Tuesday, January 11, 2011

【Weak current College】】 active cold storage of.

<br> Activities by the library of cold storage, doors, ceiling fans, electrical parts and accessories. The following describes the activities of cold storage library, ceiling fans, electrical system <? xml: namespace prefix = "o" ns = "urn .: schemas-microsoft-com: office: office "?> consisting of: <o:p> </ o: p> <b style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal"> <o:p> </ .o: p> <b style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal"> <b style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal"> a, <b style = "mso-bidi-font-weight .: normal "> library in cold storage activities: <o:p> </ o: p> activities by cold storage warehouse in the bottom plate, floor, wall and roof. <o:p> </ o: p> <o .: p> </ o: p> Gallery bottom plate auxiliary located in plain after. before main role is to adjust the floor level, ventilation and moisture-resistant and corrosion-proof, rust. <o:p> </ o: p .> <o:p> </ o: p> Floor by floor, convex and concave sides in the floor slab. <o:p> </ o: p> <o:p> </ o: p> Roof and floor ., roof, the convex and concave sides in the roof and roof. <o:p> </ o: p> <o:p> </ o: p> Active cold wall panel exceptional Interior partition walls and library: <o: .p> </ o: p> two wall by PTA. plate, double concave convex wall panel, wall panel, double concave wall Board composition, corner is located in the library of the four corners, each full of cold storage has four angular plates .; each side not to install the library door wall there is a double-convex wall plate, the rest is concave wall plate. <o:p> </ o: p> <o:p> </ o: p> Partition is .used for a gallery divided into two compartments for different food reserves. <o:p> <b style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal"> </ b> </ o: p> <o:p> < .b style = "mso-bidi-font-weight: normal"> </ b> </ o: p> II, <o:p> </ o: p> ceiling fans: fans have low fan (with defrost heater) .and high temperature fan (nature defrost). <o:p> </ o: p> Ceiling fan components including fan mounting plate, bolts, water heating wire, etc. <o:p> <b style = "mso-bidi- .font-weight: normal "> </ b> </ o: p> <o:p> <b style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal"> </ b> </ o: p> <b .style = "mso-bidi-font-weight: normal"> Three, <b style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal"> electrical activities of cold storage components: the <o:p> </ o: p .> active cold storage of electrical system is composed of cold storage room lighting, door antifreeze heater, water antifreeze heater, ceiling fan control and temperature control system <o:p> </ o: p> consisting of: 1. the activities of the .cold store lighting is moisture-proof lamps, lighting, switch, ~ 220/36 transformer <o:p> </ o: p> consisting of: <o:p> </ o: p> transformer for cold storage room lighting, .door antifreeze heater, water antifreeze heater provides a secure, stable ~ 36V power. <o:p> </ o: p> (Note: If the user requests a cold lighting with LEDs, lighting takes ~ 220V lighting system.) <o .: p> </ o: p> <o:p> </ o: p> 2. door antifreeze heater, water <o:p> </ o: p> antifreeze heater: door antifreeze heater is to prevent the door in .a low temperature and cold frozen together could not be opened. <o:p> </ o: p> <o:p> </ o: p> Water antifreeze heater to prevent defrosting water sewerage pipes freeze, making defrosting water could not .drain. <o:p> </ o: p> <o:p> </ o: p> General, Cryogenic freezing cold room prone activities, should be used for heating wire. But in cold storage temperature and activities are generally not .needed. <o:p> </ o: p> <o:p> </ o: p> 3. ceiling fan <o:p> </ o: p> control system: fan is used to force the heat. .Generally it is a temperature limit switch control, guarantee the evaporator to certain temperature starts to run. At the same time it also and defrost control chain assurance in defrosting process, the fan stopped running. <o:p> </ o: p> .<o:p> </ o: p> Defrost heater is dropped ceiling fan in the evaporator of frost on a knot, increasing heat efficiency. It is made of defrosting time controller controls. It terminated by defrost temperature limit switch control of temperature terminated .and defrosting time controllers control the termination of the time. <o:p> </ o: p> Cold storage <o:p> </ o: p> activities should normally be installed by following these steps: Gallery body-fan- .cooling systems-electrical system - completed. </ b> </ b> </ b> </ b> </ b> </ b>.

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