Saturday, December 18, 2010

College】 【weak difference between Motorola and Kenwood】.

<br> <BR> technical parameters of view, there is no difference between these two machines, both are big brands, but the product style is different, GP88S Founder and firm, is selling most of a professional Motorola walkie-talkie (now .to stop production), TK3207 rounded and smooth, compact some, prettier, of course, a little lighter. .Sound quality: Motor rich, crisp Kenwood Warranty: Mount remember 2 years, Kenwood 1 year Price: Motorola MOTO nearly double than the Kenwood your focus is reliability, excellent robustness, clear communication in an urban environment can still .; KENWOOD not very prominent feature of the anti-jamming capability, receiver sensitivity, power matching, and accessories are considered first-class level in all aspects. .MOTO multi-chip internal device components, integrated chips (developed); KENWOOD multi-purpose general-purpose chip, the circuit is easy to imitate. .MOTO focus on industrial design, rough lie, three-dimensional; contrast softer KENWOOD sleek lines. .MOTO is the largest foreign investors, improve the distribution network all over; KENWOOD only offices, agents in Hong Kong. .MOTO integrated system solutions in the strength is very strong, a lot of success stories; KENWOOD pay more attention to terminals, systems, products, very little..

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