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【 Weak current College 】 how to control intelligent lights 】

With the rapid development of science and technology, modern science and technology for the development of television technology has played a role of adding fuel to the flames. Computer lamp as the light of modern technology in television technology in products, in television programs especially in the arts programming and more widely used in the process, increasing usage, has replaced the general trend of general lighting. Computer lamp is in the late 1970s and early 1980s appear on the TV arena. At first, some large outdoor concert atmosphere in order to contrast, uses some grey by motor control of lights (PAR lights) to produce can swing and color changes of the light beam. Looking back, this may be the PC lamp prototype. As a true sense of the PC light is in the late 1980s. With the development of science and technology, especially digital computer technology for the rapid development of computer simulation of light after beginning to age transform today's digital age. Today, computer lamp has developed into a very large family, their brand at least hundreds of species. Faced with a huge computer lamp groups, as a TV lighting technology workers, we must, as a subject of serious study and explore, to fully understand its developments and technical characteristics, the correct use of intelligent lights, better for TV program production services. In addition, most intelligent lights is imported equipment, purchase of maintenance costs are relatively high, in the course of daily use to minimize losses. Computer lamp once damaged, repair up difficult, many repair parts still needs to be imported. Therefore, to fully understand the computer light technical characteristics and uses of note issue is very necessary. According to the author's experience in the long term, following on the computer lamp technical features and use of note issue do the following. Intelligent lights the lamp of technical characteristics of computer models and brands of very many, domestic and imported, scanning, shaking his head, but it boils some characteristics are the following. 1. computer lamp structure now popular PC lamp by structure type to generally there are two types of lenses scanning computer lamp, the other is shaking-intelligent lights. Lens light scanning computer is on the front burner of the lamp on a reflective piece swing to projection beam. Lenses by pitch and position of the two motors, complete vertical and horizontal swing. Its biggest advantage is that the lens is very light, it is very easy to control, to produce a very rapid changes of the light beam movement. The drawback is: reflector, beam axis of range of motion. Therefore, more suitable for hanging. "Ecstasy"-type computer lamp, is the origin of intelligent lights originally envisaged, it has the advantage of driving beam lamp rotation movement, rotation of a wide range to be rotated 360 °. This motion effect to produce flavor on the stage full visual experience. The disadvantage is driven by motor power shake of larger, heavier caused light body. But as scientific and technological progress, this disadvantage has gradually been overcome, makes such lamps in recent years been leaps, has become the mainstream TV arena intelligent lights. Its volume is already able to do very small, the weight to be very light, it is very easy to use. This kind of computer it is function of the lamp is more and more full, from the initial subject to technical limitations can only do a pure color effects, has developed to the same lenses as scanning computer lamp, can produce very rich artistic computer lamp. 2. computer lamp features as a typical representative of modern lighting, computer lamp functionality is very complete: normally includes rays color changes, changes in the three primary colors combinations, light and shade variation, pattern combination changes, pattern rotation changes, Prism effect change, soft light effect change, variation, lens aperture shrinkage, lens focusing lens zoom changes, beam stroboscopic changes, etc. In recent years, some computer lamp manufacturers have begun to consider intelligent lights with video equipment connected to the PC light projected infinite variation of patterns that produce richer brilliant artistic effects. Therefore, in light of their computer select Console, we must consider matching problems, look at selected console is able to output the current worldwide more common DMX512 control signal. Also take a look at the console, there are several interfaces, typically a DMX512 control port controlled amount of light is finite, control of more control of the computer, the number of lamp. A DMX512 control mouth can control the number of computer lamp (N), can be calculated by the following formula: N = 512 ÷ Nc (where the type of Nc as a computer lamp channel number) 3 £ ® intelligent lights signal cable issues computer lamp is digital equipment, which are threaded through the signal lines, performing light from computer console provides instructions to complete various actions (light movement, color changes, patterns, transformation, etc.). Therefore, the importance of the signal cable is well imagine, if a signal cable troubles, it will cause the entire system of control disorder, unable to function properly. Also note that the signal cable length of control, typically, the length of signal line control will not exceed 150m, otherwise, the control signal attenuation is serious, not very good control intelligent lights. If the signal cable is too long, you should consider increasing the signal amplifier. In retrospect, we encountered in the practical work of many failures that are caused by the signal line. Therefore, before you connect the signal cable to each signal line carefully measure and control circuit of the appropriate increased signal amplifier, the author has long work experience that are often able to achieve a multiplier effect.
