Saturday, December 18, 2010

Weak current College】 【UPS uninterruptible power supply discharge time configuration skills】.

<br> UPS uninterruptible power supply discharge time configuration skills <br> Matically UPS is on battery energy supply to the load, the standard of the UPS itself machine comes with a battery, power supply usually continues after a few minutes to several tens of minutes ., but longer-acting UPS is equipped with an external battery pack, you can meet user extended power failure continued power supply needs, General uses UPS load configuration time can be up to several hours. General uses UPS standby time is mainly affected by battery costs ., installation space and battery use time and other factors. Generally in poor power environment more frequent power outages in areas with UPS and generator with power supply, see schematic. When a power failure, the battery power UPS for a period of time, such as .the blackout time, and can standby generator on the UPS continues to supply power, when power is restored and then switch to AC power supply. Battery time calculation of battery time is mainly affected by load size, battery capacity, environmental temperature, battery discharge cut .-off voltage and other factors. General computing UPS battery life, you can calculate the battery discharge current, and then under battery discharge curves to identify its discharge time. Battery discharge current can experience formula: discharge current = UPS capacity (VA) × power ./ battery discharge average voltage × efficiency to calculate the actual load discharge time, simply wrap UPS capacity to the actual load capacity..

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