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College】 【weak printing supplies answers to frequently asked questions and basic knowledge】..

<br> <BR> 1, what is the "original supplies" and "and supplies"? <BR> A: Usually we put the printer manufacturers for their production of printing supplies as original supplies, which are clearly marked and printer supplies .factory standard the same. .(Such as Epson, Hp, Canon, Lexmark, etc.). .We are the factory standard (or mark) and the printer manufacturers are not the same as all types of ink cartridges, refillable ink known as compatible supplies. .This is not any relationship with the origin, with supplies sub filled with ink (Refill inks) and cartridge (Cartridge) two. .2, How to buy compatible ink, ink? .<BR> A: compatible cartridges on the market, many brands of ink, the quality varies greatly, usually good with supplies technology companies will follow Epson, Hp, Canon, Lexmark and other printer is produced corresponding to different brands of cartridges, ink products have a more complete .; In addition to comparing prices of various brands, but also no after-sales service to consider the brand (as a result of the use of the brand products, the occurrence of damage to the printer, the company is able to repair the machine for the user and other technical services), generally we choose the more famous brands .This quality assurance will have some. .3, I can not use compatible cartridges? <BR> A: People often have this mentality: If the printer original ink cartridges with the abnormal situation is not their first thought might be doing something wrong it? .But with the compatible cartridges out of the question that the compatible cartridges will not, in fact, this is an attitude problem, and the original manufacturers have seized upon this mentality of consumers, from the cartridge to get a steady stream of profits! .In fact, the print cartridge is compatible with the original cartridges can be comparable. .Compatible supplies high-handed policy in the original and counterfeit products flooding squeezed, to the survival and development so far tenacious, itself proves the value of their market presence. .<BR> All the printer manufacturers are recommended in the same tone of voice to use original cartridges, this is actually a propaganda tool, and this propaganda in the early indeed played a significant protective effect, but the concept of consumption as people .continues to mature, more and more users will be more popular with supplies. .The development of the domestic market with supplies soon, the market will become increasingly standardized, with supplies is improving quality and perfect service. .Therefore, the compatible cartridges for its cheap alternative to original cartridges as an alternative to the user is an inevitable trend. .4, using the print cartridges will not damage the printer & P? .<BR> A: India ink cartridges & P advanced technology and production processes, product quality and strict control, such as with the sponge and the ink is individually tested and adjusted to ensure that no conflict with the original ink caused by precipitation, a good .compatibility; ink by the ultra-fine filtration is not plug and therefore will not damage the printer. .5 What is the piezoelectric: <BR> it is the use of quartz crystal changes due to voltage oscillation generated by the volume, and the ink ejected, due to its production of more sophisticated and costly, so it means separation nozzles and cartridges .. .To re-use nozzle. .EPSON range of products using this technology. .The technology uses a crystal to stabilize the power-frequency vibration characteristics, the size by changing the voltage, adjusting the frequency of vibration of the crystal to precisely control the spray droplet size and speed, so that more small drop size particles, .shapes are more rules, more accurate positioning, resolution also improved. .In ensuring high quality, but also to be reduced printing supplies. .The merits of color inkjet printers, depending on the control of inkjet technology. .Micro Piezo print technology is the piezoelectric element by adjusting the supply voltage to control the micro-droplet size, have an extremely tiny but perfect dots of ink, the real point is the "point" and must not have any star scatter or spread of mist .at the same time can be very precise control of droplet position. .6, what is the hot bubble: <BR> using current moment the ink is heated to 260 degrees of heat, bubbles caused by the pressure of the ink ejected. .Such as HP, LEXMARK AND CANON cartridges. .Printer should be long-term high-temperature heating, consider the nozzle life is limited, so use more disposable nozzle design. .7, what is the half-tone adjustment technology (EPSON): <BR> When the Micro Piezo print technology has been fast, accurate and stable the ink jet to anywhere in the paper, the control ink-jet color accuracy for the driver .become very important leap tone adjustment technology uses the principle of photographic screen printing, the RGB light points credited to the driver quickly through the entire three-dimensional spreadsheet Patent (Lock-up table) and the error diffusion technique (Error Diffusion) rapidly .converted to CMYK and accurate information to the printer output super-smooth and natural gradation and gray soft and delicate texture. .8, what is quick-drying ink (EPSON): <BR> with a high concentration, ultra-fast drying ink penetration, to 10 microseconds in the rapid penetration into the paper fibers, ink can not afford to flash point, no smudges, no matter .professional paper or plain paper, can maintain a high concentration of color and print high-resolution images. .9 What is PPIS perfect imaging system (EPSON): <BR> Perfect Picture Imaging System includes the Micro Piezo print head technology, quick-drying ink technology, fine adjustment of image halftoning technology and photo quality printing paper technology. .From the print head, ink, image adjustment technology, print media, the four-round effects and to improve print quality, and strive to play the perfect image. .10 What is the drop Adjustment Technology (CANON): <BR> the technology in the same print head, and set up two heaters, spray droplets can be simultaneously or individually, resulting in a spray of ordinary size print line .and two half-size drops. .Using this technology can reduce the color of the granular phenomenon, different droplet sizes result of the combination is to produce more detailed, higher-quality subtle effect, fundamentally improves the image of the expression. .Optimization of printing paper: The principle of this technology in Canada and optimized before printing solution, so that the paper surface with a "mask", creating an ideal printing surface, and ink combination can quickly stabilize. .Effect is also printed on plain paper to avoid ink spread, and waterproof capability. .11, what is the PhotoREt technology and third-generation intelligent color enhancement technology (HP): <BR> PhotoREt third-generation (PhotoREt 3) technology enables ink droplets to 7PL the small