Wednesday, January 5, 2011

【 Weak current College 】 LED products in the production and application of 】

Today, LED products have broad market prospects, no doubt, especially in the lighting field. If the LED light source is widely used in the lighting field will be the history of mankind's lighting. Due to factors such as cost, technology, and there was no widely spread, although it relates to our lives, the street some building large-screen display signs, traffic lights for traffic control, building security channel LEDs, phone background light, etc., are semiconductor light-emitting diode chips as a new source of semiconductor light. Now applied to the field of LED lighting products, such as LED guardrail LED lamp, lawn lamp, LED spotlights, LED Underwater lamps, LED underground lights, future LED market trends will be towards the high brightness and high power development.

The advantages of semiconductor light? believe in what you are looking at the two numbers, you will understand: in the same brightness, semiconductor light power consumption is only 1/10 incandescent lamps and incandescent life are 100 times. 1/10 of what concept? if national semiconductor light instead of half of the traditional lighting, is equivalent to one year out a the capacity of the three gorges hydropower plant; 100 times what concept? to six hours a day, a lamp is available in 50 years, a person who never use two lights. Moreover, the semiconductor light does not like fluorescent lamps that strobe, it will not cause light pollution, so that future semiconductor light will replace the traditional incandescent and fluorescent lamps.
The led light source and energy saving, long life, no radiation (green light), etc., they already know, let's talk about the use of LED products to several problems.

1. anti-static
LED products in the production process to take measures against static electricity, such as: Workbench to grounding, workers should wear anti-static clothing, with antistatic ring, as well as with anti-static glove, conditional can install anti-static ion fan, while ensuring that production workshop of humidity 65%, so that the air is too dry electrostatic, especially green LED easily electrostatic damage. In addition, different quality grades of LED is not the same antistatic ability, quality grades higher stronger certain LED antistatic ability.

2. use the DC constant current power supply
Some manufacturers in order to reduce product costs by "RC-buck" to the electricity supply, which LED products can directly affect the service life of LED products. Special switching power supply (preferably constant current source) to supply power LED products, this will not affect the product's service life, despite the relatively high cost of products.

3. temperature will cause the LED internal resistance is smaller
When the outside temperature rise, the led light source resistance is reduced, if using a regulated power supply will cause the LED current, when exceeding the rated operating current, affect the service life of LED products, serious will be LED light source "burn", so you should choose constant current LED power supply to ensure that the operating current is not affected by the ambient temperature.

4.LED product seal
LED products are often used in outdoor, also faced with waterproof, moisture-proof seal, if treatment is not good will directly affect the service life of LED products. Some product quality requirements higher manufacturers using the traditional epoxy resin "watering" way to seal led products, this method of operation with more trouble, for large LED products (such as LED guardrail lights) is not very fit, will result in an increase in weight.

5.LED barricade lights control technology
Current LED guardrail light the most widely used control technology is a "serial communication". Its advantages are each supporting bar lights no specific "encoding", each branch can swap between, ease of production and engineering installation. But its biggest drawback is that once you have a corrupted, you will have a direct impact on its rear lights all barriers for hundreds or even a few km of fence light works, because of external factors and product quality, and other factors, it is difficult to guarantee that each support bar lights are not a problem, therefore, a supporting bar lights that cause problems with some guardrail lamp of paralysis.
In addition, the current market LED light source for quality is good or bad vary greatly, good quality not only high brightness LED light source, optical attenuation is small, the ability to have rosion, its service life is long, but its price to several times. We often see some LED lighting project, a start is indeed very beautiful, but will soon be uneven "torn." Therefore, manufacturers and users must choose the quality of the LED light source.
According to the United States Department of energy forecasts, 7 years later, semiconductor lighting can generate 500 billion industry by 2010, there will be 55% of incandescent and fluorescent lamps are semiconductor light instead of electricity each year to US $ 350 value. Faced with the enormous market for semiconductor lighting, the world's three major lighting industry giant General Electric group, Philips, OSRAM group have established semiconductor lighting enterprises, and to propose to the year 2010, enable semiconductor light-emitting efficiency and raise the price of 8 x, 100 times. This means that a preemption LED lighting industry occupy the fighting started in the world.
Our country has officially launched in 2003, the "National Semiconductor lighting engineering". In 2004, China will Xiamen, Dalian, Shanghai, Nanchang, four cities to establish for the first batch of National Semiconductor lighting engineering industrial base. Currently, four bases have been developed semiconductor lighting industry development planning, research and development organization, corporate training, finance, human resources, communication and cooperation, advocacy and other aspects of the comprehensive expansion base construction work, with a view to forming its own characteristic industry, fighting for the domestic market position, to participate actively in international competition

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