Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weak current College】 【how to tell if a new projector and refurbished exhausted】.

Yubei District of Mr. Wang asks: listen to friends that projection market also has a lot of parallel imports, many users are seeking cheap purchase parallel projection, of course, parallel and does not represent a fake, but inevitably there are some unscrupulous traders will be refurbished, second-hand projector flush when parallel to deceive those consumers for the sake of cheap, or even ridiculous even took these refurbished projectors sold when mainstream; is there some simple identification of the most common projector?
Small series: see the projector lens is falling ash, projector behind the socket has been inserted. Open-projectors, whether under a blue screen with black spots, whether under the black screen, this is the highlight of liquid crystal panels for bad points or the most basic method of dust. See Project menu machine using time and bulb, look at the menu of the bulb so that there is no use, because it can be zero.
The following describes several common query time of projector: Sanyo projectors that use time query PJ and bulbs use time is: long press the control panel of 15 seconds after the power key, the screen's top left will have their specific time display is "0" represents the new PJ (0 = use 0 hours, 1 hour error also quite good). Sanyo's PJ, came out from the factory, the inside of the machine has a detailed record of the time, if you replace the lamp time will not be automatically cleared to zero.
Panasonic projectors that use time query PJ and bulbs use time is: in the options menu, cursor stops on the OSD, press and hold the enter key will enter servicemode, then there is an option called selfcheck is system self-test, inside clear wrote the actual use of time, and reset (reset to zero). If reset is 0, the actual use of time and options menu within the same basic (1 hour error is normal), no problem, otherwise ... Otherwise, it is the buyer not kind.
Mitsubishi projectors that use time query PJ and bulbs use time is: in standby, press the control panel "+ enter + down" appears on the specific usage. Mitsubishi Projector zeroing method: in standby press "left + right + power", it is recommended that you have to see clearly again.

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