size, improved halftone color images and Technology ( .Halftoning Techniques) to make the printed image layering and full of soft colors and more detailed changes. .HP SmartFocus also used to enhance the Internet or multimedia applications on low-resolution images. .Second-generation intelligent color enhancement technology is reflected by the advantages of HP intelligent design, let the computer automatically configure the printing parameters, pH is more perfectly embodied the fine print. .The combination of these two technologies, in short, the combination of convenience and quality, of course, benefit us as consumers. .PhotoREt <BR> HP fourth-generation technology, printing accuracy of up to 4800DPI, each pixel it can be stacked up to 32 drops of ink droplets, direct print out 1.2 million kinds of realistic colors, small size ink droplets to 4pl, with six-cartridge .color black box, ink with HP's patented ink formulations based paint, print out the image to maintain for many years without fading. .12 What is the Excimer laser cutting technology (LEXMARK): <BR> it accurate inkjet head manufacturing trade surplus, to ensure that each blot perfect. .Piece using ink and nozzle design, each replacement cartridge for the printer such as the use of a new, high-quality print will not change because of years and, more to prevent obstruction or necrosis caused by Motou maintenance problems. .Double-nozzle ink jet technology in each location are set on a slight increase of 10 and 6, a slight increase of two nozzles, the printer automatically selected by the two different sizes of ink droplets at the same time for different degrees of fine print area, the larger Mexican .Without prejudice to drop with the premise of improving quality of printing speed, the smaller drop is used to good performance. .Induction technology uses <BR> PrecisionSense precision optical sensing equipment to detect the print paper, according to the paper measured reflectivity and opacity to determine the paper type and automatically complete accuracy of the printer to print, paper type settings such as procedure, the user .use different paper for printing do not have to complete the setup of the switch yourself. .While taking advantage of this technology, Lexmark printer, the print head alignment process is automatic, Optical sensing device automatically reads the correction pattern of the queue to generate and store calibration information parameters, and so parameter tuning to complete the print head, completely without .user intervention. .13, what is the worry-free feed system (LEXMARK): <BR> Accu-Feed with Quick Pick this technology effectively reduces paper printing process in a previous page after page sent and the time interval between entry and through a set of .a spring gear on the release paper of varying thickness and different pressures, thus making the printer paper feed at the same time accurate and effective implementation of the "fast." .14, what is the resolution: <BR> DPI (Dot Per Inch), literally means the number of points per inch, simply, is that the printer can print in every inch of the number of dots in order to determine the printer .print quality. .However, in the printer technology, it depends on the distance between two nozzles the printer from more than a small value is more than big. .The main difference between low and medium grade is the number of print nozzles, generally the more the print nozzles can achieve higher resolution. .The higher resolution is not possible, can cause slow and large amount of ink consumption issue. .Has now reached a staggering 5760DPI and 4800DPI. .15 What is the print speed: <BR> print speed indicator is the PPM (prints per minute number of sheets). .This may be more important for business users, as they often need to print a lot of documentation. .But understand this argument to note that most manufacturers only appear in technical indicators divided the two kinds of print speed black and white and color, but in terms of text and graphics printing speed is very different, and the other, cover different paper .also affect the rate and the resolution of the different speed, so measure the printing speed can not just look at indicators, have practical use, the comprehensive assessment. .16, what is the number of colors: <BR> more color to some extent the number of means richer colors, more realistic reduction. .Now on the market are basically four-color printer of the world, red, yellow, blue, black, light blue, light red in the six-color ink cartridge, print quality, more perfect, the color of its delicate expression is a professional user needs. .17, what is not with the nozzle of the cartridge: <BR> (EPSON products fall into this category and this is part of CANON ink cartridge) is a special material plastic carton boxes, plastic boxes built the sponge body, to accommodate .ink, the ink of the top holes and affixed with a label corresponding cartridge models. .EPSON cartridge sponge block below the metal mesh used to filter fine ink; CANON but metal filter cartridges are not special sponge, ink cartridges in two rooms, one for Xucun ink, and the other with the sea .Cotton absorbs ink printing ink provided. .18, what is with the nozzle of the cartridge: <BR> (HP / LEXMARK / CANON are part of using this cartridge) cartridge with a circuit board and head together. .<BR> <BR> Chip recovery class Question 1: Chip Restorer is not all chip cartridges can be recovered? .<BR> Answer: no. .Different chip cartridge chip program is different, the chip restorer recovery principle is re-program the chip erase, the different recovery devices to restore a different chip. .Amano A recovery devices such as ink cartridges can be recovered T007/T008/T009/T017/T018, recovery devices such as cartridge B can recover T026/T027/T028/T029/T038/T039. .2: Why is restored red light has been lit? <BR> A: The red light stays on when the recovery did not restore to that success, contacts and thimble not aligned position. Lead to a return to resume device sends the wrong message, so the red light .has been lit. The solution is to remove the cartridge from the restorer from the new recovery, recovery can be a little harder on the cartridge to the restorer pressure .3: Why is restored while the traffic lights are bright? <BR> A: The traffic light also lit .not restored to that success, contacts and thimble on the wrong location. lead to the restoration error message emitted when the recovery (short circuit), so the traffic lights turn on at the same time. The solution is to remove the cartridge from the recovery for the new recovery, recovery can be slightly .force on the cartridge to the restorer pressure .4: Restore did not respond when the restorer? <BR> A: The recovery did not respond that there is no recovery for restoration success, contacts and thimble no contact. lead to recovery when no signal (no channel) .So restorer did not respond, the solution is to remove the cartridge from the restorer new recovery, recovery can be a little harder on the cartridge to the restorer pressure..

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