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Weak current College】 【CQC product certification mark management approach】.

1. scope of application
This approach applies to the China quality certification of qualified products are using CQC product certification mark.
2. mark style
2.1 flag basic patterns and dimensioning
(A) basic pattern as in Figure
(Ii) callout
The pattern consists of one flat oval, ring name the callout certification: "China quality certification," the initials "CQC".
China quality certification center according to the need to develop and publish relevant certification type annotations.
2.2 certified special products (such as capacitors, light switches, etc.) for "China quality authentication" flag of special type
Sample: "China quality certification," the initials "CQC".
3 logo specifications are divided into standard flags and flags of non-standard specification
(A) the standard logo printed by China quality certification center, a total of 5, standard specifications shown in the table below:

(Ii) non-inproportional specifications and requirements of the table, but must be the size of a standard specification into a linear scale.
4. logo colors
(A) the standard logo color is white plate, black color;
(Ii) such as printing, molded in the product or the product nameplate on molding signs, according to the appearance or design of the nameplate reasonable choice. The cardholder should always use indications in accordance with the regulations, and for effective control, save the record used for supervision.
5. Mark-to-use application
5.1 holder must sign the application holds "purchase" or "application for printing/die flag", a copy of the certificate and the certificate or letter of introduction to units of CQC Office applications use the certification mark.
5.2 holder can provide these documents written or electronic text processing application.
5.3 holder for use of the certification mark, shall pay the cost of standard flags or molding, printing, signs of supervision fee.
6. signs of use
6.1 holder certificate validity period, the certified product and its packaging using flags.
6.2 holder according to the characteristics of the certified product, select the use as follows:
(A) the standard logo, the product must be applied in the case of a prominent position on the body;
(B) of the printed, embossed logo, should be applied in the certified product nameplate or ontology prominent positions;
(3) in the case of products of ontology cannot apply flags, you must set the flag in the product obtains the smallest packing and comes with a file.
6.3 holder shall abide by the following provisions:
(A) establish logo usage and management system, the use of the mark recorded archive;
(Ii) ensure that the use of flag products meet certification requirements;
(3) only in certificate qualified products add flags;
(4) in the advertising, products, and other promotional material to properly use the certification mark, must not use the certification mark, misleading, fraudulent consumers;
(5) accepts CQC on logo usage of supervision and inspection.
6.4 following circumstances should stop using the certification mark
(A) suspension of CQC certification of products, in the period of the suspension, the product should discontinue use of certification marks;
(2) the revocation, cancellation CQC certification of products;
(3) the product changes without acknowledgement or enterprise the quality assurance ability of significant changes in any other form of solicitation.
7. penalties
7.1 corporations have abuse flag behavior of, the CQC in addition to the suspension or revocation of the certification, be ordered to take corrective measures, the necessary times national administrative authorities, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.
7.2 certification mark shall not be fraudulent and illegal, in breach of the provisions, the national administrative authorities, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.

How to apply for the CQC

(A) submission of new applications

CQC China quality certification center now accepting applications for accreditation through the logo network online and written two ways (mainly to network online-based); online application (first time) you need to register the user on the site, become a legitimate user To register, you need to fill in the user information, this simplifies application again later; the information in the registration after the success of the network automatically provides the applicant the openness required certification, application guides, documents and other information.

In the applications may be based on the application to fill out the application form:

1.CQC logo certification is based on the need to choose Chinese, English version, so you need to use the correct Chinese (Simplified), English application; domestic applicants need English certificate, foreign applicants need Chinese certification, request the applicant to accurately translate the relevant content.

2. the applicant also applied for CCC + CB or CQC + CB certification, as long as the CQC network select CCC + CB or CQC + CB to submit two applications at the same time. Pay attention to when applying for CB fill in accurate English translation.

3. Please review the various products of unit principles and guidelines to ensure that a request for multiple model specification products, these models to the same application unit.

4. at a request of a model specification product has several trademarks or multiple types and specifications of products have more than one trademark, you should be aware that the trademark is registered before or after the trademark holder's authorization.

5. in the application of multifunctional products, determine product categories should be the main features of the product testing standards to determine.

