Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weak current College】 【buy UPS fourth rule】.

<br> <br> Don't figure cheap buy ups do not buy products without a, not just figure cheap. For example, the price is very expensive stand-alone fallback-UPS, this kind of product price is very competitive, but .generally save filter circuits and voltage lines and maintenance-free battery such key components also use cheap products. Some cheap UPS product use and not for the back-ups products specially crafted battery, but with other uses of material modifications. In such cases, cheap .UPS while price-competitive, but product quality and performance. "Good brand means better products." The business of technology official said, "like Emerson this well-known brand of UPS power supply, the products must be first class." Full- .sized user contact UPS products limited, and on product functionality, technical parameters, price, etc., not understanding the needs of the enterprise's own lack of rational judgment and, therefore, on the actual UPS products to manage and maintain capacity is very limited. .In addition, many SMEs with limited funding is also a real problem. For SMEs, buy UPS in addition to choosing a good brand, you should clear your own need to purchase the basic parameters of the product, such as input and output indicators, the .battery indicator, intelligent monitoring, electromagnetic compatibility, machinery indicators, environmental indicators, etc. "According to the needs of the enterprise, we chose Emerson UH11 6kVA in the series. This power supply product with DSP full digital control technology, intelligent battery management, .online features, powerful battery protection functionality, ease of use, security, and reliability to meet the needs of the enterprise. "The enterprise technology official said. Attention to service the UPS service is a general concern for SMEs. However, most UPS manufacturers put .more focus on the industry, SME investment service. China UPS market after more than ten years of development, has become a mature, high power market has entered a period of steady growth, small machine market has become the fastest growing in the future. In .the next 1 ~ 2 years, UPS market will face a relatively narrow area of expertise to the broader process of mass market expansion, with simple, practical, and other characteristics of the product will become the Prizing the SME market. At present, the UPS .brand in SME sales process used for industrial customers-providing solutions, solutions need to be on the customer's production, marketing, internal management, and even financial aspects to be understood. See details of the maintenance-free power UPS battery is the most important components ., the cost is also the highest in the entire product. Some merchants in order to make a profit, often in the high-end UPS power supply maintenance-free battery swap is covertly or counterfeited brand-name cell, and then put it down brand .ups maintenance-free batteries sold separately. Bad battery damage no small matter, mainly in the inverter time is short, supply shortage. Non-professional users tend to ignore this problem, because they use rarely used power inverter, so do not specifically test the .UPS power inverter. To apply, simple, reasonable purchase UPS products for mid-sized and small enterprises. <br>.

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