Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weak current College】 【small DC relay parameter】.

Small DC electromagnetic relays of main parameters are:

1 a DC coil resistance, the use of a multimeter measured coil resistance values.

2 a rated operational voltage or operating current, this is the relay function, coil voltage or current value. Sometimes, the manual only gives the rated operating voltage or operating current, then you can use Ohm's law calculations haunts the rated current and rated voltage values: that is,/= U/R, R, U = IxR to relay coil of DC resistance.

3 a pull-in voltage or current that is generated when closing relay minimum voltage or current. If only to relay coil with pull-in voltage when the snap-action is not secure. General pull-in voltage for rated operating voltage of 75%.

4 a release voltage or current, voltage decrease the ends of the relay to a certain value, the relay from snap-action status to release state of voltage values. Release voltage than smaller pull-in voltage, general release voltage is pull-in voltage of 1/4 left stone.

5 a-contact load refers to relay in the switch can accommodate a voltage and current values.

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