6. initial applications: as the initial factory inspection is required for, fill out the application form

You should select the "first application" in the memo column indicate the need for the initial factory inspection,Hope factory inspection time.

7. the re-application: application does not require factories to review, so completing the application form

You should select the "apply", again in the factory number column to fill in the corresponding number.

8. the request: the request is based on the certification of the product can change, thus completing the application form should be filled in the original certificate number, obtain a new certificate is required to return the original certificate.

9. derived products derived products and applications: has the certified product to the same series, the same security unit of the product. When completing the application form in the notes column to fill in the difference with the original product is particularly important so that you can help determine whether you need to send a type test.

Fill out the application information in the applicant, the name of the manufacturer, the manufacturer should complete legal name, the name should not be personal.

For a written application, the applicant submitted to CCC certification Center received a written application to the appropriate application information (factory + products) entry to the CQC website, and will inform the applicant of a user name and password, and the online electronic version of the file about the openness of the certification, application guides, other data and information into paper form by fax or other media notification to the applicant. The applicant a written application for CCC should also pay attention to these issues.

(Ii) accepting new applications for

The applicant fill out application information, depending on the product category, will be the product of the offices of certified engineers are accepted, the application will be assigned a unique application number, the China quality certification center official entertain the application, before the application for certification, the applicant should be timely, frequent access to your users that the application code in the query, you can learn about the application of all information and processes. The applicant submitted a written application, the product certification engineer entertained, a corresponding notice to the applicant of the application number. The new application is a unique application number, the product certification engineers through the network at the applicant's registration issued to the applicant within one user on the application of the "product evaluation activities program," the content including the submission of applications to the certification process of the application process:

1) applications for certification are required to submit information (applicant, production plants, products, and other relevant information);

2) applications for certification, please provide the test sample to the types and quantities as well as to the examination body;

3) certification body information review and Unit Division working time;

4) sample detection based on criteria, it is expected that the test cycle;

5) is expected to cause the initial factory inspection time, depending on the size of the factory plant review the required number of days.

6) sample test report of conformity assessment and certification of work time version;

7) it is expected that the costs of certification: application fees, approval and registration fees, testing fee (including unit testing, random security parts testing), factory audit fees;

The applicant in accordance with the product evaluation activities plan "provides technical information and samples submitted should note the following:

1. multiple model specification product applications, should provide various types and specifications of products described, the prototype of the difference should be representative models, covering all types and specifications to avoid duplicate send models;

2. the need for complete machine and components randomized trial, apart from the machine you need to provide technical information and samples of components;

3. derived products applications should provide and prototype model specifications and products between the differences in description, where necessary, prototype of test data.

4. overseas factories need initial factory inspection, you should fill out the "non-conventional factory audit table", provide product descriptions, product description of laboratory-confirmed, you can type test phase factory inspection.

5. the request should be changed along with the application and the original certificate.

Laboratory inspection prototype, prototype acceptance, applicants should ask for the "qualified sample collection of sample receipts" for the test cycle is extended query; if the laboratory sample does not meet the requirements will be "sample problem report" is issued to the applicant. Applicants submitting supplement after rectification, issued to the applicant after the acceptance of the "debt-like receipts".

Certified engineers received the information sent, audited, and was informed that the samples have been sent to the laboratory, the laboratory release testing tasks. Prototype testing cycle into the countdown. Prototype in the testing process, if it appears to be rectified and unqualified, fill out the product testing laboratory improvement notice, describing the fact that is not qualified to determine the time frame for the rectification, as well as to the applicant "product modification measures feedback form", by the applicant on the implementation of the corrective measures to fill out and return to the testing organization. Laboratory of rectification by the applicant to submit samples, documents and complete the "feedback form" product corrective actions for verification and confirmation, and the original non-conformance and related projects for review. Review after passing inspection body continue to be detected. Only when all unqualified Keystone qualified testing period, before to start the timing.

Applicants should understand the landing site in a timely manner to the application of information, process. Applicants should meet the certified engineer work, timely submission of the required authentication information and samples, application process problems should and certified engineer.

Writing applications, certified engineer will also be above mentioned information translated into paper form by fax or other media notification to the applicant.

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