Wednesday, December 15, 2010

【Weak current College】】 projector operation five note.

<br> <br> Thanks to its high status, the projector to be used always carefully; however in order to effectively protect the projector, and not careful it can do, if the action is to no avail, the projector may be damaged. .To this end, the members in the use and maintenance of the projector, it is best to master the five "deny": <br> 1. denial of foreign interference signal cable transmission of projector signals are often weak signal, a little bit from .outside interference, are likely to cause the projection screen output is not working properly, or even normal projection. In everyday projection, projection signals have the greatest effect electric signal, magnetic signal, and other communications signals, signal lines connecting the projector, be sure .not to signal cables and power line intertwined or side by side, nor let projection signal lines near the location of the magnetic field is very strong. In addition, external interference also affects the projection signal output effect. For example, in the projection process, .if you accidentally hit signal cable, signal cable joints may at external force, loose even interface appears interface from the projector port or computer port slip phenomena, which would cause the projector does not work, and even damage the projector cable interface circuit. Also, .if only improper conduct on the projection signal cable extrusion or distorted, the signal cable to the deformation, the projector will appear projection screen ghosting, partial color, or even the projection of the symptom. So in the projecting signal cable connection, you should try .to place the signal cable to the external force is unable to contact a location, such as the wall along the Department, on the ceiling. 2. reject dust intrusion projector from dust intrusion, is very easy to happen; this is because the projector internal .LCD Panel as you work, will have the static, and electrostatic automatically adsorption inlet from the cooling fan to speed the dust in the air, as the working time of growth, the LCD Panel of the dust will be more and more, then the output .of the projector screen will become more and more unclear; Furthermore, the projector lens because it is directly exposed to the air, the air of dust is inevitably fall on the lens surface, if not timely removal of dust on the lens, the clarity of .the projection screen is also affected. More seriously, if you place the projector placed directly in the dust of more environments, projector cooling fan vents also soon be dust cover, over time, the projector will not be able to carry out normal heat so that .the projector's life will be shortened considerably. This denial is dust intrusion maintenance projectors a important links. In order to keep away from dust intrusion, you must do the following: first of all when not using the projector, you must use the random allocation of .lens cap cover the lens in a timely manner; if found the lens surface with too much dust, you must use professional lens cleaning paper to wipe the dust, and wipe, follow the first principle of the back edge of the Centre. Secondly, do .not let the projector in the dust of too many environments; if even naked eye can see there is dust in the air flying, please do not open the projector package, much less in this environment projection presentations. Third, once found cooling fans of air .inlet and outlet, dust cover, it must immediately be clean, otherwise the air inlet and outlet of dust is very easy to be absorbed into LCD panels, but over time, here's the dust also can affect the normal heat of projector. 3. place .the projector in the denied free projection shows, internal issues a huge amount of heat, the heat if not timely coming out from the projector, ranging from lower projector internal optical elements of work performance, serious can lead to an explosion of projection lamp. So .do a projector thermal work, everyone must always pay attention. To make the projection function adequately heat, is more important than the selected projector stand, because the heat of the projector is mainly through air circulation to distribute out, regardless of the type of projector ., projector left on the rear or side cooling fan vents, as long as you carefully observe the projector can easily find them, the projector can be stably, and projector cooling fan vents foothold. To do this, you must place the cooling fan vents in .the air circulation better location, but also in the projector, please do not put other things around the projector, otherwise it is easy to prevent air flow circulation, thus affecting the normal heat of projector. 4. reject too rash projectors belong to very sophisticated .optical electronic instrument, internal electronic optical components, using very little "delicate", subject to point vibration or outside interference, are likely to be damaged. In General, the user will not be projected very rashly will fall or the projector is picked randomly throw ., but may work in a projector situation, move the projector or placing the projector table vibration, resulting in a projector internal Imaging parts location offset, the effects of normal output projection screen; this projection companies usually are in the projector's operation manual clearly states that .never strong vibrations or squeeze the projector, so everyone in the projection presentation must bear this in mind. In addition, projector bulbs you work, will have a tremendous amount of heat, the heat will make the projection of the filament lamp is in half- .melted State, at which point the projector if suddenly affected by external shock, or squeeze, then explosions may occur; therefore, the projector is turned on, you must not rash, to move or contact of a projector. 5, the reject action lazy .projector is a terribly on operation, if the operation of the device, not in accordance with procedures to be lazy, the projector's life will be shortened considerably. Projector, portable mobile features, often let lazy to operator is powered down, feel free to swap .various cable interface, long in the past, it is easy to cause damage to the projector interfaces, in particular the VGA signal port in projector power of plug, projector internal signal input circuit is very easy to be burned. In addition, in the after .running out of projectors, a lot of people too lazy to wait for the projector to the heat slowly, they are often in projection fans also in high-speed rotation, it will be a projectorPower quickly pulled out, but it would create projection bulbs explode ., but also affect the projector internal optical device performance. To this end, the members in the operation of the projector, be sure to follow steps to plug a variety of connection cables cannot be arbitrarily cut off power to the projector, still less frequently opened .and shut down the projector..

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