Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weak current College】 【electronic industry in English (17)】.

T transformer
Tab tag
Table-table, table
Tachometer tachometer, tachometer gauges
Take-off for belt (tablets)-spare
Take-upreel volume reel, take-up reel
Talkback to speaks system
Tap tap tap,
Tape, tape
Tapehead head
Tapeleader tape lead, lead
Taperecorder tape recorders
Tapenoise tape noise
Tapespeed tape speed
Technical technology
Technician engineer, technician
Abbreviation for tele-TV television
Telescopicmicrophoneboom scalable Microphone boom
Temperament music law
Temperature temperature
Temporary suspension of
Tempo (musical term) speed, tempo, tempo
Tension tension, voltage
Tera Tera tera trillion,
Terminal connectors, terminals
Test test, testing
Testtape test tape
Total harmonic distortion THD, third harmonic distortion
Theatre, movie theatre
Themesong theme song
Thermal heat caused by heating
Threshold, threshold, threshold
Thresholdhow critical whistlers
Thresholdofaudibility auditory valve, the valve can be heard
Thresholdoffeeling feel valve
Through through and through
Thru pass
Thump of low frequency noise
Timbre timbre timbre,
During the time period,
Time-delay delay, delay
Timer timer
Timpani timpani
Tip pointed, connector
Tittle title, subtitle
Tolerances, tolerances, tolerance
Tone tone
Tonburst tone bursts
Toncontrol tone control
Tonality tonality
Torque torque, torque and torque
Total total, total
Totaldistortion total distortion
Totalharmonicdistortion total harmonic distortion
Touch touch Y
T-padT-type attenuators
Track sound track, magnetic track
Transducer converters, transducer
Transfer delivery, transfer
Transform transformation
Transformer transformers, variable for
Transient transient
Transientdistortion transient distortion
Transientresponse transient response, instantaneous characteristics
Transistor transistor
Transmission transmission, transmission
Transport (recorder) Panel, along with institutions
Transverse transverse
Treat treatment
Treble treble, triple, triple
Trebleboost treble enhancement
Tremolo vibrato
Tri-c (prefix)
Triad three chords (musical term)
Triangle triangle, triangle Bell (instrument)
Triaxialspeaker three coaxial speaker, composite speakers
Triboelectricity friction electric
Trigger a trigger, the boot device
Trimmer spinner, spinner component
Trombone trombone (musical instruments)
Trouble trouble
Trumpet and trumpet (musical instruments)
Trunk lines, trunk
Tuba tube
Tubenoise tube noise
Tuned tuning, tuning
Tuner tuner
Tuningfork tuning fork
Turn rotation, circle, circle
Turn-off off, cut off
Turn-on and connected
Turnover balance
Turnovercartridge flip changtou
TV tv (TV)
Tweeter treble speakers
Two second
Two-trackrecorder double track recorder
Two-waysystem dual channel system
TX transmission, the transmission
Type model, pattern
Typical typical, standard

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