Thursday, December 23, 2010

College】 【weak alternative refrigerants urgent】.

<br> <BR> Not long ago, the German Honeywell (China) Co., Ltd. suspected of infringing intellectual property rights to use R410A refrigerant, a Chinese manufacturer to court and won the first trial is successful, resulting in the loss of about 25 million enterprise economy .euros. .Coincidentally, the recent DuPont refrigerant will be two Chinese manufacturers to court, sued the two companies did not get the authorization of the alleged use of DuPont's patented technology. .For a refrigerant air conditioning and refrigeration industry has become a hot topic. .Alternative conditions are ripe for a resolution in late 1995 United Nations Environment Programme, calls for developed countries and 2020 to stop using HCFC (non-environmentally friendly refrigerants fluoride Leone), maintenance used until 2030, developing countries in 2016 to freeze consumption in 2015, .2040 to stop using. .Therefore, China is not far away to stop using HCFC, the study sought a suitable replacement is urgent. .Now widely used in home air conditioners that performance close to R22 are R407C, R410A and R404A. .With the rapid development of science and technology, the new refrigerant R & D speed is greatly accelerated, R417A, R420A, R421A, etc. Following the R407C, R410A, after the third generation of environmentally friendly refrigerants has come out, have a number of manufacturers in the high-end products are .use. .However, the core of the new refrigerant manufacturing process patents, or controlled by Honeywell, DuPont and other multinational chemical giant's hands. .Although the third generation of environmentally friendly refrigerants have been available, but the alternative use of household air conditioners, various factors or a common choice R410A. .Since 1998, Japan introduced the R410A Air Conditioner, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Association of Japan from 2003 will be required for all domestic air conditioner refrigerant to HFC (green non-freon refrigerant). .HFC air conditioners in 1999 the total sales of only 6-8% in 2000 to more than double the previous year. .Currently, production and sales in Japan more than 95% of household air conditioners is to use R410A refrigerant. .U.S. market has gradually accepted R410A. .Data display. .2006 U.S. R410A air conditioner home air conditioner market share of more than 30%. .EU Directive requires the introduction of environmental protection, the EU must use the air conditioning refrigerant R410A, while exports to the EU of products subject to stringent restrictions. .With the global air conditioning and refrigeration business transfer to China accelerates, alternative refrigerants in China has become an urgent problem. .Data shows that as early as 2004, DuPont's sales in China accounted for DuPont's global sales of 5%, while the growth rate of 32%, becoming the second high-growth DuPont in the global market. .Honeywell in April 2007 the Eighteenth International Refrigeration R410A high-profile announcement of its certification program, through a third party certification body - SGS to help the Chinese enterprises to use the patented air-conditioning refrigerant products have certification, you can smoothly pass .Europe and other international markets. .Three major factors restricting the use of domestic in the use of new alternative refrigerants have been started, but the situation is not optimistic. .At present, domestic market sales of home air conditioners are basically used as a refrigerant R-22. .With the growing global emphasis on energy saving, new energy-saving eco-friendly refrigerant R410A refrigerant such as the promotion of the new accelerated. .In China, R410A air conditioners are mainly for export to Japan, Europe and other countries and regions. .R410A air conditioning domestic market is still relatively small, only part of Mitsubishi Electric and Toshiba products use R410A refrigerant, the sales market is also confined to the local economic development in Shanghai and other regions, but sales are relatively small. .Since 2006, the number of air conditioners are also introducing new products, has been the use of new refrigerants sample onto the stand. .I believe that with awareness of domestic environmental protection and energy saving gradually increase the use of new refrigerants products will have a quick improvement. .At present, the constraints of new refrigerant in the domestic market for many reasons, mainly in three aspects, first is the domestic consumer awareness of energy saving and environmental protection is not very strong, the need for understanding and improving a gradual process, but also requires government .relevant guidance to be correct, including the popularization of environmental knowledge in the energy use of new refrigerants and policy support for the product. .Work done in this area is still not enough, need to attract a high priority. .The second is the new refrigerants are expensive, limiting its rapid spread. .New refrigerant used in refrigerant and traditional items compare in price with a big gap. .The price of conventional refrigerant R22 14000-15000 yuan / ton, while the R410A prices in 45000-50000 yuan / ton, the price difference of 3 to 4 times. .Fierce competition in the domestic air-conditioning case, air-conditioning manufacturers are trying to cut costs, none will be braving the risk of market share to reduce the use of new refrigerants. .The third aspect of the reason is that with the traditional high-pressure refrigerant R410A compared to the solvent, the system requirements are relatively high. .Manufacturers to use R410A must be to transform the manufacturing process, including the products of the system must adapt to high pressure, this will increase the manufacturing cost. .Therefore, the market has not formed a large area of the demand, the manufacturers will not rashly use of new refrigerants. .Comprehensive promotion of new environmentally friendly refrigerants for its long way to go green, reliability, energy saving and convenient alternative to the existing characteristics of refrigerants, has been widely recognized by the industry. .As awareness of domestic environmental protection and the improvement of energy saving and government saving and environmental protection requirements increase, the use of new energy saving air-conditioning products, refrigerants will be a trend, is not the last one around the threshold. .Recently, we have to see the country Xingxi Chunlan, Gree, Zhi higher professional air-conditioning manufacturers, have been exported to Europe market, products are widely used refrigerant R410A, the domestic market has also been on the use of HFC refrigerant for home air conditioner .needs. .But compared with developed countries, or half a beat slow, the government, industry organizations, relevant enterprises and consumers to work together to promote the cause of this favorable environment protection and energy rapidly. .Universal use of new alternative refrigerants during the two issues must attach great importance to the issue one of urgency. .Time span from the point of view, from the United Nations for developing countries to stop using HCFC has only 9 years, the increasing use of HFC refrigerant for home air conditioner is imminent. .However, the domestic air-conditioning business has long been busy staking their claims to scale, reduce costs involved in busy knockout. .New for promoting the use of alternative refrigerants not in a hurry, the total distance is now mandatory that there are nearly 10 years, time is naturally a matter of course. .Might as well seize the immediate now more realistic. .In fact, for such a forward-looking work, if the first to invest in companies which carry out technological transformation and market cultivation, once the enforcement is bound to have mover advantage. .Second, the patent issues. .Currently used in many air conditioning companies R407C and R410A refrigerants are to Honeywell, DuPont and other multinational chemical giants in China's patent holder to purchase or obtain the relevant certification. .However, due to higher cost of purchase or certification, an increase of production costs, many manufacturers have a lot of use of domestic manufacture of refrigerant production plant infringement fluorine-free refrigerants. .To this end, the patent issues do not fall into to the immediate interests of infringement disputes. .In today's world of intellectual property rights in the stressed atmosphere, we should learn from such lessons, in order to ensure a smooth transition to full use of HFC. .Moreover, Honeywell, DuPont has to such international giants as its key market of China, and has taken strong measures to promote, promote the use of HFC have been entered into the fast lane. .A strategic development vision should see companies, the industry is the problem for the homogenization of the competition scratching their heads, and the introduction of differentiated products is almost always re-visit the suspect, few real breakthrough act. .If you put aside all the obstacles, the first in the use of alternative refrigerants path through the trip, not only can solve the problem of homogeneous competition, but also in the mandatory use of alternative refrigerants made after the leading edge. .At present, the problem is the difficulty of short-term benefits and long-term interests of the very conspicuous contradictions, how to resolve to deal with this conflict, show a different business strategic thinking, and perhaps even deciding the fate of the future..

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