Wednesday, January 5, 2011

【 Weak current College products】 automotive air conditioning clean should note the disassembly line 】

As the air conditioning in the car quickly, clearly, on the air conditioning installation, use, maintenance and repair technician needs will increase. A few years ago to increase air conditioning maintenance projects, and as with many of the business project, now repair shop will air conditioning maintenance as a business major projects. So each repair shop requires technicians with the daily maintenance of automobile air-conditioning awareness of the importance and have full air conditioning maintenance skills. In the domestic and foreign market research report, automotive air conditioning system has a major problem: 1. compressor valve plate card dead or damaged. Compressors in the long run will wear out some metal debris or particulate matter, if not often cleaning will exacerbate the compressor valve plate wear until blocked pipeline or compressor valve sticking of damage. 2. the reservoir fluid drying filter clogging or blockage. Market related refrigerants and refrigeration oil is also very diverse, such as improper use will reduce air conditioning system performance more serious damage caused parts of the system because some poor quality water, the amount of refrigerant system, when the system contains water, moisture and chemical reaction with the refrigerant, generate acid and corrosion of metal, sludge generated. Refrigerant cannot absorb water also makes the reservoir fluid bottle of refrigerant volatile difficulties even ice jam. System operation during metal debris or particulate matter also makes the reservoir fluid drying filter clogging of filters. 3. the expansion valve dirty plugging or blockage. The increase in the moisture content of the refrigerant will be expansion valve orifice all blocked resulting in very low low-pressure system, cooling capacity, severe degradation or even cooling. If the expansion valve dirty plugging causes the expansion valve failure/dynamic tube is damaged or valve closed, causing abnormal high pressure, thus affecting the normal operation of the system. Notably, maintenance workers must not be used to annotate a methanol solution to exclude ice barrier failure, since methanol on system especially aluminium parts have serious corrosion effects. 4. pipe seal parts of disclosure. Because some poor quality water, the amount of refrigerant system, will speed up the air conditioning system sealing aprons of hardening or corrosion, while at the same time, because the pressure is too high and easy to make refrigeration parts appear to reveal and higher water content can make air conditioning compressors increased wear poor lubrication. 5 .. pressure switch, the evaporation Chamber blasting damage. Pipe parts wear or particulate matter, metamorphic frozen oil plug. The obstruction may affect system performance and damage to the system of five parts. Previously excluded this fault requires high pressure nitrogen open jam or after demolition of the parts for dredging, this method though feasible but there are a lot of drawbacks, in high pressure nitrogen is not easy to control its pressure, used incorrectly it may cause the compressor valve plate is damaged or destroyed-filled lead pipe burst. After demolition of a second pipeline connecting worn metal particles into the air conditioning system to cause the blocked again. Report shows the air conditioning system principally pipeline blockage. For air conditioning system of the fault of the maintenance we at home and abroad of maintenance shop technician and customer investigating do the following: 1. such fault maintenance technicians how to handle domestic: the domestic have 95¨g maintenance workers directly corresponding removal or replacement of parts. Facts and not all accessories manufacturers of quality issues, but rather in the domestic service industry and maintenance yet established air-conditioning maintenance cleaning the understanding of the importance, resulting in a waste of resources and to bring customers unnecessary economic losses, as our body of myocardial infarction or thrombosis and other disease, we need only to vessels of the patient, and so the regulate treatment can without the need for surgery or replace cardiac. 98 ℅s of internal maintenance worker in repair after never show customers daily maintenance considerations and importance. Abroad: in the maintenance of foreign trade unions 96 ℅s of air-conditioning system for detailed inspection, and develop appropriate maintenance programmes. In their maintenance programmes in most cases, a maintenance cleaning equipment for pipeline cleaning, only in part completely damaged will be replaced. After maintenance technician to customers about daily maintenance considerations and the importance of daily maintenance. 2. the customer views the domestic: 98 ℅s of customers do not know how to make maintenance of automobile air conditioner and air conditioning failure after repair, the customer directly to reflect the situation of the ship are 90 ℅s of replacing the system of spare part, and expensive. Abroad: most customers are aware of the importance of vehicle maintenance, will be on your own car air conditioner maintenance like maintenance as regular cleaning of engine maintenance. This requires that we raise the need for air conditioning system cleaning, and hope that the awareness of air conditioning pipes of disassembly cleaning. Daily maintenance cleaning: new air conditioning system in operation for some time, its system components will wear out a small amount of metallic debris, the debris in the system operation is most likely blocking air conditioning system expansion valves, pipes, and drier, enters the compressor caused serious circumstances compressor valve plate wear causing damage to the compressor. Old air conditioning system of cleaning: old air conditioning system should use for too long in order to remove for cleaning the refrigeration oil, just like the engine to the regular replacement of lubricating oil, can guarantee the normal operation of the engine, while washing out system wear debris and particulate matter, in order to protect the air conditioning system inside running smoothly. Air conditioning system maintenance after washing: in order to ensure that the air conditioning system in the repair after the highest efficiency, authoritative advice on repair or replacement of parts or repair after records should be clean, because the failure of the part will contain metal debris, residue and other can damage your system or decrease system performance of debris. Clean air conditioning before modification: for CFC-12 air conditioning system, in replacement of fittings and HFC-134a embolized, some modification of refrigerants are requiring CFC-12 system memory remain frozen oil completely clean. Cleansing is the most thorough removal of lubricating oil and also clear the system in any CFC-12 residue without causing air conditioning system of cross-contamination. Auto air-conditioning system uptime and normal car is associated. When the air conditioning system failure will affect engine coolant temperature. Engine overheating due to cooling system components, such as water pump and thermostat or defective pressure radiator cover, while at the same time the engine overheating will affect the performance of air conditioning systems. Air conditioning maintenanceMaintenance of the washing is the most important, its importance and engine maintenance is equally important. In 2003, the American Automobile Association, u.s. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the United States generic companies authority had the authority of the United States a car magazine recognized and promoted on automotive air conditioning pipe cleaning must use the original type of refrigerant for closed-loop cycle cleaning, it is not recommended to use detergents for cleaning. They believe that the use of cleaning agents after the air conditioning system will be cleaner. And in the varieties on the market, detergents, present in any mixture of authoritative magazines and forums are not an authoritative Department and that the cleaning agent will not be and refrigerant or frozen oil over time to reflect or corrosion occurring chemical certain seals. With the development of science, the market has launched with a closed-loop cycle cleaning device, this device enables does not use any cleaning agents directly to the original type refrigerant piping cleaning. More importantly it enables air conditioning systems of non-removable for cleaning, which greatly improves the air conditioning system performance and service life, because, in the dismantling process piping connection will have metal debris from entering the system plug affecting their performance or air, moisture to enter the system on seals causing varying degrees of corrosion. Although launched on the market of air-cleaning equipment, but can be truly without cleaning agent and with the same model as a refrigerant for closed cycle cleaning equipment are few, and makes cleaning up again after the refrigerant filling air-conditioning system standard refrigerant requirements is one of the few. Now this could be achieved with the technical requirements of Japan's NKK technical, United States of Robin Nell, domestic with Lucent's Tiger. In short, the air conditioning system for disassembly cleaning is very important, and cleaning equipment technical requirements are high, Lucent's Tiger automatic refrigerant recycling charging cleaning equipment first-class technology, experienced a long-term market test, is the price very good equipment. Editorial: Feng Rui-Kit

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