Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weak current College】 【soldering of basic skills and tutorial】.

<br> <br> Soldering iron temperature reference: 20W460 <br> 35W560 <br> 50W580 <br> 80W650 <br> (For room temperature maximum temperature) <br> Another constant or constant temperature soldering iron maximum temperature generally set value lower .than conventional soldering iron. <br> <br> Electric iron is electronic circuit welding tool most commonly used to convert the energy of heat energy to carry out the welding point position, whether it is heated by soldering a large part of success is to look .for it in # how are controlled, so in some ways, the use of electric iron on a tactic. <br> In General, electric iron, the greater the power, the greater the heat soldering iron temperature is higher. General transistors, integrated .circuits, electronic components soldered to choose inner heat-20W soldering sufficient power for over-size easily burn component, because the diode, triode junction temperature exceeds 200 ℃ will burn out. But to scaffolding welding-danji production, electric iron power to bigger, .you can choose the 35W-45W even greater. <br> It is worth noting that line welding, time not too long or too short, too long or easily damaged, and the time too short solder cannot fully melted, resulting in a smooth and .firm solder joints are not, you may generate virtual welding, generally the most appropriate time must be completed within a 1.5s ~ 4s. <br> Solder is a fusible metal, most commonly used are generally the solder wire. Solder's role is to make .the symbol pin and printed circuit board connection points to connect with the solder on the welding quality is greatly affected. Now the most commonly used generally contain Rosin solder wire, but it also has broken down, which really is not mixed with water containing silver solder .wire of course are commodities. <br> Also worth mentioning is the absorption, it is very useful for novice, first use the solder soldering always easy to get all that absorb that it can help you put on the Board to dispose of excess solder. .In addition, absorb for removed many feet in the circuit is very effective and useful, it can be all suck off the solder joints, and be familiar with the use of a soldering iron is completely unnecessary, using soldering iron completely replace its functionality, the .solder joint melted away you can easily remove the component. <br> Before welding, symbol pin or circuit board welding parts for welding pre-treatment. <br> Clear the welded joints of oxide layers - available broken saw blade into the knife, .scrape the surface of metallic lead oxide layer, so that the PIN reveal metallic luster. Printed circuit board available spinning paper after the Polish copper foil, apply a layer of rosin alcohol solution. <br> Symbol Tin ---- blowing NET on tinned .wire. May lead to dip the Rosin alcohol solution will bring the Hot Tin soldering iron pressure in inlet and turn the leader. You can make the leader evenly coated with a layer is a thin layer of Tin. Welding wire, insulated before peeling off, .and then after the above two processing, welding can be formal. If stranded wire wire, backlit after you screwed together, then Tin. <br> Good welding pre-treatment, you can carry out welding: <br> (1) right hand .holding the electric iron. Left hand with a sharp nose pliers or tweezers clamping components or wires. Welding, soldering to preheat. Tip-Edge surface to eat Tin, with a certain amount of solder. <br> (2) the occurrence of the .blade surface close to the spot. Electric iron and the horizontal angle of 60 ° c for approximately 10%. For molten Tin solder from the occurrence of the upper class to. Tip in the solder joint Department stays control in 2 to 3 seconds. < .br> (3) carrying out soldering iron. Left hand is still holding symbol is not moving. Question of Tin solder joint office cooling and solidification before releasing the left hand. <br> (4) with tweezers, turning the leader, and then .verify that no loose available side cutting pliers to cut off excess wire. <br> Welding quality-welding, to ensure that each firm, contact welding good. To ensure that the welding quality typical characteristics is the point of light, sleek Tin without burrs ., Tin content is acceptable. Tin and was welded from integration firm, should not have the virtual welding and pseudo welding. <br> Virtual welding is solder joint Department of the small amount of soldering, resulting in poor contact, when broken when you pass .. Fake welding refers to the surface like welding, but there is no welding, sometimes a drawing by hand, lead to unplug from the solder joint. <br> Welding circuit board, be sure to control time. Too long, the Board will be .burned, or cause a copper abscission. Remove from the circuit board components, electric iron head attached to solder, Tin solder stay melting on the component. <br> How to remove the heat exchanger components ------ Mtbr component and then .actually simple, using suction welding is very easily accomplished, a component pins on solder all suck off, tell everyone a little know-how, now most of the fine workmanship of circuit boards, the solder used rarely, it is difficult to melt away, .so we can add some solder on the PIN to use suction welding is much easier. <br> Another method that is mentioned earlier, the direct use of electric iron melting away the solder, but this is no small danger exists, it is necessary to .carefully solder joint didn't completely melted away, but fear of contact for too long or else the component. Commonly used method is to use heating when pulling pliers component, when the temperature is reached, the component will be pulled out, but keep in .mind that not too hard, otherwise broken solder PIN is in trouble. <br> Of course, to be on the safe side, combining the two methods is to use couldn't have been better, because sometimes due to component jacks is too small ., suction welding are hard to clean, remove absorption absorption will stick welding apparatus, electric iron heating can be used to remove. <br> Welding does not so terrible, perhaps to the uninitiated, the initial comparison difficult to grasp, but much also practiced .naturally skilled. In short, for the enthusiasts enjoy hands-on, as long as you practice more then grasp the trick is sooner or later. <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br>.

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