Wednesday, January 5, 2011

【 Weak current College 】 "CFC" refrigerator use method resolution 】

General Electric refrigerator cooling system, common r-12 (freon) as refrigerants. If it leaks into the air, from the Sun's ultraviolet rays, high-risk chemical reaction that destroys the ozone layer, resulting in a reduction of ozone, or even the disappearance of the ozone layer formed hollow, on human health and biological growth and reproduction of normal.

In order to protect human survival of atmospheric environment, many manufacturers have launched the "CFC" refrigerator. This refrigerator mostly use r-134a as refrigerants, whose main components such as compressors, sealing materials and lubricants, etc. are different from normal refrigerator.

Therefore consumers use the "CFC" refrigerator should the following three issues to note:
1. the "CFC" refrigerator compressor and refrigerator compressor structure, work status is also a large difference. "No fluoride" refrigerator running compressor suction pressure is negative pressure and high pressure exhaust pipe pressure larger than ordinary compressors, compressor temperature is also relatively high, it is necessary to pay attention to strengthening the refrigerator cooling, in particular the compressor heat around the space to increase the cooling efficiency of refrigerator and extend the service life of the refrigerator.

2. "no fluoride" refrigerator generally use r-134a for refrigerant, system of lubricants, sealing materials, and general use of the material is very different from the refrigerator, and production process requirements. Therefore, before purchasing a "CFC" refrigerator must buy brand-name manufacturers of products to ensure that the inherent quality of the fridge.

3. the "CFC" refrigerator repair process has very strict requirements, and the system of the time, plus hydraulic equipment and teeing the tool is not and maintenance equipment for ordinary refrigerator mix with each other.

In addition, the maintenance of materials such as compressor, oil filter, frozen, etc and ordinary refrigerator materials are completely different. In light of the above, consumers in repairing the defective "CFC" refrigerator, be sure to to special repair sector to repair, to avoid problems due to the process or using tools improperly in the refrigerator.

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