4. computer lamp power supply problems in the TVprogram production system, light system power consumption Max. Electricity sector generally provide specialized power transformer for the power supply, lighting system-phase electrical power output, voltage 380V, while the computer is the lamp is fed into the power supply 220V, 50Hz. Give computer lamp power supply with extreme caution, do not access the phase voltage 380V, otherwise, the burning of the circuit board inside the PC light, or even cause the entire lamp scrap. Every computer problems with power light should also note that due to the intelligent lights in electrical devices, there are a variety of motor, circuit board, bulb boot device, etc. If one calibration-1200W computer lamp, usePower typically 2000W. In addition, we must pay attention to the power supply and ground zero line, if computer lamp-infeed power protection Earth wire is not connected properly, it may cause damage to the luminaire. 5. computer lights go field transport intelligent lights as mobile lighting equipment, its mobility is very strong, often several days will go one field. Therefore, to the production of transport packaging intelligent lights is very necessary, as in Figure 5. Some manufacturers of computer lights equipped with dedicated boxes, should pay attention at the time of purchase. Otherwise, you will see the specialized health factory air box manufacturers design production. Computer lamp generally heavier, handling, special attention should be paid, in addition to pay attention to their personal safety, do not cause bodily harm, to understand the structure and composition of the intelligent lights, light body generally have to carry handle, must not be arbitrary chaos move, touch, there is a risk of damage to the hinge of the lamps and optical components. 6. computer light stage installation problems when using intelligent lights, mostly hanging above the stage, the suspension of safety and reliability to attract enough attention to, not only involves yanzhi personal safety issues, while also taking into account the cost of expensive equipment, once broken up and difficult to repair. 7. computer light programming and art creation problems using intelligent lights ultimate aim is to better background and rendering stage shows artistic effect. Each computer lamp operation users must fully understand the computer lamp function, according to the stage programme contents, prepare computer lamp control procedure, to aptly lighting effects, never we exaggerate the program into a light show. Light of the above, the computer as the embodiment of modern lighting, we each individual operator, the only fully understand the technical characteristics of computer lamp, lamp set for computer code, accurately in choosing matching console correctly connect the signal cable to connect the correct feed power, having the right properly install method, in order to better serve the film and television programme production provides the perfect technical service. 3. computer lamp control features computer lamp is made of actuators and control components, intelligent lights for each output light changes, the said beam movement, light colors, projection of patterns, intensity, the brightness is determined by the implementation of the motor control specific optics. Computer lamp control by computer, each computer lamp is equipped with one or more of the CPU, CPU processing, and computer light console gives the reflected light art creation instructions sent to every motion motor. These control directives are issued by the computer's teams of digital signals, the motor of each Act changes corresponding to a digital code, output beam of every change corresponding to a set of numbers. Now the control signal is DMX512 signal. 4. computer lamp features computer lamp light is generally provided by a gas-and-drop light bulbs, output of light is high color temperature of light (5600 ~ 6300k), and general lighting output light is low color temperature of light (2900~ 3200k). Therefore, the computer lamp generally applies to as effect light use, by television cameras (color temperature 3200k General adjustment 2900 ~) to produce unusual lighting effects of beautiful TV screen. In addition, because computer lamp cost is relatively high, makes use of its liquidity. It cannot be fixed, like ordinary lamps in the Studio, but according to programme production requirements, at any time to replace the use of location and venue. Mobile process to continually transport installation, very easily lead to damage of the lamp. Intelligent lights used in problem 1. computer lamp code setting issue computer lamp is a digital signal, using a common international DMX512 control protocol. Every lamp will have an own coding, a console instructions through this coding to identify every lamp. Computer lamp encoder general installation in the rear part of the lamp (lamp lenses scan-type PC) or the lamp base ("ecstasy"-type computer lights) location. There are now commonly used encoders and digital switching. Digital encoder set up is relatively simple, normally through the encoder menu, turn the page turn to the address set, and then use the encoder "" (up/Basic) "-" (down/growth) symbol keys to change the size of the numbers, press the "ENTER" key to confirm. For example, a 20-channel intelligent lights. First light's home address code is 1, set to "001"; the second one is the start of the lamp, 21 code set to "021"; push, then class extraction only twenty light starting address code is 401, set the "401". Now we commonly used "COMAR" intelligent lights and "STUDIOCOLOR" and "STUDIOSPOT" intelligent lights, is to use the encoding.
In addition, there are many intelligent lights were switched encoder, it's constructor, as shown in Figure 4. It is made of nine small, consisting of two switches (there are exceptions), when the switch is placed in the "on" position, indicating that the switch representation of numeric codes will work. 1 to 9, switch the corresponding code value shown in table 1. For example: to set the starting offset is 1 PC lamp, switch to the "1" in the "on"; to set the starting offset is 41 computer lamp, switch to the "1" and "4" and "6" in "on"; and so on, you can set all computer code of the lamp. 2. intelligent lights and computer light console matching problem at present, there are numerous domestic and foreign manufacturers in the production of different models of brand computer light console. All of these various computer light console has one common characteristic is taken fully into account the human-centered design philosophy, its control of the powerful, simple, easy to use. However, each brand has its own characteristics, output control signals are also different, there's also cannot output DMX512 control signal.

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