Saturday, January 8, 2011

【 Weak current College 】 LED technology and the development of 】

LED lighting fixtures from the led light source, electrical accessories and apparatus.   It uses semiconductor light-emitting devices as photosource, is of small size, long life, low energy consumption, instantaneous startup, color rich, and other characteristics, is a kind of environmental protection and energy saving in the cold light source. In recent years, the United States, Japan, and Europe and other developed countries and government organizations in the LED luminous investing significant human, material research and development organization, the led light source technology level has been significantly improved, power has reached 3 ~ 3W, light-emitting efficiency, 301m/w LED light source used for general lighting.   LED products will become the latest energy-efficient lighting products. But the LED lighting equipment is a high-tech, high value-added products, my previous research on the LED illumination is still very weak, and foreign standards vary greatly, particularly in applied basic research still does not meet the needs of our industrial development.   In led lighting products detection technology and product standards, far from being able to meet industrial development in LED lighting.   The development of China's LED lighting, first of all should establish and perfect our LED lighting equipment technical standards and testing methods for evaluation system, regulate the existing detection system, the different enterprise products based on the unified testing methods, the only way to truly understand our LED lighting products of technology, thereby promoting the led lighting industry in technological progress, promote the development of the industry. LED lighting equipment technical standards and test methods, but also will promote the progress of semiconductor technology, LED lighting products and quality, shorten my country and international level, has the extremely important practical and far-reaching historical significance that will have significant economic and social benefits. Lighting LED standards and testing technology of the International Commission on illumination (CIE) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) are not standard on LED lighting. Only in the 1990s, CIE has published a General LED test methods of technical reports. But in recent years LED the rapid development of technology products, now found in many of the characteristics of LED technology are not taken into account in the past. Therefore, in 1999, Japan held in Kyoto, IEC annual meeting, attended by representatives of developed countries proposed IECTC34 (lighting technology) white LED lighting equipment standards, the delegation of Japan also submitted a general illumination white led two of the draft standard. In order to develop LED lighting, developed countries have attached great importance to the led test methods and standards. For example, the United States national standards testing Institute (NIST) is a world renowned research institutions of the test, they organized the international renowned test experts LED test research, key research LED luminescence characteristics, temperature and light failure characteristics, test methods, trying to establish a whole set of LED test methods and technical standards in LED test had been walking in the forefront of the world. Japan has established a "white led test study Commission", devoted to the study of lighting using white LEDs of test methods and technical standards. In the developed countries to preempting LED studies, the LED standards and testing are all put a lot of manpower and material resources, standards focus on select LED parameters and testing methods. Currently no LED lighting equipment standards, there is no corresponding LED lighting inspection system. Some enterprises purchase part of the testing equipment. However, lack of professional studies to detect low levels of compatibility, instruments, measuring accuracy is low, compared to each other,the test project does not meet your needs. Our professional institutions while also doing some LED test research work, but because of the constraints, to form the complete detection evaluation system, its horizontal and foreign developed countries still have a long way to go. At present, China's relevant inspection authorities have initiated lighting LED test methods, including the development of testing equipment. National lighting electrical Standardization Technical Committee have lighting LED technical standards and test method standards included in the 2004 work plan of the standard through lighting LED standards, promote the development of LED technology and lighting applications. The original location
Original location problems lighting LED technology standards focus on solving product characteristics and test methods, LED most important performance indicators is the optical properties and electrical characteristics. Optical characteristics including the luminous flux, light distribution, intensity, spectral distribution, chromaticity coordinates, color index, etc.

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