Wednesday, December 15, 2010

UID weak】 【Automatic Identification Technology College Applied Technology】..

<br> UID Automatic Identification Technology Applications UID (Ubiquitous IDentifications) stands for ubiquitous computing. .Electronic tags embedded in the objects, so that mutual communication, information processing, so that we always grasp the information we want a higher level of information to improve our services and environmental control, such an environment called "ubiquitous computing." .RFID (Radio Frequency IDdentification) stands for radio frequency identification technology, the simplest RFID system consists of electronic tags (Tag), reader (Reader) and antenna (Antenna), a database of three parts: when the electronic tag into the magnetic field receiver .Read the electromagnetic signals emitted by electronic tags to obtain induced current energy codes and other information sent, the information is the reader to read, write, which is the carrier of information using radio waves to read and write. .Compared with other identification technology, RFID technology is waterproof, high temperature, long service life, reading from a large, fast read on the label information can be encrypted, a greater capacity to store data, store information changes and so on. .RFID technology has been applied to many industries: access control security, manufacturing, warehouse management, retail, pharmaceutical industry, the paper document management, RFID card charges, electronic tickets, the security crackdown, a logistics tracking, trains and freight containers identified sports timing .and so on. .Logistics and Supply Management Logistics Management is the act of customer service means. .Logistics management is to seek the lowest total cost of logistics or the total cost of logistics in the established constraints to higher levels of customer service. .The most basic elements of logistics management activities, what is it? .A is a freight management and warehouse management. .It is not difficult to draw the meaning of logistics management is the integrated management of transport and storage of the conclusions. .So how to improve the comprehensive transportation and warehousing management? .<BR> <BR> This is why we propose the concept of logistics management with RFID. .Logistics and supply chain management is considered to be the largest application of intelligent electronic tag arena. .While the existing IT and automation technology has greatly enhanced the efficiency of the field, but a lot of work still mainly rely on manual to complete, such as goods inventory, stocktaking and data entry, etc., and hand-held bar code readers and other assistive tools, and low efficiency .error rate remains higher can not be effectively addressed one item distribution management distribution center picking is the most arduous, most likely to go wrong job. .The accuracy and timeliness of the information supply chain and logistics management is the key, this is precisely the advantages of RFID technology one of the most prominent. .If each item is labeled smart labels, without opening the product packaging, the system can package them into boxes to be identified as to exactly ready access to product information, such as type, manufacturer, production time, .production location, color, size and so on. .Smart electronic label system can realize the value from the raw materials, semi finished products, transportation, warehousing, distribution, shelving, final sales, and even returns processing in real-time monitoring of all aspects, not only can greatly increase the degree of automation, and can significantly reduce errors .rate, which significantly improve supply chain transparency and management efficiency. .Second, the warehouse management system, intelligent electronic tag can be used for intelligent storage cargo management, an effective solution to the flow of goods related with the storage and information management, not only within a day can increase the number of cargo handling, but also looking at the monitor all the movement of information goods. .In general, the reader attached to the goods through the warehouse door edge, the goods are affixed to each tag, all electronic tag information is stored in the computer center of the warehouse where the goods can be in the computer information .where found. .When the goods have been loaded transported to other places to go when the reader to identify and inform the Computing Center, where it is placed. .Management center so everyone can see how many products have been produced and sent a number of products, and automatic identification of goods, to determine the location of the goods. .Smart electronic label can be completely effective solution to the warehouse and the movement of goods related to information management, it not only looked the goods all monitoring information, everyone can see how many products have been produced and sent a number of products, and automatic identification .goods, to determine the location of the goods. .Third, the items identified to track the package tracking process in the delivery location is the core competitiveness of UID where the center. .The emergence of smart labels, is expected to change the competitive landscape - if in the baggage, express mail or parcel label affixed smart labels, sorting process can be achieved not only fully automated, and when these items to get somewhere, the label information will be .automatically read into the system, and integration into the "UID center" for the consumer and business inquiries. .Thus, all enterprises can not only offer packages such as UID as the location of centers, and more accurate location, the cost may be much lower. .As in the aviation sector, the global aviation industry rate of 6% per year rapid growth, an increasing number of visitors, the traditional processing flow of air parcels are facing tremendous pressure. .Can provide fast and accurate airline baggage services, airlines and airports have become good service, and enhance market competitiveness of the important means. .To increase the baggage handling capacity, processing time per piece of luggage must be reduced, while ensuring the safety of each piece of luggage, to prevent mistakes, and so will the weight on the airlines use RFID data to increase and it is easy to detect the use of transit passengers .entrainment of the possibility of illegal articles. In addition, passengers no longer need to use when reporting to the bar code scanning device can also simplify the procedures to process benefits. .The emergence of smart labels to meet this need. .British Airways, Japan Airlines and Singapore Airlines in the successful RFID luggage tracking, Delta Airlines (Delta <BR> Air Lines) has announced some of the flights will be carried out in similar trials. .Smart labels also can be used to protect and track assets. .Smart labels will be attached to the important material such as computers, fax machines, paper, photocopiers, or other laboratory supplies, the company can automatically track and manage these valuable assets, to track an item from the left of a building, or use the alarm .way limit the items from a place. .RFID for logistics management, especially in the need for tracking or classification of items of management, so many businesses on the RFID technology, the prospects are very good, that it will eventually replace traditional bar code. .Now, retail bar code identification is used to achieve most of the merchandise is sold, be identified by bar code reader, bar code data in the whole distribution process identified only once. .On the other hand, RFID tags do not need to identify manually, just 250 milliseconds, the reader can be read from the RFID tag data associated with the goods, some readers can even read 200 tags per second .data, which is faster than traditional scanning 1000 times. .But even in the retail industry, RFID technology is only just beginning to play to their potential. .Wal-Mart to require suppliers to the year 2006 must be used in radio frequency identification technology, many applications developers have upgrade, Sun, SAP, Oracle, IBM and other companies are beginning to integrate in the mainstream radio frequency identification technology products. .With the improvement in the level of information society, science and technology, especially in the energetic efforts of many businesses, RFID technology will be gradually permeated all aspects of life, it will have broad prospects for development. .<BR>.

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