Tuesday, January 11, 2011

College】 【weak value over the brightness of the projector does】..

<br> <BR> projector brightness level dealers who are always able to show off the level of the most significant product performance standards, over time, led some consumers to believe that the better the higher the brightness of the projector, the projector out of the more outstanding picture quality .In fact, this is a misunderstanding publicity firms. .In fact put a high quality projector screens, brightness alone is not enough, he is the contrast, resolution, signal quality, such as multi factors. .High brightness place it has its good, especially for large-scale demonstration hall, multi-media teaching people to use the large space to work, but for some space is limited, especially as an ordinary home users to buy such a view .projector and correct? .To this problem, the author's view is this: It is undeniable that a strong environment in the light, 2000 lumens projector 1000 lumens than the projector is better, a clear picture, easy to see. .However, in actual use, the projector's output brightness by a number of objective factors also influence. .When the external environment in some cases, the delivery of the projection screen quality better or worse, in addition to and related to the subjective light output, the projection screen the size of the user was kind enough to have a great relationship. .Suppose when the projector's light output is fixed, a 100-inch projection screen is very clear, but if put out 200 inches, the screen is magnified four times, the relevant output of the brightness of the projector would be this extra expansion .area share, causing the overall picture quality. .Instead, the screen is small, relatively bright and clear screen will effect many. .Moreover, taking into account the expansion of the projector screen, projection distance also will be stretched, there is a certain brightness loss is bound to affect the projection out of the results. .Virtual standard projector manufacturers currently targets should not be ignored, particularly in relation to the brightness of the projector targets the most serious, and some nominal 2000ANSI the projector, the actual lumen is simply unattainable. .Even some unscrupulous dealers deliberately promote their products in a single virtual standard on the brightness of the projector index, consumer fraud, to make huge profits. .For product manufacturers virtual standard issue, the author can do nothing; but for some dealers to expose a little trick, I suggest consumers purchase product, in some of the more authoritative official website, on the parameters of the purchased product after learning about a system ., to the market to buy, to avoid the bite. .Also, to note that some "smart" dealer of color pages there is no indication of the lumen of the unit (now basic to the ANSI as a unified unit of brightness), just write XXX projector brightness is 2000 lumens..

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