless, 41% of accidents from hackers, internal staff and dealers.

However, even protect remote site media did not complete successfully. For example, large-scale use of encryption methods. In the above case, the only 2.4% loss of media is encrypted. Why is that? take tape, and is not a lack of concern and misunderstandings — this is very obviously a problem, not because of the lack of technology to solve the problem. In fact, each level of encryption products available from major vendors are: the tape drive (LTO-4, IBMTS1130orSTKT10000), tape libraries (SpectraLogic), San switch (Cisco or Brocade), SAN or LAN appliance (NetApp) and host software (most backup application).

Media encryption of widely adopted as a major obstacle, pointed out that the key management challenges is very easy, and this is also a very important factor. However, the key management for a big problem: the lack of real storage related comprehensive security strategy. If the storage is not in the security focus of the company, to address these issues will still be a risk and obstacles.

Need to understand the enterprise's internal data access, management, control, and the respective responsibilities of different authorities. An effective strategy to consider the security needs of all components.

For storage security is an effective way to not only to measure things and additional risks, such as offsite media encryption, but also takes into account the identification of what data needs to be encrypted, and at what level of encryption. If the data in the application on the cryptography to protect and prevent unauthorized access, it is possible in tape level does not require encryption. If a centralized key management functionality while it with related policies and processes, is designated to manage secure access to all of the data, then offsite tape encryption will not be accessible.

Due to the current economic reality, many companies in the future to this procedure is not possible. However, beginning in the storage and security to establish a bridge between, as well as a rational framework is very important. Otherwise, in 2009, the accident rate will be high.

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