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Weak current College】 【hands-on-learning method】.

Learn what kind of repair to purchase electric iron

Electric iron to buy 20W-heat, it's compact, warm-up time is short. Buying back the soldering iron is plastic
Line, it is best to fire prevention, hot line, flowers to ensure safety.

How to practice the welding technology

Welding technology seems simple, in fact, welding fine solder is not an easy thing, this exercise to a step
Step by step. First take a thin strands of wire, will it cut into 10 segments are welded into a circle. And then,
In multiple-unit wire out of a root, they are divided into ten sections or welded into a circle. After the exercises by welding wire
, And then go to welding components, circuit boards.

Why not stick Tin soldering iron

When soldering iron burnt to death after cannot stick SN, this is because the soldering iron long power alone. In this case, disconnect the pancake
Iron power after the file is the primary file out copper color, and then to the soldering iron power until after some hot iron lined up some Rosin
, And then lined up, solder pastes to wrap the entire soldering iron, you can use.

What action is required to solder welding of qualified

Beginners tend to believe that most welding is learning simple, this is very wrong to cause sufficient weight
Note. In strict accordance with the provisions of the operation to welding welding out qualified solder joint. First you want to remove in the welding point surface oxidation
Layer (available blade scraping), longer and rosin on Tin after lined, finally to welding, for each welding surface has to be entered
Rows above. Not for the processing and direct to welding, welding of joints is most likely defective solder joint.

The acquisition of better what kind of a multimeter

Multimeter can buy only a few dozen million or so, such as MF78-multimeter, and it has an AC current, DC
Flow, AC voltage, DC voltage, resistance, 21, also has a level, capacitance, inductance and transistor DC
Parameters of four additional reference range.

Or you can buy good point 100 diverse, such as MF47-multimeter, and it is equipped with a DC current, AC
Voltage, the DC voltage, resistance, 26, also has a level, capacitance, inductance and seven parameters of transistor DC
Additional reference range.

Beginner stage do not need to buy good multimeter, on the one hand, the damage will not be easy, on the other hand is simple
Multimeter are adequate. It is best not to buy a digital multimeter.

How to learn to use multimeter

Just look at the manual is a multimeter, in some beginner beginners book are introducing multimeter
Use of some description components detection book content closer to reality, only to see this kind of usage manual
And the book or not, to read and hands-on approach to learning, that is, according to the book's introduction, find some
Components, in accordance with the procedure step by step book, through primary and secondary operation, will soon be available
The use of a multimeter.

What measures to take when a beginner can protect multimeter

Beginners to multimeter operations are not familiar with, maybe it will damage the multimeter. In order to avoid loss of as much as possible
Bad multimeter, initially learn the use of the ohmmeter, this measurement exercise is the operator error or damage
Multimeter. To have some experience, and to practice the voltage and current measurement features, which most current measurement
Easily damaged multimeter.

Electronic production and maintenance should pay attention to what security issues

For starters, due to a lack of understanding of the "guts" is very large, blindness or, then to a shock hazard
Electric shock, mainly from 220V AC 220V 50 Hz, in operation to develop the habit of single-handed operation, shoes to
Good insulation. 220V AC, mainly from the electric iron shell leakage and power inlet hot break, power
Jack, AC-powered electrical equipment, measuring 220V voltage hand cannot meet multimeter table Rod metal Department
Bits. Frequently check the electric iron, power, inlet, etc.

How to identify electronic components

In some of the books described components in the components of overall schematic, look at the picture identification. The best method
The components and take a look at the shop, next to the various components are marked in the component name, so you can quickly name
And in-kind to control. In order to verify that the study results, you can find some bad radio, or other electronic production
Products of circuit board, Circuit Board resolved various components. This step of exercise is very simple, but important, learning
Acquisition of early stage should it off as soon as possible.

How to identify the components on the circuit board

First of all for various common components you want to know in order to understand the components on the circuit board. For line
On some unknown components, electrical schematics to understand it, at this point in the circuit board to identify it in the electrical
Schematic diagram of the circuit number, then to the electrical schematic diagram based on the circuit number identifying electric schematic diagram of components
Circuit symbols, circuit symbols or circuit to understand the components.

How to find on the circuit board electrical schematic diagram of components

This problem to solve in practice, start doing this kind of practice is to use the simple structure of the machine, or just the whole machine
Circuit in a part of the circuit, as the power supply circuit, there is a certain experience of a total of $ in the circuit diagram
Device identification exercises.

How to learn to use multimeter testing components
This exercise can be conducted, according to the book describes the components in the test method has to grasp million
Use the table using the method, find some components, read the book side detection, according to the book describes the testing steps back
Step to be detected, this learning than simple reading or just get better without reading the book, with perceptual easy

Learn what components you want to buy in

Novice can not buy what components, looking for a bad radio circuit board, circuit board of element
Device down, tidy is used for components of the exercise.

Repair of radio and electronics producer before which best

In the economic conditions permitting, should make several electronic production after repair practice because
Electronic production is prepared of hands-on activities, can be relatively easy to do from simple to complex, while home
Electrical repair faulty, incomplete knowledge structure is very difficult to achieve the desired effect.

In the initial electronic production Kit Assembly which work to be done before

The suite of resistors and capacitors don't on one sheet of paper, measurement or recognition by a multimeter, each element
Pieces marked next to the resistance of the size of a resistor, capacitor size, and marks them in electric schematic diagram of the circuit
Number to facilitate Assembly.

Multimeter test suite and the quality of the various components, and clear the components of the oxide layer on the PIN. Read former
The working principle of mathematical diagrams, description of the Assembly you want to read.

How to weld the components in the suite

First of all components in the suite as a printed map insert the corresponding pin holes circuit board components insertion
After the PIN bending the holes to prevent the exfoliation of components. In matching components not plugged in the wrong location for welding,
Welding fine selection of solder wire, solder wire on the PIN and copper lines, simultaneous with the soldering iron and solder contacts
PIN, for melting the appropriate strength, solder, solder wire in flux flow out, contribute to welding. Requirements for spot size
Moderate, smooth surface. All components welded, using scissors or oblique cutting pliers to cut out extra pin, and then add the line
Road on the wire connect (such as power cables, Earth wire, signal transmission, etc.). In the check for assembling, welding without
After power-up test by mistake.

Installed accessories after the circuit does not implement functionality to do

Suite if one-time installed it correctly, this little significance of Assembly experiment, but there is a problem
Is a good thing, through the repair will learn something more.

Repairs, first check whether the location of components, misplaced cathode and anode is a diode anti-loaded, transistor's
Three pin is made a mistake, then the components for fusion welding of pin solder (for beginners, this is a big
Issue) and, if necessary, can all be removed after welding. The aforementioned checks do not work after careful analysis of the circuit of workers
As a principle for measuring DC voltage, testing the components (the welding process easily damaged components)
And so on.

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